Days leading up to my labor

by purelytwins

I am finally sitting here writing this post – about my birth story.

Well, it will be a two-part series about Madison’s birth.

To be honest, this post was written over a few days, whenever I could squeeze in some spare time to write. As I sit here to reflect on that wild and crazy, yet, most amazing day of my life I cannot believe it finally happened. That I can now hold and kiss my baby girl.


Since this was my first pregnancy I really had NO idea what my birth experience would be like. I read and heard about so many other amazing birth stories from family members to close friends to blog friends. Everyone’s birth story was so different and inspiring to read. They helped calm my nerves and fears about what my labor would be like.

I’m not sure where to begin with my birth story so let’s just start with the days leading up to my labor!

Wednesday, September 24th – few days before due date.

I had my 39 week pregnancy check-up and everything was looking good. I was pretty much 80% effaced but NO DILATION! Doctor predicted about a 7lb baby and felt that in a week I would be in labor. So leaving the office that day I had a few things on my mind. One, does effacing and dilation really predict when I will be in labor? No. Two,  would I really be in labor a few days past my due date? Who knows. All I do know is for those that are currently pregnant, don’t get too worried about the numbers. Your baby will come when he or she is ready!

Thursday, September 25th- two days before due date

Started to get more braxton contractions and they felt a little more intense. Besides that, no other changes. My appetite and energy were all normal. My sleep was starting to go down hill.  For the past few days I was eating spicy foods and walking when I could… all in hopes to jump start labor.


And meditation seemed to help me a lot to stay focused and mentally prepared for labor as I knew labor was going to be intense and exhausting.

Friday, September 26th – the day before my actual due date

I was feeling good and was experiencing more braxton contractions. Again they felt a little bit stronger than previous weeks. They still weren’t providing a true pattern yet so I knew they weren’t the real thing yet. I continued to read about labor and how to know when you are in labor from various online sites. Pretty much driving myself crazy. I was trying to get excited and prepared for my big day that I felt would be soon.

I wondered and I know other ladies do too  –> how do I know when I am in labor? The thing is — YOU JUST KNOW. It just switches. Hard to explain.  But you just get this feeling… this is it!




I did some extra meditation that day. Michelle made sure that I kept visualizing meyself holding my baby girl. I would spend a lot of time in the nursery talking to my baby girl.

I also went for a 30 minute walk with Jax, Michelle and my mom to keep things moving (actually I tried to walk a little every day leading up to labor, some days it was just 5 minutes).


That night Michelle and I made our fudgy flourless brownies because I was craving brownies.

As we were enjoying our brownies we all gathered on the couch to watch a movie to pass the time.  We browsed Netflix and watched The Grey. We love Liam Neeson!!

I felt movement but nothing to cause me to be alarmed but deep down I felt it was coming.  We all went to bed around 11 pm. Before bed I put a some clary sage and myrrh essential oils mixed with some coconut oil on my feet as they both can help with contractions. You have to be careful with them, I did just a little.

I struggled sleeping!! My contractions were getting difficult to sleep through.

Early Saturday Morning – my DUE DATE!

Before going to bed I was having contractions that were about 10 minutes apart and keeping me up. After tossing and turning for a few hours I got up at 4am. I woke Michelle up (I made her stay the night at my house just in case, which was a good thing I did!) to talk with me. I was in and out of resting but getting very uncomfortable.

At this point, I could manage the contractions. I was able to walk, breathe and talk through them. And I enjoyed the 10 minute break.

This pattern continued through the morning. I was able to continue doing my normal routine. Gary even played some tennis and did some yard work. We all did things to help pass the time as we weren’t sure how long this pattern of contractions would be. Michelle and I made a quick trip up to Wholefoods and practiced some new recipes. Baking always calms me down.

I took a shower as I wasn’t sure when my next shower would be.

We all ate lunch.

Everything was feeling good. Well, as good as contractions can feel.


I meditated some more. Visualizing me holding my baby.

Things started to pick up after this.

To be continued tomorrow…

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Amanda October 7, 2014 - 10:40 am

How wonderful, looking forward to the rest of the story! Madison is precious!

purelytwins October 7, 2014 - 11:02 am

Thank you!

Leah October 7, 2014 - 11:11 am

Look forward to reading part 2!

Erin @ Her Heartland Soul October 7, 2014 - 12:28 pm

I’m loving your story! I can’t wait for part 2!

purelytwins October 7, 2014 - 12:44 pm

thank you Erin!

Ceara @ Ceara's Kitchen October 7, 2014 - 4:00 pm

Can’t wait to hear the rest of the story! I love that you meditated and visualized the days leading up to your labor – wonderful 🙂 Madison is adorably gorgeous 🙂

purelytwins October 7, 2014 - 5:22 pm

thank you Ceara, oh yes the meditation helped so much 🙂

Ann October 7, 2014 - 7:07 pm

Can’t wait to Part 2! I’ve been following you two since before your pregnancy and enjoyed watching your journey. I was pregnant with our 1st, but unfortunately miscarried at 8 weeks 4 moths ago. I’ve tried to stay positive and know that when it does happen I will have your wonderful documented journey as a resource. Well today I got a Positive test!
Congrats again!

purelytwins October 8, 2014 - 8:28 am

Ann thank you for following along with me and for your support. So sorry to hear about your loss. You are in my prayers, wishing you all the best ! Keep me posted 🙂

Meri October 7, 2014 - 7:18 pm

Thank you for sharing, sister! You are right, each birth story is unique and such a powerful moment in a woman’s life. I still remember every detail of mine like it was yesterday. I always was about girl power, but going through labor and now raising a child has given me a new profound respect for women. Really. Don’t be too hard on yourself, darling. As you surely know, your LO’s nervous system is simply too immature for her to be able to sleep for a long time or in a predictable pattern yet. I promise it will get better in time, though. I remember how I was astounded by my physical pain, all while having to take care of a newborn round the clock. You can do this!!!

purelytwins October 8, 2014 - 8:30 am

Thank you for the support!

GiGi Eats October 7, 2014 - 10:36 pm

You’re keeping me on the edge of my seat over here!!! HA AH!

purelytwins October 8, 2014 - 8:31 am

🙂 the rest of the story coming today

laura@wholeheartedlyhealthy October 8, 2014 - 2:44 am

Lovely to read your story so far I know that writing it all down for me was helpful. Not sure if you can recall my comments but we both had the same due date…only I ended up giving birth to my baby boy 5 weeks early! Only just coming to terms with it all now, but luckily I had a wonderful labour. Looking forward to your next post x

purelytwins October 8, 2014 - 8:31 am

Yes I remember!! xoxo


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