Top 10 gluten-free baked donut recipes

by purelytwins

Happy National Donut day!

Did you know of such a day? We sure did!

We adore our donuts. Check out our pinterest donut board a lot of amazing recipes there too.

We love creating unique and “healthier” ways to enjoy donuts. We love all kinds of donuts but we tend to go for the baked over fried ones. Just our preference. We find baked donuts to be easier to make and taste just as good.

10 healthy baked donut recipes. Gluten-free. Grain-free. Paleo. Low sugar. Vegan.

10 gluten-free baked donut recipes.

Which donut are you going to be celebrating with?

 5 ingredient chocolate PB 


 3 ingredient protein 

Peppermint mocha 


Egg-free Fig pistachio with fig goat cheese frosting


 mini protein chocolate pistachio


banana coconut protein donuts


egg-free plantain donuts with protein frosting


Chocolate raspberry

Mini coconut flour cardamom donutsClassic baked donut

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ashcass June 5, 2015 - 9:36 pm

Hey guys, What’s happened to all the vlogs, health updates (DR, eczema, what’s helped, etc), wholesome savory recipes (I would love to see things like paleo pad thai, more caribbean inspired recipes, spiced meats dishes, etc), and new Monday workouts? I miss your content. 🙁

ps. not sure commenting is working.

purelytwins June 6, 2015 - 9:15 am

We did a vlog last week ? Did you see it. We both have been meaning to do an update just have other things taking up our time right now. We are launching some new things for our business so our attention has been there. We do have some savory recipes coming up, just not right away. And a new workout coming this Monday. Life just happens sometimes and we just blog when we can now a days. We haven’t hear much from our readers so didn’t know what they wanted to see. Thanks for letting us know.

ashcass June 6, 2015 - 1:47 pm

I must have missed it! What’s the new business you’re launching? Did you advertise it here? Is purelytraining still going on, or is that being phased out?

I think what might help more reader-engagement is if more posts were super relatable. Most people aren’t mom’s at home starting businesses who are soooo “careful” with their eats. I’m a 20-something woman with a rather high powered job, but I still like reading your blog because I like YOU GUYS!! Furthermore, I also feel better when I make sure to have more fat in my diet, and although I am not nearly as restrictive with grains and stuff, I do like to have a more paleo slant to my eats. I just feel better that way.

However, I just can’t start using protein powder for baking because I don’t like the way it tastes. And even if I loved the way Stevia tastes (I don’t), there are reasons to be concerned about its long term bad health effects. I just stick to natural sugars but eat them very rarely. So I always hope you’ll have paleo-isn recipes that are totally real food (for me isolated protein powders and stevia aren’t real food, but that’s just me). I do still use hemp protein and stuff after working out (when I can!) but not for baking/eating. So that’s why I ask for savory recipes. I also love Asian food and Indian food and other ethnic cuisines, which is why I like paleo-ish recipes made with those flavors.

Anyway, that’s just one of your readers. I’m sure others are different.


purelytwins June 6, 2015 - 2:48 pm

First thanks for the feedback. For the recipes just about every recipe we give substitutions for – you don’t have to use protein powder, you can use any flour your prefer if you like baking. We understand not everyone likes desserts as much as we do, but it is what we love. It is what we like to make. Our regular eats – savory things – are just basic. We don’t really like making big fancy meals that is just not us. Nor do we have the time, but we will try to do more savory. Stevia is optional in all of our recipes. We never say you have to use it. We are not super strict with our diet, then only reason it might come across that way is because we both have skin issues and notice certain foods cause breakouts. So we avoid them. Plus we love everything we eat that we don’t feel like we are missing out. We love our balance. Now for the more relatable part not sure how to answer that to be honest. We are real on our blog. We share our life. We share what we are passion about. We don’t have much experience in the corporate world so we wouldn’t even know how to star talking about that. Does that make sense. We try to share things that we think our readers would like or benefit from – we share things we use or have experienced. We know not everyone is wanting to start their own business but it is what we are going through, so just like everything else we share as we learn. Even if we have 10 people that appreciate that, to us that means we did our job. Someone was touched by it or inspired by it. Thank you again for your feedback we truly appreciate it. And we will try to do better. We have not talked much about our new business except in our newsletter. We still plan to have purely training.

ashcass June 6, 2015 - 2:59 pm

Glad to hear purelytraining isn’t going away. I was thinking about it… is it happening right now? How does it work? Do you have a group of people at a time? You should advertise the new business more too. I’m curious. 🙂

Totally understand what you mean that you like deserts and aren’t into making big savory meals. But still, baked fish with some spices on it takes 30 seconds more, and I’m always looking for new combinations. 🙂

Regardless, I like you guys as people and want you to succeed. I know it might be scary but try some new (old) foods. Hormones and stuff change as we get older. You might find you are less sensitive now. That sure happened to me.


purelytwins June 6, 2015 - 3:26 pm

Well our purely training workouts are free. We post a new one most Mondays (when we have a new video), then our purely fit life is our online fitness and wellness club. It is where we share real time workouts, more workouts, our eats, cooking videos (we do savory stuff there). If you want to see more about it check this page out And in our vlogs (youtube – pure2rawtwins) we show more of our savory eats, just not as formal recipes. We do plan on sharing more about our new coaching service. We are hosting a webinar (link is in the sidebar at the top) where we will talk about it. Thanks for the reminder about trying foods 😉 We just get stuck in comfortable patterns, haha a habit we need to break.

Cassie June 5, 2015 - 11:56 pm

YES! Happy National Donut Day! 😀


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