Monthly workout schedule

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Below is a recap of our personal workout schedule for February 2015. We are sharing this here on the blog to help us be more accountable. Feel free to join along with keeping track of your workouts with us by sharing in the comments or tag us on instagram (#purelytwins). Our workouts are a mix of workouts from Intentionally Built and the free ones off our youtube

Lori also does her core reconditioning exercises every day. You can see her top 3 favorites exercises to close her ab separation here.

Monthly workout schedule to get in shape at home recap

We were going to do this as a weekly thing but decided to just recap at the end of the month! We hope this gives you some inspiration for your own fitness journey.


Feb 1 – Rest day

Feb 2 –  100 KB swings

Feb 3 –  Michelle did purely weights #4 (a purely fit life club workout) 15 minute weight workout; Lori did Purely weights #18 (a purely fit life workout) 16 minute lower body workout

Feb 4 –  Michelle did purely bodyweight #4 (club workout) time challenge took my 11 minutes; Lori did purely training #88 – 15 minute full body weight

Feb 5 –  Rest day

Feb 6 –  150 KB swings

Feb 7 – Filmed new purely fit life workout HIIT 16 (club workout) 16 minute tabata workout

Feb 8-  Filmed  purely training workout 92 – 12 minutes

Feb 9 – 100 KB swings

Feb 10 – Purely weights 17 (purely fit life club workout)

Feb 11 –  Rest day


Feb 12 –  Purely training 90 – 16 minute

Feb 13 – 100 KB swings

Feb 14 – filmed a new purely training 93 – 12 minute full body

Feb 15 – filmed a new purely fit life club workout – 16 minute full body workout

Feb. 16 – bodyweight 11 (club workout) 20 minute leg/butt workout

Feb 17 – 100 kb swings

Feb 18 – Purely fit life weights (club workout)  #20 a 12 minute lower body workout

Feb 19 –  Purely training 92 – 12 minutes 


Feb 20 – Purely weights 18 (club workout) 16 minute leg workout

Feb 21 –  Purely  training 93  – 12 minutes

Feb 22 – Purely HIIT 16 (club workout) 16 minutes

Feb 23 – Rest day

Feb 24 – Purely training 92 – 12 minutes

Feb 25 –  Purely weights 17 (club workout) 16 minute leg workout

Feb 26 – Kettlebell swings and side plank

Feb 27 – Purely training 93

Feb 28 – Rest day


We have a huge passion for fitness which is why we become personal trainers and share so much of it here on the blog. We workout for many reasons like confidence, happiness, health and we are addicted to that feeling you get after a workout. The feeling that you accomplished something. The feeling of strength building up in the inside.

Past workout schedules:

How we are staying fit this year

Workout schedule 1

How are you doing with your workouts? Why do you workout?

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Meg @ Meg the RHN February 28, 2015 - 10:37 am

ahhhhhh working out gives me confidence, too, ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my last post mentioned that 😀 nice to see what you’re up to! i just partnered with a new coach and he’s writing my weight lifting programs! will be posting about it soon!

purelytwins February 28, 2015 - 4:06 pm

awesome girl look forward in reading about it


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