Madison 7 months

by purelytwins

Madison is 7 months old today!

This month had it’s ups and downs but overall I loved this month! I can’t get over that my baby girl is 7 months and that I am her mom. It’s really the best job.

life with a 7 month old baby update || #7monthold

7 month old baby update

We don’t have our next doctor check up until 9 months so I don’t know her exact weight but I am thinking almost 16 pounds.

She is a healthy growing baby for sure. And loves life. She definitely makes me live in the moment. I am soaking up every little memory I can.

mom and 7 month old daughter selfie || #momlife #lifewith7monthold

What Madison is loving:

Loves listening to music.

Loves saying ma ma 😉

Loves playing on her new play mat.

Loves picking things up and dropping them.

Loves playing with her sippy cup. She doesn’t really drink the water in there but that’s okay it is more for helping with her motor skills.

Loves grabbing at my food and drinks. Really anything in my hand or on the table in front of her when she is sitting on my lap.

Loves grabbing and playing with her feet. And putting them in her mouth.

Loves bright colors and being outdoors.

Loves taking bath time with mommy.

family story time #babygirl #7monthsold #newmom

Loves story time where she is constantly touching the pictures on the pages.

Madison playing with her aunt

Loves playing with her aunty Michelle.

baby pulling moms hair #newmom #lifewithababy

Madison loves to pull and grab at mommy’s hair.

What Madison doesn’t like:

You taking her hands out of her mouth. Still no teeth but I have a feeling they might be coming soon.

Sun in her face. Luckily we know have a hat and sunglasses which helps!

She gets frustrated when she can’t do something. She is one determined little girl.

Went through a phase of crying when others held her. Didn’t do well with strangers. But I think she is getting better now.

7 month old wearing a hat to protect her from the sun #newmom #baby ||

Loves her new beach summer hat.

How is cloth diapering going?

It is still going well. I will do a formal update around the 8 month mark. I have a few new brands of cloth diapers I am trying out that I will report back on if I liked them or not.

How is breastfeeding going?

Great. Madison gets so distracted during nursings. She is constantly kicking her legs or grabbing at me.

She is nursing about 5 times a day.

How is solid food going?

Great. She usually has 1-2 mini meals morning and night. Sometimes it turns out to be around lunch time. It almost varies depending on the day.

We are doing a mix of pureed foods and baby led style. I enjoy both. She takes little nibbles of some of the food I am eating as she always is grabbing at it. But majority of her solids is from pureed foods. She has done great with every food I have given to her. She likes avocado, carrots, pears, pears mixed with spinach, parsnips, bananas, avocado mixed with bananas, apples, mangoes, egg yolks, liver (she samples my liverwrust), salmon, and lamb.  I am trying to create a more scheduled meal options for her since she is doing so well. I am planning on bringing in more finger foods this month.

Get your meat here.

Shop online for other food items here.

How is napping going?

At the beginning of the month they were going great! She was sleeping around 45- 1 hour. But sadly the past week or so she is back to doing 30 minute naps. I hope this is just a phase and she will be back at longer naps again soon.

Also some naps she is crying more when I put her in her crib (she normally doesn’t cry that much). It mostly happens once I start to walk away from her. I think maybe she is going through an attachment phase. I don’t know as this is my first time doing all this. It could be nothing.

How is nighttime sleeping going?

Going strong. She is waking up just once during the night. Usually around 3-4am. Sometimes not until later. I know I probably can drop that early morning feeding as some days she doesn’t wake until 5:30 or 6 so I know she is ready. Not sure why I am still doing it. Maybe a little nervous to drop it.

Instead of waking up at 7am or later she is now an early riser where she is waking up around 6:15am (on average). It was hard the first few days she did this but I am slowly getting used to it. Thank goodness for coffee.

She might not be the best at napping but I am so blessed she is a great nighttime sleeper.

family going out to brunch for the first time with 7 month old baby ||

Big Milestones:

Getting ready to crawl and standing on her own for like a second or two.

Went out to a restaurant for the first time!

7 month old sitting in high chair at restaurant for first time #newparents #newmom #firstbaby ||

Madison such a big girl now. Sitting at the restaurant all by herself. She did fantastic. I was so proud of her.

We enjoyed a family birthday brunch with some close friends. It was a great first experience eating out.  I doubt each meal out will be that great but I will take them when they happen.

See all of Madison’s other updates here – follow Madison.

Your turn –>

When did you first take your child out to a restaurant?  How did that experience go?

What did you enjoy doing over the weekend? 

To our KB challenge sisters how are you doing so far with everything? 




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Holly @ EatGreatBEGreat April 27, 2015 - 10:58 am

Awww, love it! Our twins turned 6 months old last week. Time just flies by, doesn’t it? It’s so exciting to watch them change and meet different milestones!

purelytwins April 27, 2015 - 1:03 pm

It does fly by, and each week it seems to go faster and faster.

Michelle @LALLnutrition April 27, 2015 - 3:12 pm

Hi Lori! I’ve been reading your posts for a while to see what’s to come. I have a 10 weeks old baby boy 🙂 I was just wondering how did Madison get on a sleep schedule? Was it just following her natural sleep rhythms? How do you know when to drop a feeding and how do you do it? Any resources would be great!

Thanks for posting the updates, they have been invaluable 🙂


purelytwins April 28, 2015 - 12:45 am

Michelle, great questions. I somewhat followed the baby wise schedule for her sleeping and nursings. Along with googling sample baby schedules. Overtime I figured out a system that worked for us. Dropping feedings again I did a mix of what felt natural and what baby wise suggested. I was surprised how dropping a feeding wasn’t as difficult as I thought. It all just kinda of came together once she had longer wake times.

Kat April 27, 2015 - 5:50 pm

Oh so precious, she has so much personality!! Happy Birthday girls, in case I missed it 😮 !

purelytwins April 28, 2015 - 12:46 am

thank you Kat! xo

Stacie April 27, 2015 - 9:59 pm

Madison is such a doll!!! 🙂

purelytwins April 28, 2015 - 12:46 am

thanks Stacie 🙂 HUGS

Cassie April 27, 2015 - 10:59 pm

Madison is adorable!!! You have such a lovely family!

purelytwins April 28, 2015 - 12:46 am

thank you so much Cassie, you’re to sweet! xo

kariane April 29, 2015 - 12:54 pm

Beautiful baby!

purelytwins April 29, 2015 - 5:05 pm

Thank you.


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