Are you eating enough calories for your activity level?

by purelytwins

We get emails all the time from ladies struggling with knowing how much to eat with the type of workouts they do.  Most of the time we discover they aren’t eating enough calories for how active they are daily.

We wanted to address these questions in today’s vlog. The video focuses mostly on how “active” we were during the day.

We are not here to make any judgements on you and your life. What we want is for you to start being more mindful with yourself in all areas of your life. Knowing how active you are can really help you discover your balance with your diet. Find your moderation. Find what makes you feel your best day after day.

There are two videos in this post.  Please try to watch both when you can as we feel both will help you. 

How active are you? Are you eating enough for your activity level?

Let us know how you enjoyed this video.

This is just one day. Please note not everyday is like this. Our days vary just how your days probably change.

We want to help ladies realize how active they are and to make sure they are eating enough to balance that out.

Are you eating enough for your activity level? How to find balance with exercise and diet to be happy and healthy.

Here’s a full recap of our daily activity: 

7:30 am – Woke up

7:30 – 8 – Got dressed and ready for the day

8  – Madison woke up

8:15 – Headed to kitchen.

8:30-10 – Made breakfast and hung out as Time Warner was here fixing Lori’s internet at her house. Played with Madison in between eating breakfast and having coffee.

10:15-12 – Lori played with Madison while Michelle headed upstairs to work on blog post.

12pm – We played outside. It was a gorgeous day!

12:15 – Headed back inside and started prepping for a new recipe.

12:45 – Then back outside for a little more play time.

1 – We went back to the kitchen and made lunch. Enjoyed our lunch outside.

1:10- All 3 of us headed upstairs to Madison’s room and read to her before putting her down for a nap.

1:15 – Madison nap time. Our go time. We quickly headed back downstairs and headed outside to film a periscope.

1:30 – We stood outside to film our periscope. We chatted about balancing activity with how much to eat for about 20 minutes.

1:50 – We were back in the kitchen filming the rest of the recipe video we started earlier. Followed by making homemade hand and dish soap with essential oils.

Madison was still sleeping so we went upstairs to the computer.

2:15 to 2:45 – Sat at computer and did work.

2:45 – Madison woke up from her nap.

3- 3:45 – We went downstairs and played a little before going on a walk.

3:45 – 4:15 – Walked.

4:15 – Back home. More playtime so that involves squatting, twisting, bending, etc.

5- Worked out for 20 minutes.

5:20-6pm – Played with Madison, so more light activity.

6pm – Prep dinner – standing in kitchen.

6:10 – Sit down to eat dinner.

6:20-6:35 – Play a little more with Madison before getting her ready for bed and picking up house.

6:40-7 – Sitting down reading to Madison before bedtime for her.

7- Madison in bed.

7-7:15 – Standing in kitchen eating dessert.

7:15 – Sitting down to film more video for vlog and eat

8pm- Standing to wash faces.

8:10 to 1 am – Sitting at our computers.

Then bed.

Summary of movement:  (during wake time, not including sleep)

Sitting –  about 7 hours and 15 minutes

Standing/moving/playtime – about 9 hours and 10 minutes

Workout – about 45 minutes total (30 minute walk + 15 minute workout)

Pretty cool, eh? We think so.

By tracking our activity like this allows us to see how truly active we are, and if we are eating enough to support that movement. We are not strict with this, it is just another tool to learn our bodies.

As you can tell we are active but not overly active.

What did we eat?

According to sites that help you calculate your calories (side note: we don’t track how many calories we eat everyday, but it is a good starting point for those that are clueless about how much or how little they are eating) we should be having around 1600-1800 calories a day to maintain our weight based on our age, height, weight and activity level. And that is what we do. Sure we have some days where we get over 2000 calories and sometimes under 1600, but is about the bigger picture. Something we discuss in more depth in one of our online coaching programs, A Fit Fabulous You.


We use these numbers just as guidelines not a set in stone amount. You can look at places like calorieking,  authoritynutrition, or if it fits your macros.

We have girls that email us who barely get 1200 calories ?!?! That was us a few years ago, but we realized that our bodies needed more to feel and look better. So overtime we continued to increase our calories.

If we were to eat just 1200 calories now our bodies would hold onto weight, our hormones would be going crazy and we still probably have our skin issues.  Not good.

Our bodies need at least 1200-1300 calories to just do the basic movements of our day (like you saw in the video). Plus we worked out so we understand that our metabolism needed more calories to make our bodies function properly.

We prefer to figure out what the HIGHEST about of calories we can eat and still maintain a healthy weight. What we mean by a healthy weight for us is a number that allows us to have balanced hormones and overall feel great. When we have our hormones balanced it helps keep our skin clear and stress levels down. Because if you aren’t eating enough calories you are putting stress on your body and making your hormones go crazy. Not good if you want good skin, health and weight.  We learned that the hard way.

It might take you months or even years to find your balance of how much to eat with your activity level. Remember there is no deadline. Enjoy the journey and love your body along the way.

Why are we sharing this? Why does it matter for you to know your activity level?

To help you find your BALANCE. Your MODERATION. So you can balance out movement with eating right to fuel you. Seeing your activity for a day (or for a few days as each day is different) allows you to create your happy balance and ensures you are eating enough for optimal health.

We want you to be so full of energy, have no pain, get amazing sleep and be able to do more of what you love to do. Basically this helps you live your life.

We struggled for years with finding our happy moderation that fit our life. Check out how much we work out monthly.

We went through so many different diets, food restrictions, binge eating, etc. You can hear more in this periscope video.


We hope this helps  you discover your moderation – your happy place with diet and exercise. It will be different for us all.  To our purely fit life sisters we will be diving deeper into calories and macros inside the club.

Make sure whatever you’re doing in your life that you are treating your body with love and respect. Not abuse or hatred. 

You’re beautiful now. There is nothing wrong with striving to be better. Having goals is great, but make sure you love yourself now!!

Start finding ways to improve your own self-love. One way for us is staying active, but also eating enough too.  We went too many years with restrictions and abusing our bodies through exercise that now our mindset has shifted.

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Like we said in the video, it takes time to figure our your moderation. It takes time to find your calorie sweet spot: the place where you don’t have to stress over what you ate or how much you exercised because you know what you need to live a happy balanced life.


Always be purely you.


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