8 Ways we improved our life and you can too

by purelytwins

We wanted share some things we’ve been reflecting on as so much has changed since we started Purely Twins in July 2012. We’ve awakened new curiosities. We’ve learned a lot about self-love, meditation, growing a business, finding our tribe, becoming abundant in all parts of life, hustling, healing and forgiveness through our spiritual journey.

We’ve had major failures from business ideas that didn’t go as planned, soul-crushing criticisms and personal conflicts that made us second guess if we should keep blogging or not. Things that made us question if we should keep doing what we are doing. We questioned our beliefs and ourselves.  There were several times when we wanted to quit.

But looking back on what we have overcome in our lives made us realize we would not be where we are today if we had given up.  Real change takes time. It takes patience.  If dreams were easy to achieve everyone would be living their dreams. So we decided we weren’t giving up. There was something deep inside us telling us that we had a bigger purpose in life. God put us through our struggles for a reason.

We are in control of our life and how we handle a situation. We are in the driver’s seat. We have the power to change. 

Developing a stronger and more enjoyable relationship with ourselves helped us go after our dreams, improve our health, achieve success and feel loved... and you can do it too! What you feel in your heart will guide you. Here are 8 ways to improve your life These things will change your life.

Upon starting this blog our life looked like this…

We both were changing the way we ate.

Began our gut healing journey.

Fitness lifestyle coach and mom making memories with daughter. Teaching daughter valuable life lessons to life a successful, happy and joyful life.

Lori had just gotten married and wasn’t pregnant.  She was coming to the end of her 5 year battle with acne.

Michelle didn’t have severe eczema.

We both were in the middle of recovering from being obsessive over the way we ate, the need to be and look perfect, worried too much of what other people thought about us and we were realizing that we had to stop trying to look for something to be fixed about us and to be perfectly healthy.

Most recently…

Michelle battled and overcame eczema.

Lori came to terms with having PCOS, enjoyed a healthy pregnancy and healed her diastasis.

We dove deeper into our journey of self-love and self-acceptance. We did some deep soul searching.  We had to face fears, regrets, guilt, shame and overcome a lot of blocks. We had to learn to forgive ourselves and let it all go.

Most importantly, we began doing things because we loved our bodies, not because we hated them.

We make sure every day to be grateful, be more mindful of how we speak to ourselves and to do something daily to show our bodies self-love.

Fitness lifestyle coach sharing 8 steps to create a life of successful, happy and joyful life. Stay fabulous. Stay purely you.

We learned to love ourselves as we are now!

We realized our struggles were a blessing. They led us on a spiritual journey to love and self-acceptance.

8 ways to improve your life

Your body is a temple.

We spent years abusing our bodies – working out too much, under eating then overeating, restricting then binge eating. When we finally learned to love our bodies we found our balance – our moderation. A lifestyle that we can stick to for life and feel FREE! You don’t have to look a certain way to be beautiful. Treat your body with respect and love. Be compassionate to it. We all come in different shapes and sizes. We are all beautiful.

Life is not about the numbers.

This relates to your weight, your social media following…it doesn’t matter how many likes, comments you get or don’t get. You could have 5 people following you and you are just as worthy as someone who has 50,000. Your weight doesn’t mean you can’t be happy, successful and have a life of freedom. We used to fear gaining weight, being perfectly healthy and stressed that our numbers were not growing for our business/blog as fast as we wanted. But we love what we do, which is why we continue to share it all with you! We want you to understand that your life is more than just numbers. It’s about love, happiness and freedom. Once you realize the only competition in life is yourself your life will begin to improve in all areas.

Never give up. 

Have faith that what you’re going through is happening for a reason. Enjoy the process. Learn to love the mistakes as much as accomplishments. God knows you are strong and can handle this. Keep fighting. We both had very dark days when we felt like giving up, but the other twin reminded them God is with you and will get you through and to keep trying new things until you find what works for you. Adjust your course but never give up.

Have a supportive community.

Ask for help. Surround yourself with positive things and people. We are lucky that we are twins and have an automatic support team. Reach out to others for help and guidance. We shared our struggles to help you realize you are not alone–that we understand. We are appreciative for our sisters (our clients) and how supportive they are of one another. Girls need to help empower girls not be jealous or envy and hate on them. Make sure to follow people that inspire you to be a better version of you. Having a positive environment is important for your well-being.

Enjoy life. 

Drink wine or your favorite cocktail. Have chocolate cake. Wear your hair messy. Follow your dreams. Do something every day that you LOVE. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Mistakes mean you are trying. Go on that vacation. Let go of rules, restrictions and labels. Think of what you can add to your life not what you have to take out.

Do what you love to do.

Do things that scare you and excite you. Take the time and ask what do you really want in life? How do you want to feel? What is your dream job? Do you want to be your own boss? Awesome. Do it. Start that business you’ve always wanted to. Do you want to go back to school? Do it. Start taking action but start small. We used to get so overwhelmed with everything we “had” to do…be on this social media platform, edit this video, write emails, etc. We realized sometimes multi-tasking isn’t always the best way to be efficient. For us, we started to create action plans and focused on getting just a few things done a day instead of everything. Doing what you love to do makes a huge difference because you won’t mind spending hours and hours working on it.  If you love what you do you will be happier in all parts of life.

Realize your mindset is everything. 

Be intentional with your life. Everything you say and do will change your life. We didn’t realize how powerful our thoughts were until we realized it was a huge piece to our struggles. As we went through our spiritual journey we finally realized we are worthy and changed our thoughts to be more positive. This made a HUGE positive shift in our lives. It is something we have to practice daily just like finding movement every day to take care of ourselves, we have to find time to take care of our minds too. Your thoughts really do create your reality. And the BEST part is you have the power to change.

Be purely you.

We learned to be proud of who we are…our imperfections and all! We are weird. We are shy. We have big hearts. We are introverts. We laugh at ourselves all the time. We make mistakes. We want you to be YOU! Live authentically. There is only one you so embrace everything about you — even your flaws are strengths.  We both have our scars – Lori from pregnancy and acne and Michelle from eczema, but those don’t hold us back.  We are proud of our bodies. We aren’t perfect nor do we strive to be anymore.

We are excited to keep adding onto our story this new year. We hope we have inspired you with your life as we want to help you achieve your dreams and goals. Together we are going to get happy, healthy and fit in all parts of life.

We created this blog to be a tool and resource for you to achieve happiness and balance in all parts of life.

We know you are here for a reason. You came across our blog for a bigger purpose – maybe it’s the recipes, entrepreneurship, spiritual connection, fitness, beauty, freedom, motherhood or for pure inspiration.  Or maybe you are completely new to the purely twins family. Welcome.

Fitness lifestyle coaches and self love mentors sharing 8 steps to create a life of successful, happy and joyful life. Stay fabulous. Stay purely you.

Success in life can be yours too.

Remember what you are going through is actually teaching you. It’s not failures. It’s not mistakes. It’s failing forward.  You learn. You grow. You keep going.

You become a better version of you.

What life changes have you experienced recently that you would like to share?

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Suzete January 5, 2016 - 4:24 pm

Sounds like 2015 was a big year for you both in terms of personal growth!

How was it business-wise? Did you find a benefit to working with your high-end coach (Emily Williams)? I recall you being very excited about that!

purelytwins January 5, 2016 - 11:10 pm

Yes Emily was great and opened our eyes to new possibilities for us and helped us figure out who we want to help and put together coaching services. We learned so much.

Susan January 6, 2016 - 8:38 am

Cool! Did it help your business though (income, did you have a good ROI from purchasing the course) or was it just beneficial from a mindset perspective?

purelytwins January 6, 2016 - 12:51 pm

Yes we were able to cover the cost of our own business coach through our new coaching program. And it was a huge mindset perspective. We had a lot of money blocks and beliefs we had to work through and still working through 🙂 xoxo

Natalie January 6, 2016 - 10:07 am

Congratulations to you two! The hard work and consistent reflection is evident in the updates to your website, periscopes, and your message. Thank you for being an inspiration to go after your goals with a positive and open mind. I look forward to following you ladies in 2016 and being a part of a vibrant, ambitious, healthy community!

purelytwins January 6, 2016 - 12:50 pm

Thank you Natalie!!! We are so happy to hear that our new message is coming across 🙂 Yes we are excited for our community to grow and learn together to live amazing lives that we are deserve xoxo


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