May’s Monthly workouts

by purelytwins

Below is a recap of our personal workout schedule for May 2015. We are sharing this here on the blog to help us be more accountable. Feel free to join along with keeping track of your workouts with us by sharing in the comments or tag us on instagram (#purelytwins). Our workouts are a mix of purely fit life club workouts and the free ones off our youtube

Lori also does her core reconditioning exercises when she can. You can see her top 3 favorites exercises to close her ab separation here.

Monthly workout schedule to keep us strong, healthy and in shape at home recap

We hope this gives you some inspiration for your own fitness journey.

Below are the workouts we did for the month of May.

1 – 20 Workouts from our KB challenge


21 – Rest day

22 – Purely training 81 – 16 minute cardio

23 – Purely HIIT 16 – purely fit life club workout

24- Rest day


25 – Purely training 49 – leg workout

26 – Purely training 83 – bodyweight workout

27 – Purely bodyweight #4 – purely fit life club workout

28 – Rest day


Missing the beach

29 – Purely training 96

30 – Purely HIIT #16 (Michelle, club workout) and Purely training 98 (Lori)

31- Rest day


We love inspiring ladies from all over to take care of their bodies through working out, proper nutrition and positive mindset!

Make sure you are working out for the right reasons not because you hate your body. For us, working out makes us feel good and confident.

Past workout schedules:

How we are staying fit this year

Workout schedule 1

Workout schedule 2

Workou schedule 3

Workout schedule 4

How are you doing with your workouts?

How does your workouts make you feel?



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Annemay June 12, 2015 - 4:46 pm

Hi wonderful twins,

First, I wanted to say a huge thank you for everything you share on your blog, be it awesome workouts, recipes, personal stories and the inspiration you share. You have no idea how much this means to me and so many others.
I really appreciate your openness, and sharing your workout schedule is a great example. When checking this out I couldn’t help but compare it to my own workout schedule. I typically try to squeeze in 3 HIIT workouts of 15-30 minutes each into every day. Currently however I am struggling with weight loss (I’m underweight right now)… And fitting my nutrition and workout schedule to my body’s needs. Seeing you guys look this awesome and strong doing one workout a day (or did I misunderstand something here)… seriously makes me rethink my workout routine. Do you guys happen to have any advice for me?

purelytwins June 14, 2015 - 5:43 pm

Yes we only workout once day. Most girls do too much workouts. Try scaling back and we bet you will see results.


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