3 ways to get your period back. Hormone talk.

by purelytwins

It’s been awhile since we talked hormones.

We last talked hormones and pcos here.

I (Michelle) will admit that this is the first year in about 5-6 years that I’ve gotten my period every month. I still won’t say it is regular, but I am at least getting it every month. My skin still breaks out around that time, which for now I am okay with.

Lori still has no period. She is 1 year post partum and just a few weeks of no longer breastfeeding (not by her choice but her body stopped producing it).

3 natural ways to get your period back

Thanks for everyone who joined us live on periscope and for those that watched the replay.

If you are struggling to get your period back we hope our 3 tips help you.


There are more ways to balance hormones. We found these 3 things to be the biggest influences. We hope our story and what helped us provides you with some ideas to naturally balance your hormones.

3 tips to get your period back naturally. Sharing how we balanced our hormones after 3 years of not having a period. | purelytwins.com

Here is a quick recap of the video:

1 – Pay attention to your diet. Are you eating enough? Are you eating carbs? Are you eating healthy fats?

2 – Reduce your workouts. We mentioned our change in workouts for hormones here.

3 – Reduce stress and give it time.

We found for us by working out less, tweaking our diet, and starting to enjoy life (no restrictions) over time our hormones balanced out. There were other things that also helped – supplements and a few essential oils.

Lori is obviously dealing with a new chapter with hormones. She will give updates on her status as her body adjusts to no longer breastfeeding.

Do you struggle with missing periods?

There are many reasons why girls can lose their periods from getting off birth control to low body fat and much more.

Please share this with any girl that may be struggling with her hormones.



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1 comment

Sana November 2, 2015 - 8:36 am

Workout has worked for me to get my periods back! That’s a great workout vid you’ve shared btw.

It’s silly but we all are living in the day and age where everyone seems to expect mothers to look like ‘nothing has happened’ actually. We have not given birth. We have not ripped or vaginas. Nah…! It’s easy peezy! The first few postpartum weeks are the hardest of them all We constantly like to challenge our bodies some way or the other after our precious has born. We can just learn to hold hands of each other and be a part of the global ‘motherhood’ community and start to accept the changes of a woman.


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