Improve your self image to change your body (and life) for good

by purelytwins

Do you catch yourself having poor self image thoughts? Did you know that having poor self image is most likely the number #1 thing preventing you from seeing change in your body and life (and why you have a poor relationship with food)? Do you find yourself struggling to stick to your workout routine or healthy eating?

In today’s video we chat about how not loving ourselves and having poor body image caused us a lot of pain and suffering.

How you view yourself really effects your relationship with food (even other areas of your life like career, finances, relationships).

Your body (or life)  won’t change if you don’t change this!


Improving your self-image is key in changing your body and life


Now this is a pretty deep topic with several layers to it but we wanted to share it with you so you can start thinking about it in relation to your life. For you to start being more aware of how you view yourself. We have learned this was a big block for us to achieve success and happiness. We have to be more mindful about our thoughts and practice self-love daily.

Self-love is something you have to do every day just like brushing your teeth. We’ve created little things that we do daily to help us stay more positive.

It’s time to improve how you see yourself so you can gain the confidence to be successful and find happiness in your life. Because sweetheart, your worth it.

We both used to struggle with self image issues. But once we learned how to master our mind our body and life changed. When you change your thoughts you can master your life. Sharing some tips to help you gain the confidence you need to be successful this year. Improve your self image with our tips as they helped us become more happy and successful and we know they can help you too.

Change how you view yourself to change your life

You can improve your self-image instantly by looking at old beliefs and seeing them from a new perspective.  It can work wonders to improve your self image. Enjoy our tips and watch your life start to change.

It all begins in the mind. 

Mindset is so important. You may not realize how having poor self-image is really hurting you with having a poor relationship with food and your body. For us, we turned to food and exercise to “help” make us feel better about ourselves. We would let food control us instead of us being in control.  We had no real sense of who we were. We used food to make us feel happy instead of looking within.


Take some time to really focus on why you feel this way about yourself. What limiting belief or fear are you holding on to? How can you start to let that go? Meditate, journal, talk with someone, whatever feels right to you but discover the underlying belief that is holding you back.

Once you discover it, start to let it go, learn from it and create a new belief!

Change your focus. When we shifted our focus more on performance or doing something better it became easier for us to stick to things.  This can be applied to any part of life holding you back like finances, fitness, etc.

If you find yourself struggling to stick to your workout plan focus on how you feel in the workout – stronger, refreshed, vibrant. Your body will change over time. As you focus on each workout feeling better and better you will find yourself naturally sticking to a workout plan.  Need more help with this?  Become a fit soul boss.

Improving how you see yourself – your worth – includes looking after yourself mentally, emotionally and physically.  It will open doors for you that you never thought possible. Learn to become more aware of your thoughts and when you find yourself struggling, ask yourself, “What is really going on? What am I not wanting to take a deeper look at? Is there something I am trying to avoid?”

Now your turn sweetie. Are you ready to start making having a positive self image a priority in your life so you can really end food obsessions and body shaming behaviors? 


Lori and Michelle


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Stacie, RDN January 16, 2016 - 1:00 pm

Another beautiful message from you two! Thanks ladies.

purelytwins January 16, 2016 - 10:54 pm

Thank you Stacie 🙂


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