do what you love vlog plus our workout recap

by purelytwins

Happy Saturday luvs!

We have a fun vlog for you today with loving what you do discussion and new move on our equalizer. Plus our weekly workout recap from last week.  More great workouts coming soon!

find your strong fitness quote

Find your strong! Find what you love to do. Love what you do. And do it often!

We discuss loving what you do plus other random talk and practicing a new ab move that we are determined to nail one day! We hope you enjoy the video.

Our workouts this past week were a mix of high intensity and low intensity. We love working our bodies in so many different ways (our purely fit life club members know this) like…

lori workout on chair

Using simple equipment like a chair to increase the challenge in our workouts. Plus we did a really crazy leg cardio style workout time challenge that took us 30 minutes to complete. We were we tired to say the least. Not only was the workout a little bit longer than our normal workouts but we challenged ourselves to go heavy on the legs! We are both still a little sore from this workout 😉

lori ab on equalizer

Now for our weekly workout recap from the past week: Workouts from: Dec 16 – 19.

Monday –   Filmed a new move-it-monday butt workout and went for a walk.

Tuesday – Filmed a new bodyweight pyramid time challenge video (coming soon to PLF club only) and went for a walk

Wednesday –  Filmed a new jump rope cardio workout (coming soon to PFL club only).

Thursday –  Filmed  a new time challenge workout that took us 30 minutes to do! Our triple 8 workout. Get ready for this move-it-monday video coming in January.

Friday –  Rest day.

Saturday –  Walk.

Sunday –  Yoga and walk.

How were your workouts? Do you like using heavy weights? Doing anything fun today?

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Share your purely thoughts below in the comments!

And purely fitters your week 13 (Christmas week) workout schedule is up under workout schedule area. Not a PFL club member join here.


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Aubrey December 22, 2013 - 8:00 am

Can your program really tone me up? For the nutrition piece what does that include? Thansk!

purelytwins December 22, 2013 - 10:59 am

Our program will definitely help get your more toned and build muscle mass. It all depends on how hard you work and push yourself in the workouts!! Also we are adding more and more about nutrition, in 2014 we will be doing a lot more from meal plan ideas, thoughts on carbs, protein fats etc.


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