Single serving apple pie pancake recipe (gluten-free, grain-free, can be made dairy-free)


A healthy breakfast made in under 5 minutes. Single serving apple pie pancakes that are gluten and grain-free. Can be made dairy-free using coconut or almond yogurt. Two ingredient pancakes paired with apples and yogurt for a complete meal.






  1. Place the 2 whole eggs into a bowl and mix with the 2 tbsp coconut flour.
  2. Mix until smooth, then cook on a skillet to make 2 pancakes.
  3. Once pancakes are cooked set aside.
  4. Dice up apples and place into skillet with a little coconut oil and spices.
  5. Cook for a few minutes to warm up the apples.
  6. Place one pancake on plate and top with yogurt.
  7. Next layer with sautéed apples.
  8. Then place the second pancake on top of apples.
  9. Add more yogurt and apples, as much as you desire.
  10. Enjoy.