Top 15 home workouts of 2015

by purelytwins

Looking back we created a lot of workouts. Today we are sharing a collection of the top home workouts for women from 2015.

We were going to do our top 10 workouts but there were just so many that we loved. We decided to share a few more.

The top 15 home workouts that are under 30 minutes long

Short on time? Looking for fast and effective workouts that take less than 30 minutes a day to do? Want to be burning fat even after your workout is over. Here are 15 HIIT interval and strength training workouts that will burn fat, build muscle and you'll fall in love your body.

We love finding ways to move the body differently each day. It helps prevent boredom plus we find them to be a lot of fun. If you want results you have to be consistent and these workouts help us do just that and more. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Post Partum diastasis recti safe workout that only takes 16 minutes and low impact. 16 minute bodyweight low-impact workout that is also post partum diastasis safe.

Get rid of your mummy tummy with this 16 minute workout.

16 minute get rid of mummy tummy workout 

diastasis recti safe 12 minute post partum workout to do at home.12 minute kettlebell interval workout that is post partum diastasis friendly

18 minute indoor cardio workout that will leave you sweating


18 minute indoor strength training cardio workout 

500 rep time challenge kettlebell workout


20 minute AMRAP kettlebell workout 

16 minute HIIT bodyweight workout.16 minute HIIT bodyweight workout

Don't want to make a lot of noise but still get a killer workout in? 20 minute quiet workout


20 minute “quiet” don’t wake the neighbors workout 

16 minute HIIT cardio workout

Killer core and butt workout using the stability ball


16 minute stability ball core and butt workout 

Want to target your lower abs and obliques try minute workout

10 minute workout for lower abs and obliques

24 minute full body kettlebell fat burning workout

24 minute interval kettlebell full body sculpting workout


10 minute kettlebell full body strengthening workout

10 minutes to stronger arms, shoulders and core

10 minutes to stronger arms, shoulders and core

10 minute fat blasting circuit

10 minute fat blasting circuit

Thank you so much for sharing and letting us know how much you enjoy our workouts.

It means the world to us to hear this.

As personal trainers we love what we do and get so excited to think of new workouts.

Keep up the amazing work. You inspire us every day to find ways to make ourselves and our workouts better.

Thanks again for the continued support.


Lori and Michelle

P.S. Want more of our best real time workouts? Go here.

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Aubrey December 28, 2015 - 12:58 pm

Thanks for posting these workouts! I’m definitely gonna try one:)


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