Give’em 5 Purely Training workout

by purelytwins

5 reps 5 exercises for a 15 minute amrap home workout.
5reps 5 exercises 15 min amrap purely training home workout

Hey Purely Fit Friends!

Our vacation is over! So time to get back into the normal swing around here. We had a wonderful time down in the FL Keys soaking in lots of vitamin D! Both of us did well in terms of skin and digestion, which is wonderful for us! Traveling normally puts a strain on our bodies, so being able to enjoy ourselves was a relief.  We were also proud for staying a little active. Most mornings we did quick 10 minute bodyweight workouts. And there was lots of swimming. Or actually getting soaked as our niece likes to JUMP to us in the pool.

Baby M enjoyed her first trip to the keys!!

Today’s purely training is a fun fast moving workout.  And I (Michelle) want to apologize as I was having a really bad eczema outbreak the day we filmed this video. It was hard for me to focus, but I have been trying some new things since being on vacation. I will give an update on my skin soon!!

Now give us 5 🙂

15 minute amrap bodyweight workout

This workout is made up of 5 exercises that you will be doing 5 reps of each and repeat the circuit over and over. See how many rounds you can do in the 15 minutes.

Push yourself with each rep!

Give’em 5!

Equipment:  bodyweight and equalizer (for pull-ups)

Get yourself an equalizer and save some money – use this code at checkout P2RTEQ20. We do have an affiliation with them, so if you purchase through our link Purely Twins gets a small percentage of your purchase at no extra cost to you. Thank you for you support in advance!!

Style of workout:  15 minute amrap workout

Workout focus: upper body and core with a little cardio

Set your Gymboss Interval Timer to 15 minutes

Dive bombers and bear crawls are great for building upper body strength while sculpting your arms and core.

Purely fit sisters  can you beat us? 

How many rounds can you get in 15 minutes?

15 minute amrap pregnancy workout

Lori is in her 2nd trimester (she did this workout at 26 weeks). Follow along with the modifications mentioned in the video and below the PDF.  Always listen to your body!

** Update:  To avoid diastasis recti post partum I would recommend doing this workout during first trimester not second or third trimesters.  I do provide modifications below if you want to try this workout.

If you are new to working out please take this workout slow and omit moves that feel uncomfortable.

Here is the GIVE’EM 5  workout breakdown.

Don’t forget to PIN this workout to try this week and come back to let us know how you liked it! Use hashtags #purelytwins #ptsisters so we can see you sweating it out.

Give'm 5 Purely Training #69 15 minute amrap workout

Give’m 5 Purely Training #69 (click to download your free printable)

We suggest for different fitness levels:

B-fits (beginner peeps) – Follow modifications from video. Take breaks when needed. Do regular push-ups instead of dive bombers. Omit the jumping. Hold plank for the bear crawls.

A-fits (advanced peeps) – Limit breaks. Go for speed while keeping good form!

FIT moms (pregnancy recommendations) – Do the modifications mentioned in the video. Stop when you feel uncomfortable! Don’t go deep into the exercises as Lori mentions in video. Update: omit the dive bombers and do push-ups on a chair or wall. For cross over jumps you can just step feet out instead of jumping. For bear crawls do 5 side plank lifts each side.

Get yourself warmed up and then come work out with us.

15 minute amrap you can do at home with your bodyweight

*disclaimer: make sure to consult with your doctor before trying anything new with your workout routine.

How was your weekend? What do you like to do to stay active when traveling?

Do you like swimming?

workout outfit

Wearing: Crops  and Sweat Hard Tank from Raw Threads.

Get yourself an equalizer and save some money – use this code at checkout P2RTEQ20. 


Lori and Michelle

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Laura @ Mommy Run Fast July 7, 2014 - 1:50 pm

Sounds like such a great vacation! I’m saving this workout- just this week I feel like I’m starting to slow down in my workouts and my body is asking me to cut back a bit, so at almost 37 weeks, I can respect that. 🙂 Excited to start training hard again soon!

purelytwins July 8, 2014 - 8:47 am

yes it was a great time 🙂 and ya I can see my body wanting to slow down here in the last trimester! xoxo

Brittany @ Delights and Delectablesit July 8, 2014 - 9:47 am

love it! I really want/need an equalizer!

purelytwins July 8, 2014 - 9:14 pm

thanks! and it’s the best 😉

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