Madison’s one year update

by purelytwins

I am sitting here writing about how my little girl is one year old! I can remember the day to the “T” of going into labor with her. I remember how I was feeling and the anticipation of holding her for the first time.

Excuse me as I wipe away tears rolling down my face. I can’t get over it.

Everyone told me to enjoy every second as before you know it she will be all grown up. So true!

I wasn’t sure how I would handle the new role of being a mom. Being a parent for me has been scary and challenging, yet it’s also been so rewarding.

Madison has brought so much joy and happiness into my life that I never thought could exist.

How life is now with a 1 year old.

What can I say… life is crazy around here. Non-stop action.

Madison has taught me so much. I am so blessed and grateful that I get to work from home to spend every day with her. A huge privilege.

Madison one years old and learning how to swim in the pool with her mom. Update on life with an one year old. \\

Madison loves going into the pool.


Everyday I get to:

Watch her.

Play with her.

Teach her new things.

Eat with her.

Hold her.

Laugh with her.

Chase after her.

I love being her mom, however, I cannot believe I am her mother as I am still getting used to being a mother in general.

Having a baby truly is life changing.  On so many levels.

I was the queen of googling anything and everything when it came to parenting and having a baby. When I stopped and listened to what my gut was telling me I realized I was doing my very best and that everyone will be okay!

one year old eating coconut yogurt by herself. Baby led weaning. \\

She loves feeding herself her own yogurt. She has so much fun with it.

Madison is growing and thriving everyday.

One major thing we are currently going through is teething again, so things have been a little rough.

She’s been a trooper.  I forgot how hard teething is. It looks like she might be getting all 4 upper teeth! So far one has broken the gum and the other ones are not far behind.

She is a big girl now as she is down to just one nap! It usually averages about 1 1/2 hours. Sometimes she sleeps for 2. The transition to one nap was challenging. I moved up her afternoon nap to 12:30pm to help with the change.  She still sleeps great at night averaging 11-12 hours a night!

Madison only went to 2 days of daycare right before we left town. The first day was hard but she did better the second day. Unfortunately, now that we’ve been out of town for so long starting back at daycare when we get back is going to be a challenge again.

Madison loves to eat. And I love that. I can’t wait until she is really able to get in the kitchen with me 🙂  These past few weeks she has tried peanut butter and some gluten, and it looks like she handled them both well. I will continue to take it slow with adding in new foods to her diet.


Madison loves to walk around the house with her “walker” as we like to call it.

Now that she is really mobile she is always moving. She loves exploring and doing new things. But she is also very content in sitting and playing with a toy or a book.

I have this feeling that she is just days away from walking by herself. Every day she is getting more and more confident with standing with no support. She has this look on her face that she wants to take that first step but just not ready. Getting close though.

Every day is different. Every day has it’s challenges. Every day I count my blessings.

Like I mentioned in the video I am not sure when I will be giving another update. I will share when something big or exciting is happening. I hope you have enjoyed these baby updates. I have loved doing them. I love being able to share a part of my life here on the blog.

As for my one year post partum I will have to work on an update.

Overall my diastasis is better – my core is strong. Most of my ab separation is around my belly button. I am not sure if it will fully close and I am okay with that. As long as I feel strong in my core I am happy. I launched my postpartum program focused on diastasis safe workouts and enjoyed working with some amazing ladies.

I am not sure what the future has in store for me but I am excited. And for those that are wondering about another child – yes I do want one. Not sure when it will happen.

Thank you for going along this journey with me.



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Anonymous September 29, 2015 - 7:54 pm

Cute. It’s so clear you are loving motherhood and you have a sweet bond. I think Madison also says “Grandma” too. It sounds like she is calling to grandma saying “ra ra”” looking in your mom’s direction and using the same tone and intonation you would use to say “Grandma.” She’s very communicative and social!

purelytwins September 30, 2015 - 12:58 pm

thank you 🙂 Oh love that – “ra ra” !!


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