Madison 11 months (big changes)

by purelytwins

Madison is 11 months old. Life has been a little different around here these past few weeks. Breastfeeding has been an issue and sleep has been all over the place.  And my hormones have been a little crazy.

It’s hard to believe that she is only a few weeks away from turning one!! Absolutely crazy!!

11 month old baby girl wearing Carter's dress and Freshly Picked moccains

Madison has changed so much. Every day I am presented with different challenges and emotions.

As a first time mom I still find it challenging to read Madison’s signs and giving her what she needs.

For example, yesterday I just started crying in the middle of the day. For no real reason. I’m blaming it on hormones.

Madison woke up early at her afternoon nap (she only napped for 30 minutes). I held her for a little bit seeing if I could get her to go back to sleep but all she did was cry. I felt so bad for her. I didn’t know what to do. Do I put her back to sleep and let her cry or get her up??  My mind is constantly being filled with these types of thoughts. I took her downstairs and made up a snack for Michelle and me.

s I was making the snack I made it wrong (at least I thought in my head I did) and just started crying. Michelle came over and was confused on why I was crying. She told me she would make the snack and told me to go play with my daughter. I went over to Madison (still crying) and she just gave me the biggest hug. She knew exactly what I needed. Love that child!! After that I started to calm down.

Life with an 11 month old. Rejecting the breast, freshly picked shoes and day care.

Hope you enjoyed the video!

Madison did a great job in her photography session the other day.

It was a little difficult to get her to stay in once place as we took the pictures.

11 month old baby update. Life as a new mom. Dealing teething and breast milk reduction

She loves just about everything.

She loves exploring new things and trying new things.

She pulls herself up onto anything. She is one fast crawler!

She is not walking yet but she is starting to get more comfortable with standing and letting go.



She has a few favorite toys.

She absolutely loves reading books.

One new thing these past few weeks was when Madison discovered our dvd section of the house. Now she loves making a mess in the family room with taking all the dvds off the shelf and onto the floor.

She loves hugging and being with Jax (he is still her favorite).

Freshly picked baby moccassins. Baby girl 11 months old wearing Freshly Picked shoes.

Another new thing this month was that Madison got shoes! I ordered some baby moccasins from Freshly Picked.

Love. Love. Love.

Madison is unsure about them, but I love them!

How is solid food going? Baby led weaning?

Okay. I say okay because she is starting to get a little picky with what she eats.

In general she will eat anything … but she has her ways of eating it. If I am cooking up anything fresh that is what she wants. Doesn’t matter what it is. She will usually eat it. Then I take that same food that she ate earlier, give it to her again, and this time around she isn’t a big fan (oh how I hope this isn’t a sign of her becoming a picky eater).  When I give her solids I have to have a variety of things to offer her. She seems to get bored with something quickly.

Also, she has turned into more snacking throughout the day instead of eating “meals”. Not sure if this is normal or what, but it can be a little tiring on mom.

If you want a more complete list of what she has been eating for solids check at her 9 month update. She pretty much eats the same thing off that list. I did add in some turnips and blueberries this month. She wasn’t a fan of either.  She does love her plantain waffles which makes me happy because that is what I eat for lunch almost everyday.


How is cloth diapering going?

Great. No issues. I did order a new cloth diaper from Charlie Banana that I’m super excited to try out.

See my full update on cloth diapering here.

How is breastfeeding going?

Not great.

This definitely was the hardest thing for me. Overall, I was blessed with Madison being great at breastfeeding.  She nursed well until recently. Not sure if it is teething related or that she is just starting to dislike the boob less and less now that she is getting older.

I admit this is hard on me – very emotional. I envisioned breastfeeding Madison for at least a full year and maybe a little longer. But lately she only really nurses about 2 times and gets a bottle offered to her throughout the day. Sometimes she drinks the whole bottle and other times she just has 1oz. I know every child is different on when they are ready to stop nursing. I wasn’t expecting it yet. She fights the breast during the day so I have just stopped. When that happened my milk supply started to really slow down.

I haven’t produced milk in my left breast in weeks! Madison only likes the right breast so that is the only breast providing milk. Weird having my breast small again (I miss them being full of milk, haha).  As my milk supply started to get less and less I added in some formula to Madison’s diet to supplement the few feedings that I couldn’t pump enough milk.

Another huge emotional adjustment for me.

So breastfeeding is going okay. Changing. It feels so weird not nursing her the 4-5x a day that I was for so long.


How is sleeping and napping going?

It’s all over the place lately.

Some nights she takes a good 20-30 minutes to fall asleep. Other nights she is sleeping within 5 minutes.  Her bedtime is around 6:45-7pm. She has been waking up at 6am where she used to wake up at 6:45 or later.

Her naps are on average an hour long. Some days her morning nap is 1.5 with her afternoon nap being an hour. Other times they are both 1 hour 15 minutes.

She hasn’t shown signs yet that she is ready to drop down to 1 nap yet. But as I am writing this post she fought her afternoon nap yesterday. She only napped 30 minutes. I have read that when they start sleeping less and less at the second nap could be one sign that they might be ready to go to one nap. We shall see how it goes.


I’m not sure if Madison is teething again or not.  She has been wanting to suck on  her frozen apple slices a lot. Been more fussy than usual.  Her eats and sleep have been all over the place.

Signs of teething for her but no upper teeth yet. Maybe they are just getting ready to break though.

I hate seeing her in pain or discomfort.


Besides all that, things are really going well. I really love being a mom. It is the best job in the world even with the ups and downs.  I am so blessed and grateful every single day to live the life I have.

Madison has taught me so much these past 11 months. I am so excited to continue this life journey with her.

I can’t wait to celebrate her 1 year birthday soon!!

Thanks for letting me share my journey as a new mom and Madison’s 11 month update.

Now it’s your turn —>

When did your little one stop nursing? 

When did your little one get their upper teeth?



See more baby updates here.


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Ulli August 29, 2015 - 3:31 pm

Oliver also reduced nursing by himself – it was so hard for me!! I had to start working last month (when he was 1 year old) and we were still nursing in the morning and at night. I never thought we would drop one of the nursing sessions very soon, but after a few days of me working (and him staying home with his dad) he just didn’t want the morning nursing anymore. I was so shocked, I thought he would miss me, and then he even rejected one of our cuddle sessions…. I got used to it after a few days, but it was really really hard, I cried a lot (I blame it on the hormones too, haha)
And he also only drinks from one breast, its always larger than the other one, and both are generally really small again, I loved my nursing breasts too 😉
Madison is cute as always, I think you are doing a great job!!! Hugs from the other side of the world (Austria, Europe), Ulli

purelytwins August 29, 2015 - 5:56 pm

Glad I am not alone with this 😉

Erika August 29, 2015 - 3:58 pm

Hey Lori. All that you are feeling is normal. My oldest is 22 and youngest is 8. I have four total. They are all different. Like I posted on Instagram. My oldest nursed till she was nine months old. I woke up to nurse her and she turned her head on me. That was it. She was done. My second, I only nursed to three months because I had post hyperthyroidism. I was put on thyroid mess until my thyroid stabilized a couple of months later. My third I ended up stop nursing her at a year because u knew I would be nursing until she was five. Lol! She loved the breast. A little too much I think! She was only nursing twice a day anyway. My forth I only nursed till three months due to post hyperthyroidism again. I cried because I knew she was the last, but God gave me grace to get through that. It all turned out for the best. They are all healthy. Plus I would mentioned that my third child was colicky from the beginning. So I thought! She got her two bottom teeth at 2 1/2 months old. Crazy I know. But all my other kids got them at normal times. They are all different. Never the same. But that’s what makes it so cool. I hope this brings some comfort to you. I so enjoy you and Michelle and all that you share. Have a blessed day!

purelytwins August 29, 2015 - 5:56 pm

Thanks girl!! I appreciate hearing this and for your support.

Leah August 30, 2015 - 1:05 am

Big ((hugs)) to you, mama! Nursing is full of happy and some challenging moments. The hormones can make it even tougher. So give yourself a break during this time of transition. It does sound like she is teething or going through some developmental changes. You never know, she could go back to nursing more. I’d keep offering and pumping if you are interested in continuing. Each breastfeeding relationship is very different. With my first, we had a very rocky start. Then later on, he had periods of refusal due to illnesses (like stuffy nose and couldn’t breathe with nursing) or teething. He went on to nurse til 2.5. I expected to do the same with my younger one but she had some medical issues and we struggled to make it 10 months. Due to allergies, I was able to pump til 2 years. Anyway, every kiddo is different. It’s hard when you second guess everything you are doing too. Why don’t they come with instruction booklets?! Madison is a cutie and you are doing an awesome job!! Can’t believe it’s almost been a year!

purelytwins August 30, 2015 - 9:59 pm

Thanks for sharing and for the support!! xoxo

Jessica August 30, 2015 - 9:33 am

Lori she is so adorable! She reminds me so much of my daughter. I was just curious what formula you decided to go with? I completely understand how emotional it is when they decide they are done breastfeeding. I nursed my daughter till she was one, she is 14 months now, and I’m not going to lie, i was sad when we were done. at that age, it was honestly the only time she was still and i got some cuddles! I think your doing a great job and i can tell your an amazing mom! Wish we lived closer to each other so we could have a play date!

purelytwins September 5, 2015 - 2:31 pm

Thank you Jessica 🙂 Yes the formula I went with was two different ones: Kabrita goat milk formula and Baby’s Only organic DHA/ARA formula. I know I miss my cuddles with her, I get so sad. Yes I wish we lived closer too, a play date would be so much fun!!!! HUGS

Liesl August 30, 2015 - 5:18 pm

I can totally relate to crying in the middle of the day! ha It’s like everything about being a Mom is kind of stressful, well we stress over being, having, and doing the best for our kids.
My little Kester is almost 10 months old, and I can SO relate to so many of things you are sharing. He got his upper teeth right around 9 months, and he too loves what I am making fresh to eat, but then when I pull it out for a snack or other meal…not so much. Tough. 🙂 He was also totally getting into a great napping groove 2 hours in the morning and 1.5 in the afternoon, until this week, he has fought his afternoon nap every single day. I’m worried that he’s trying to go down to one nap already, and I’m just not sure if it’s good for him developmentally. So hard to just go with the flow. I feel like I’m guessing constantly, and I can’t research enough. Enjoy reading your posts about Madison though, kind of reminds me there are other Moms out there going through the same stuff.

Oh thing I thought I would ask you, what kinds of protein to you give Madison? Kester likes yogurt, some cheese, eggs, and fish, but just curious how you incorporate protein for Madison?

Oh, and her little moccasins=adorable!

purelytwins August 31, 2015 - 10:43 pm

Liesl thank for the sweet words. And I love being able to connect with other moms in same situations. I hope your little one gets his naps worked out, I feel your concern and frustration. Maybe it is just a little bump in the road. Madison loves turkey that is probably the number one protein she eats (and she has it just about everyday). I worry about her getting a varied diet as she loves her meat over anything else. RIght now her proteins are turkey, eggs, any fish I have made up, beef, lamb, bison, liverwrust, and I make homemade coconut yogurt. I haven’t tried cheese on her yet, probably soon. She loves eating the meat plain. I usually bake in the oven or roast on a skillet with some coconut oil- some form of meat and she eats it. I cut into little bite-size pieces and she goes to town. I have been trying to blend up some veggies into her meats to make little meatballs in a way to get her to eat veggies. Sometimes she likes it and other times not interested. It is a daily battle.

Natalia August 30, 2015 - 5:35 pm

Hi. Yes, I agree that everything you are feeling is normal. My youngest gave up breast feeding on her own too and it was sudden and surprising to me too. With her being our last child every new milestone is bitter sweet for me. I love to see her growing up and becoming more independent, but at the same time I want her to stay little for longer. I also experienced wacky hormones after she weaned herself off the breast. My prayers are with you, Lori. You are doing a great job as a mom! Thanks, Lori and Michelle for sharing your lives with us.

purelytwins August 31, 2015 - 10:37 pm

Thanks Natalia xoxo You’re the best!! HUGS

Jannike Johnsen August 30, 2015 - 8:47 pm

My first one nursed until 2 1/2 and then I had to stop nursing as he whipped my breast out in public, lol. My second child wasn’t interested at all. I got her to 6 months and then stopped. Every child is different. As for teeth, neither had any until they were 14 months old. By the time they were both 20 months, all their teeth had come in, like popcorn. Since they were both so much older, teething wasn’t a big deal for us.

purelytwins August 31, 2015 - 10:37 pm

Haha, to funny! And thank you Jannike! It really is so interesting how every child is different.

Michaela August 30, 2015 - 11:24 pm


Big Hug to you ….
I have nurse my daughter onky 6 months cause lack supply and she liked bottle more
with my so I have said myself I have to nurse I want want want and also I am nursing only from one breast from beginning cause have surgery on another so It was so so hard at the beginning but he was really patient
he wait until milk produce for him so we have nursed really a lot may be 20-30 a day at beginning
Also I have never used bottle cause it makes them refuse milk from boobs then

Now he is 20 months old and still nursing a lot I mean a lot every hour and at night 3-5 times depends on teething when he nurse even more I know it confroms him it is not only about milk for him …so I appreciate a lot all that time with nursing you know with my daughter I slept full 80 hours with my son never slept longer then 2-3 hours ….so it has some pros and cons:-)

Take care youre wionderful mom

purelytwins August 31, 2015 - 10:44 pm

you are so right, there are pros and cons to both sides! thanks for sharing your story! hugs


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