Tips and our struggles with newsletters

by purelytwins

Hey fellow dreamer!

We have a new PluggedIN video for you today.

Last week on periscope we chatted with some of you about newsletters.

We share our honest thoughts about what we look for in a newsletter, what we do for our newsletter, what we struggle with and how we segment our list.

Should you segment your newsletter list? How often to send an email out?

If you enjoyed this video please share it with someone you know who would benefit from it.

Like we mentioned in the video a newsletter is one area of our business (and blog) that we are still trying to perfect.

Maybe we never will, but we like to make it better.

We are always looking for ways to improve ours emails.

If you are on our emails do you have any feedback for us? We would love to hear what you like or don’t like. Thank you.

What makes a good newsletter? How often to send an email out? Business talk on newsletters tips and real entrepreneur struggles. See more at

Right now we are doing segmentation for our newsletter. We have a few different opt-ins . Some of our newsletters we use a template and others use a basic email.

We like it. We hope our PT community likes them too.

We must say we have a pretty awesome newsletter community.

The other day we sent out an email asking people to reply back with 3 words that described us and/or the word purelytwins.

We were blown away by the sweet emails back and all the words they thought of when they hear the name purelytwins. We had tears rolling down our faces. We are so grateful for everyone who invests in us and our business.

We hope to only continue to find ways to do better with our newsletters to better serve and help our PT community.

Tips and struggles with newsletter

What do you look for in a good newsletter?

For us, what we like easy to read material with pictures.

We like looking at pretty things so we like seeing emails with one or a few pictures.

Your turn –> leave a comment below #bizchat

Do you have a newsletter? How often do you send it out?

Do you do segmentations? What struggles do you have with your newsletter? What works for you?

Let us know so we can inspire and help each other learn and grow.



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