November workout schedule

by purelytwins

Below is a recap of our personal workout schedule for Nov 2015. We are sharing this here on the blog to help us be more accountable. Feel free to join along with keeping track of your workouts with us by sharing in the comments or tag us on instagram (#purelytwins). Our workouts are a mix of purely fit life club workouts and the free ones off our youtube

Lori has gotten her diatasis to less than 2 fingers width and core gets stronger everyday, so she has been doing advanced moves in her workouts.  She (and I) do her core reconditioning exercises when we can. You can see her top 3 favorites exercises to close her ab separation here. Always listen to your body.



Monthly workout schedule to keep us strong, healthy, happy and fit at home

We hope this gives you some inspiration for your own fitness journey that you don’t have to workout for hours to be strong. When you workout smarter you can get great results in shorter amount of time.

Below are the workouts we did for the month of  November.

1 –   Active rest day –  30 minute walk

2-  Purely HIIT #16 – purely fit life club workout – 16 minutes

3-  Purely weights #21 – purely fit life club workout – 15 minutes

4 – Plank and core work

5 – Purely HIIT – purely fit life workout – 12 minutes

6 – Purely weights #17 – purely fit life club workout – 16 minutes

7 – Active rest day – 20 minute walk


8 – Rest day

9 – Purely training 102 – 16 minutes

10 – Purely weights #15 – purely fit life club workout – 18 minutes

11 – Plank and core work

12 – Purely HIIT #13 – purely fit life club workout – 12 minutes

13 – Purely weights #16 – purely fit life club workout – 15 minutes

14 – Active rest day

15 – Rest day

16 –  Purely HIIT #1 – purely fit life club workout 16 minutes

17 –  Lori did 12 minute DR workout  and Michelle did 12 minute burn fat workout


18 – Lori did 3 core moves for diastasis and Michelle 10 minute ab routine

19 – 16 minute full body workout  – we used no weight

20 – 10 minute KB workout  – we did burpee instead of KB swings as we didn’t have weights

21 – Rest day

22 – Rest day

23 – 16 minute bodyweight workout


24-  Michelle did this killer 10 minute ab workout and Lori did  3 core moves for diastasis

25 – 15 minute Thanksgiving workout – we did without weights

26 – 10 minute workout

27 – Rest day

28 – Rest day

29 – 16 minute cardio

30 – Lori did this 12 minute HIIT and Michelle did this 12 minute bodyweight workout


We love inspiring ladies from all over to love their bodies through working out, balanced nutrition and positive mindset!

Make sure you are working out for the right reasons not because you hate your body. For us, working out makes us feel alive and more productive!

If you are interested in working out with us everyday, click here to find out more details about our online fitness and wellness club.  Where we provide workout schedules, real time workouts videos, cooking videos, diet tips, business help and so much more.

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How are you doing with your workouts?

How does your workouts make you feel?

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Karen F December 6, 2015 - 5:10 pm

Hey ladies! Been loving the Holiday Bootcamp. I’m 17 weeks pregnant and I love that it’s fast and helps keep me feeling great and my energy level up especially during this busy time of year. Just wondering what type of Gymboss Timer you use? Is it the Classic? Thanks!

purelytwins December 7, 2015 - 11:41 pm

Karen so happy to hear this!! yay!! We have the classic and the minimax for gymboss timers. If you are just starting with using it we suggest the classic, it is easiest to learn how to use. 🙂

Kylie December 16, 2015 - 5:42 am

Hi…..inspiring work out schedules as I like anything that is quick and effective. As I find it difficult to stay motivated…..I can do this!! 😉


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