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Sparks from our week:

Thank you Raw Food Magazine for featuring our beet fudge.

today is your day. train hard

Reminding ourselves that today is a new day. Our day to train hard, eat well, and love!


Sharing a fun new move we’ve been working on our equalizer on instagram.

winter pics

Enjoying the snow. Well Gary and Jax did.

boots in snow

Like the snow but really missing my SUN!

jax in snow

Jax loved the snow (even though he might look sad here it’s because I told him to sit so I could take picture when we just wanted to run around). He wanted to stay out to play in it all day. Don’t you just love his winter jacket 😉

dinner tahini cabbage

Enjoying lovely dinners like this with lots of tahini and our beloved black lava sea salt on top.

enjoying beet fudge hearts

Enjoying some raw beet fudge chocolate protein hearts.

i workout tank

In the midst of being snowed in for a few days we still managed to have a little fun. Getting in a good workout always puts a smile on our faces.

Purely Fit Life and Purely Twins Community shout outs:

pt plantain recipe making

More plantain love from bbq chips to bread to protein donuts to cacao pancakes. Everything looks great!! So happy you are enjoying them.

recipe shout outs

Cinnamon dough buns and plantain bread love!

Comments of the week:

facebook commentThank you Nicole! We will keep them coming 🙂

workout luv

Thanks for the sweet email Janet!! So happy you’re loving the workouts!

 Sparks from around the internet:

72 ideas to simplify your life –  so many good tips like cleaning off your desk, eat slowly, be more present…simple things that can bring more happiness and peace to our lives.

How I overcame my battle with an eating disorder – our friend Paige shares her journey and how she arrived at a happy place with her relationship with food! We have shared our journey here on the blog and feel it’s so important for everyone to find their way to a healthy balance and view towards food!

Why goat milk is better for digestion – we love goat cheese and goat based products! We used to actually make our own raw goat kefir but lately just cannot find the time to get back into that. Maybe one day again.

How to unlock your athletic potential through good posture – boy do we need to work on our posture. We need to make this more of high priority goal for us.

strawberry raspberry milkshake fudge hearts — this look amazing

doubt chocolate dessert waffles — yum

Does coffee dehydrate you — interesting. We love our coffee!

 Honey Face wash — we love to use honey our on faces

21 germiest places you’re not cleaning   — why we like to use cloths not sponges, did not think about pillows very interesting

Health Myth: Do You Really Need to Poop Once a Day?  — not sure if we agree with 100%, still deciding on where we stand on how many times you should go poo

Thanks to Spry Living for featuring our chocolate cream cake for their healthy Valentine’s day dessert love 

What sparked your interest? Leave a link below to your top blog post of the week!


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New Post inside the Purely Fit Life Club:

  • big breakfast and ramblings about carbs
  • personal eats from 2/10/14
  • adjust routine for traveling
  • and this coming weeks workout schedule

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logan @ Flatstomach101 February 16, 2014 - 10:54 am

I have a quick question, where did you guys get those dip bars you hanging on? I was looking for one to fit in apt. I love dips one of the best upper body exercises in my opinion. Great post! The food looked amazing as always.

Jojo @ Runfasteatlots February 16, 2014 - 11:32 am

Jax is adorable in his coat! The snow looks beautiful. We had over a foot but it’s melting really fast now

Relizabeth February 16, 2014 - 4:11 pm

Love the black sea salt! I have never seen it before.

You two are amazing sisters!

Liz @ I Heart Vegetables February 16, 2014 - 10:09 pm

You girls are so cute! I’m glad you were having fun despite the snow!

Paige @ Your Trainer Paige February 17, 2014 - 9:54 am

I need an equalizer for my home gym whenever we move into a house with a garage/extra room for a gym. It’s on my list!
And thank youuu for sharing my post xo


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