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Highlights of our week and shout outs to our purely twins community.


Highlights from our week: 


Think her expression says it all!!!!  It was an amazing week. We are so blessed and grateful to be doing what we love everyday and being able to be with family.


Mom and daughter selfie !! #thebest


Love this little girl. She is learning more about things each day and I love seeing her explore and grow.


Jax and Madison napping.


New essential oil we are loving – cardamom !!! The perfect scent to have going in the kitchen.


We have been doing good with our workouts this week! We squeeze them in whenever we can. Plus we are doing a March Challenge with our sisters and the other day was pushups!

How are you doing with your workouts?


Love food!

sleeping baby

She doesn’t do much snuggle time anymore, but one day this past week she wanted to cuddle and sleep on mom. It was the best.


Pink. Smiles. Laughter. Love.


Breakfast! Protein mush (coconut oil, gelatin, cod liver oil) with cooked spinach and beef sausage (aff link)


Amazing dinner! Butternut squash, kale, halibut, turnips, coconut oil, sea salt, and tahini!!


We had so much fun yesterday filming a new workout!!

Coming tomorrow to the blog and youtube.

We joined VINE!!

Having so much fun learning how to use VINE – are you on it??

hemp brownie shout out on fitbie

Thank you fitbie for featuring our hemp protein brownies!

Purely Fit Life and Purely Twins Community shout outs:


Thanks for sharing the love!!


Yay for sugar free cakes. Thank you beachhealthylife for letting us know the neapolitan comes out with flax eggs! And recipe.tester so happy you enjoyed the oreo squash cake.


Thank you beachhealthylife again for sharing our recipes at your doTERRA party!! Wish we could of been there.


purelyamber so happy to see you enjoying our cashew nib dough balls!! An old favorite recipe of ours! Which we are still working hard on updating that cookbook with being 100% grain-free.

Comment love:


Love hearing from our readers!!

And way to go Mindy Joy with the workouts!! Thank you for being a purely fit sister.

From around the internet:

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tips for growing your own herbs 

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New blog post in the purely fit life club area: come and join the purely fit Life Movement to continue to encourage and inspire all our purely fit sisters. Quick and effective at home workouts for women.

  • New weekly workout schedule
  • New workout for post partum schedule
  • Our personal eats March 3rd
  • New workouts
  • Weekly MANTRA
  • updated membership area and software plus more new things to come



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Cassie March 9, 2015 - 2:06 pm

How cute! And the cashew dough balls look delicious!


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