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by purelytwins

Hello Fabulous!

We have some exciting things to share with you today.

Today’s post is a bit different than our other PluggedIN videos. As you know we are entrepreneurs. We love everything about being one and now we are helping other ladies with their businesses and helping them share their passions!! There are some changes coming to our Purely Fit Life sisterhood and changes to the blog as well. All good stuff and we hope you stick around as this past year we both went on a spiritual journey and are excited to share more things that helped us get to a place of happiness and balance in ALL parts of life.

In the video we chat about desires and feelings and why they are important.

The Desire Map and using it to help you create happiness and success in your life

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Why it's important to know your true desires and what you want to feel to create happiness, success and abundance in your life. Using the Desired Map is a great tool to brainstorm and get inspired to create the life you want.

Changes mentioned in video:

1. Purely Fit Life – we are adding a mastermind and business tips for our purely fit sisters. PFL is a coaching service where we knew it was made for bigger things. It is more than just a fitness program. It has organically turned into a lifestyle program with finding balance and success through fitness, finding the right diet that fuels you, sisterhood and helping each other become wealthy in all parts of life while doing what you love to do.

2. Discovered our target audience (hear how this was our biggest struggle and mistake first starting off in business). This took a long time and we are happy to say we help female entrepreneurs, working moms and aspiring girl bosses create a body, life and biz they love.

One thing that helped us get to this place is the book The Desired Map. We are not even done with it and have already seen improvements.

As 2015 comes to an end we want you to ask yourself, “What do I desire? How do I want to feel everyday? How do I want to feel in my business? What makes me feel alive and good?”

Take some time to work through these questions and really focus on you and your desires.

Big and small desires count. Dream big.

3. Periscope just once a week. With our schedule at the moment we can only scope once and maybe in the future we can do more again. One thing about social media it can be overwhelming, so focus on just 2-3 platforms that you enjoy. If you want to join our daily chats we do them on Tuesday afternoons. We are here to help one another be successful in all parts of life.

We are excited to continue this journey to make ourselves better versions of ourselves than we were yesterday through personal development, knowing our feelings and self-love.

What do you want to FEEL? Accomplished, connected, loved, safe, etc?

Knowing your feelings will help bring more clarity into your life so you can follow your dreams and be happy.



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A better way to create goals, reach them and enjoy doing it December 19, 2016 - 12:56 pm

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