weekly workout recap + week 9 workout schedule

by purelytwins

Hey Purely Fitters,

Below we share our personal workout schedule from this past week.

And the weekly challenge is burpees!

believe in yourself

Never stop believing in yourself. Love your body. Give THANKS to your body. Loving yourself is so important, so make sure you take care of yourself. Stop worrying about others. Just be purely you!  xoxo your friends and coaches L&M

Now onto your Purely Fit Life – Purely Inspire workout schedule.

Suggested ideas to customize the workouts to your fitness level:

B-fits (Beginners) – We do have separate workouts for you, but all of our workouts can be customized to meet your fitness level. Basic tips for beginners use bodyweight or light dumbbells as you build up strength. Omit the jumps in the workouts and modify any other exercises that you need to. The key is to move the body everyday.

A – fits (Advanced) – Keep up with us or beat us! Use heavier weights or do an extra round. Always push yourself to your max to achieve great results.

Busy people –  This is for our Purely Fitters that might be going through a busy period in their life where there is little to no room to workout.

Interested in working out with us daily? Click here to find more about our home workout and nutrition club.


Purely Inspire Workout Schedule for the week of Monday November 25 to Sunday December 1

Monday –  Purely Inspire workout #14 – 20 minute AMRAP. This workout focuses on the upper body. You will need some free weights and/or equalizer for this workout. (only in PFL club area)

Interested in getting an equalizer? You can get one here and use this code at check out to receive $15 off – P2RTEQ15


Tuesday –  Purely Inspire workout #15 – This is a 15 minute interval workout. Medium to high intensity workout that focuses on the CORE and you only need your body weight. (workout only in PFL club area)

Wednesday –  A NEW purely fit life workout – 500 rep time challenge.  Get ready this one is TOUGH!! 

Thursday –   If there is a turkey trot in your area we recommend doing that with your family. If not, do this 10 minute cardio purely fit life workout.

Friday – Purely Fit Life #35 a 15 minute workout that will be perfect to do after a post-thanksgiving meal.

Saturday –  ACTIVE REST DAY. Try to squeeze in some type of movement like yoga or foam rolling. 

Sunday –  ACTIVE REST DAY. Pick a low impact activity like swimming, dancing, hiking. A little something to move the body or lots of stretching.

Now for our weekly workout recap from the past week:

Monday –  Filmed a KILLER purely fit life workout. This one took a lot longer than our normal workouts.  About 20 minute walk with Jax.

Tuesday – Filmed a new purely inspire workout. A 15 minute core focused interval workout. Did our lunges! 30 minute walk with Jax.

Wednesday –  Filmed a new purely fit life workout. This was a quick 10 minute workout. Movember inspire workout…coming in two weeks to Move It Monday. Did our lunges!  30 minute walk with Jax.

Thursday – Filmed a new purely inspire workout. A time challenge leg and BUTT workout. Our legs were dead so we did not do our lunges.

Friday –  Sprint interval. Did 14 rounds of 45 sec of walking – 20 sec of sprints.

Saturday –  DAY OFF

Sunday –  5 minute plank.

Keep working hard this week everyone! With the holidays approaching it is key to get those workouts in!!

Keep up with your check-ins:

Tweet us – @purelytwins #purelyfitlife

Instagram – @purelytwins #purelyfitlife

And comment below letting us know how the workouts are going!

**Remember: In our program you will have access to several different styles of workouts. Some will be short as others will be longer workouts! In addition we have a wide range of workouts on our youtube channel. If you cannot do a certain workout off the schedule, pick a workout you feel comfortable doing.  Choose routines that fit your schedule this week.


Be passionate and fit,

L and M

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