Our weekly workout recap plus new workout schedule

by purelytwins

Hey Purely Fitters,

We are going to start sharing what exactly we do for our personal workouts as well.  This will help keep us accountable and allows us to look back to see our personal workout progress.  Plus we are starting a new weekly challenge. This week is all about planks!

do better tomorrow

Now onto your Purely Fit Life – Purely Inspire workout schedule.

Suggested ideas to customize the workouts to your fitness level:

B-fits (Beginners) – We do have separate workouts for you, but all of our workouts can be customized to meet your fitness level. Basic tips for beginners use bodyweight or light dumbbells as you build up strength. Omit the jumps in the workouts and modify any other exercises that you need to. The key is to move the body everyday.

A – fits (Advanced) – Keep up with us or beat us! Use heavier weights or do an extra round. Always push yourself to your max to achieve great results.

Busy people –  This is for our Purely Fitters that might be going through a busy period in their life where there is little to no room to workout.

Purely Inspire Workout Schedule for the week of Monday November 4 to Sunday November 10

Monday – Purely Inspire workout #10 – a great upper body workout (workout only in PFL club)

Tuesday –  Moving ladder workout – intense overall body workout (workout only in PFL club)

Wednesday –  Jump rope cardio workout – a crazy cardio workout with some strength moves mixed it. (workout only in PFL club)

Thursday – Purely Inspire workout #9 – an interval leg workout (workout only in PFL club)

Friday – Rest Day

Saturday –  Sprints or PFL #28

Sunday – Yoga plus PFL #2 

Now for our weekly workout recap from the past week:

Monday – filmed a new Move-it-Monday 15 minute workout video that will be posted tomorrow. A workout we specifically designed to help us get back into a workout groove, and we hope it helps some of you.

Tuesday – filmed a Purely Inspire #9 workout video – 24 minute leg cardio workout

Wednesday – filmed another new Move-it-Monday. Get excited for this 20 minute full body workout!

Thursday – filmed a Purely Inspire #10 workout video – 18 minute upper body workout. This workout sure showed us we are a little weak in our upper body.  But felt great to work on our strength.

Friday – filmed a Purely Inspire workout video – 12 minute HIIT cardio. This was killed us, good thing only 12 minutes. We were struggle a bit in this workout. Maybe it was hard since it has been a month since we had a full week of workouts. Either way it felt great to get our butts kicked.

Saturday – Lori did a 5k race. Michelle did 30 minutes of YOGA!

Sunday – day off.

Remember Purely Fitters to take one workout at a time. And hope you guys enjoy the new plank challenge! Not a PFL club member  – join here.

Keep up with your check-ins:

Tweet us – @purelytwins #purelyfitlife

Instagram – @purelytwins #purelyfitlife

And comment below letting us know how the workouts are going!

**Remember: In our program you will have access to several different styles of workouts. Some will be short as others will be longer workouts! In addition we have a wide range of workouts on our youtube channel. If you cannot do a certain workout off the schedule, pick a workout you feel comfortable doing.  Choose routines that fit your schedule this week.


Be passionate and fit,

L and M

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Laura @ Mommy Run Fast November 3, 2013 - 8:44 am

Post marathon, I’m excited to join you for more of these workouts!


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