December workout schedule + 12 month workout plan for busy women

by purelytwins

Hey there luv! We collected a whole year’s worth of workouts. These are our personal workouts that we do at home to help keep us in shape, have more energy, more muscle and confidence.

If you are looking for a home workout fitness plan to get you in shape in under 30 minutes a day this is your plan! You can see what we did and do something similar so you can get a feel for our style of workouts…what it is like being a purely fit sister. All the links to the workout schedules are at the bottom of the post. 

One thing that really helped us to stay active and motivated to move the body is changing our mindset around fitness. Exercise not only changes your body it changes your mind, your attitude and your mood. Finding daily movement helps keep us centered, balanced and fearless so we can go after our dreams! We are grateful we get to inspire ladies from all over the world to do the same.

12 months of workout schedules so you can get in shape in the convenience of your home. Get in the best shape of your life working out in under 30 minutes a day. Work out whenever wherever! Busy girls home workout plan.

How to stay motivated to work out?

Ask yourself, “Why do I want to work out? What prevents me from sticking to a workout routine?” The key to staying motivated is making sure you are working out for the right reasons.

  • See fitness as a form of self-love!
  • Change your mindset – join our workout less to live more movement!
  • Have a workout buddy (or online community).
  • Create mini goals with each workout.
  • Make it fun.
  • Have a plan or hire a trainer to help.

Below is a recap of our personal workout schedule for Dec 2015. We are sharing this here on the blog to help us be more accountable. Feel free to join along with keeping track of your workouts with us by sharing in the comments or tag us on instagram (#purelytwins). Our workouts are a mix of purely fit life club workouts and the free ones off our youtube

Lori has gotten her diatasis to less than 2 fingers width and core gets stronger everyday, so she has been doing advanced moves in her workouts.  She (and I) do her core reconditioning exercises when we can. You can see her top 3 favorites exercises to close her ab separation here. Always listen to your body.

Hey moms! It's possible to workout at home with the kids and still get in shape. Sharing what I do for my workouts for a whole month.

Monthly workout schedule to keep us strong, healthy, happy, balanced and fit at home

We hope this gives you some inspiration for your own fitness journey that you don’t have to workout for hours to be strong. When you workout smarter you can get great results in a shorter amount of time.

Below are the workouts we did for the month of  December.

1 – Purely weights #26 – purely fit life workout – 20 minutes

2- Purely training #4 – 12 minutes

3- Purely weights #23 – purely fit life workout – 12 minutes

4 – Purely bodyweight #2 – purely fit life workout – about 25 minutes

5 – Rest day

6 – Rest day

7 –  Purely training #66 – 16 minutes

Flutter kicks are a great ab exercise. Sharing a collection of home workouts for a whole year to get in shape at home.

8 – Purely training #91 – 12 minutes

9 – Purely weights #25 – purely fit life workout – 20 minutes

10 – Purely training #108 – 16 minutes  (lori)  Purely training #24 -16 minutes (michelle)

11 –  Purely twins 10 minute workout #3

12 – Walked

13 – Rest day

14 – Purely training #37 – 16 minutes

15 – Purely training #74 – 12 minutes

16 – 10 minute ab workout –Purely training #51 (michelle)  10 minute workout #2 (lori)

17 – Purely training #90 – 16 minutes

Being a good role model for my daughter with showing her that exercising is fun and good for the body.

18 –  10 minute workout #8

19 – Walked

20 –  Rest day

21 – Purely bodyweight #15 – purely fit life workout– 20 minutes

22 – Purely training #110 – 16 minutes

23 – Purely training #40 – 18 minutes

24-  Purely training #53 – 12 minutes

25 – Purely training #23 – 10 minutes

26 – Purely twins 10 minute workout #9

Collection for what to do for your workouts for a whole year. Get in shape at home and have fun doing it.

27 – Rest day

28 – Purely bodyweight #14 – purely fit life workout – 25 minutes

29 – Purely training #59 – 16 minutes

30 – Purely bodyweight #12 – purely fit life workout – 10 minutes

31 – Purely twins 10 minute workout #5

We love inspiring ladies from all over to love their bodies through working out, balanced nutrition and positive mindset!

If you are interested in working out with us every day, click here to find out more details about our online fitness and wellness club where we provide workout schedules, real time workouts videos, cooking videos, diet tips, business mastermind and so much more.

Side planks with leg lift is a great core exercise that is safe for moms and moms with diastasis. Sharing what I do for my monthly workouts.

Past workout schedules to create your yearly workout plan for busy women:

How we are staying fit this year

Workout schedule 1

Workout schedule 2

Workou schedule 3

Workout schedule 4

Workout schedule 5

Workout schedule 6

Workout schedule 7

Workout schedule 8

Workout schedule 9

Workout schedule 10

Workout schedule 11 

How are your workouts going?

How do your workouts make you feel?  Do you enjoy them? 

Working out should be fun and sustainable that way you can do it for life. Fitness is a lifestyle. There’s no finish line.


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John January 4, 2016 - 3:33 pm

Awesome workouts, I hope you have a happy, healthy and successful 2016!

purelytwins January 4, 2016 - 7:42 pm

Thank you John. Same to you


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