Weekly sparks

by purelytwins

Highlights of our week and shout outs to our purely twins community.


Highlights from our week: 


Madison all ready to hang out at the beach with her new hat.


We enjoyed walks along the water on the beach. Going to miss those.


Family feet selfie 😉


Madison loves her Sophie. It took her awhile to really like chewing on her, but recently she loves her.


Madison chatted it up at the beach and showing us her sunglasses.


Enjoyed flourless fudgy brownies a few nights. Our fav!


Madison had coconut yogurt for the first time and loved it.


Hey gator! Just hanging out at the lake at our resort.


Enjoyed a random veggie omelet cake one day for lunch. It was eggs mixed with veggies and some coconut flour. It was yummy we will have to remake it to share how to make it for you too.


In between relaxing we did do some blog posts for our clients.

One great thing about the job we have is that we can take it with us anywhere. We love having that flexibility.


What some of our lunches looked like – sautéed green, raw carrots with tahini, coconut flour egg pancake and turkey bacon.


Absolutely loved waking up and doing our workouts while the sun was rising. Best way to start the day.


A little R & R at the beach.


Love these two so much.


Daddy daughter beach time.


Gary and I went out for a date night to the resort where we got married at 3 years ago and enjoyed a yummy dinner. I love my mussels.


Madison still unsure of the whole beach/ocean thing.  I think by the end of the trip she started to like it.  Definitely think she will be a beach fan like her mom.


And made our plantain chocolate chip whipped cream bars twice. We just didn’t have the cookie crisp cereal on top. So good.

Purely Fit Life and Purely Twins Community shout outs:



Love hearing from you guys!

Thank you thank you for all the love and support.

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Salmon salad veggie bowl


New blog post in the purely fit life club area: come and join the purely fit Life Movement to continue to encourage and inspire all our purely fit sisters. 

  • New weekly workout schedule
  • New workout for post partum schedule
  • Personal eats for May 24th and 25th
  • Weekly MANTRA
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lindsay May 31, 2015 - 4:23 pm

i can’t handle it. madison is too cute!! and yay for beach time. looks like you all really soaked it up. so needed! I hear ya

purelytwins May 31, 2015 - 8:23 pm

Yes it was a fun trip! 🙂

Alison Bowling June 1, 2015 - 12:46 am

I love those pictures, it looks like you all had so much fun. Madison is growing so fast!!!! Where does the time go? I have a request that it might just take both of you to help with. I have a family member who is quick to believe in quackery like Dr.Mercola (apologies to anyone this offends but it’s true and all the links are for affiliate products) and other questionably morally aligned people who put their lofty title behind some bad science and this family member buys into it and not only wastes money but is potentially putting the family at risk too…. if I could get this particular member to just read your blog and others like it instead it would help a lot, but maybe I haven’t said the right things to get this person to listen. Is there some way you can think of that I can shed light on this without sounding like I’m just bashing what they believe in?

Sara June 1, 2015 - 6:55 pm

Do you make your own coconut yogurt? Or what kind do you purchase? I am allergic to all dairy and miss a yogurt as I do not crave meat first thing lol

purelytwins June 1, 2015 - 8:13 pm

No it was not homemade, I bought the yogurt from the local health food store. It is coconut milk based yogurt – unflavored and unsweetened. It is the So Delicious brand.


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