Ab separation getting smaller – 8 months post partum.

by purelytwins

I can’t believe I am around 8 1/2 months post partum (to be more exact). You saw Madison’s 8 month update so it’s mom’s turn now.

My last few post partum updates:

Day in the life video at 5 1/2 months

4 1/2 months pp

Wow does time go by fast?!?

I meant to do more of updates but time got away from me. It has been busy over here. Good busy. And really there wasn’t that much difference as for me and my ab separation healing didn’t happen fast. It was a nice slow healing.

How is my ab separation doing at 8 months post partum?

Find this video helpful please share with those that would benefit from hearing. Thank you.

Like I mentioned in the video I am feeling great.

I am so happy and feel so strong in my body.

My personal post partum journey to close ab gap through working out smart, breathing correctly, and exercises to strengthen the core. I am at 8 months post partum - giving an update on how my gap is getting smaller. || www.purelytwins.com #postpartum #newmom #diastasis #abseparation #mom

No, I am not 100% healed and not sure if it will close completely. I am about 2 finger width around belly button and 1.5 finger width below and above. And the depth of my gap is less severe. Yay!

Thank you for keeping up with my journey.

I will continue to share updates.

Remember small improvements are BIG wins. 

Getting closer to healing my ab separation at 8 months post partum. Journey of healing diastasis with proper breathing, core exercises, and working out safely to close gap. I have almost completely closed my gap! #diastasis #fitmom #newmom #postpartum #bodyafterbaby #fitfluential || www.purelytwins.com

We shall see if I can get my gap to close completely. Make sure to keep up with my fitness journey over on our instagram.

Like I mentioned in the video I have some loose skin and stretch marks but they are my warrior marks. Being a mom has brought me a whole new level of confidence and determination.

I want to show my daughter that anything is possible as long as you never give up and keep trying.

Each person has their own battles to fight. Each one of us will have a different looking journey to better health and fitness. Remember not to compare yourself to someone else. We all start at different points.

You are beautiful right now. You’re not in competition with anyone else but striving to be a better you than you were yesterday.

Whatever you’re facing — you CAN do it.

There is no finish line in life so love the journey ladies 🙂

If you want to hear from me and more of my motherhood journey sign up below. I am working on some new things for you, beautiful!

What are you doing today that you love to do? 

What are you doing today to bring you one step closer to your goals?



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Susan June 12, 2015 - 9:24 pm

What about your “pregnancy safe” workouts? Do you think they contributed to your DR? If not, why not? I’m very curious about it all!

purelytwins June 14, 2015 - 5:44 pm

Susan it was more than just my workouts. Every girl gets it for different reasons.

Cassie June 13, 2015 - 11:31 am

This is such an inspirational topic. Love seeing your progress and you can do it!

purelytwins June 14, 2015 - 5:44 pm

Thank you.

kariane June 15, 2015 - 4:38 pm

Thank you for sharing your continued journey with this. I’m working on healing my own diastasis recti, which is still pretty huge. I find your progress inspiring.

purelytwins June 15, 2015 - 8:40 pm

Thank you Kariane! Wishing you all the best with healing your DR. Hang in there.


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