cocoa puff {cookie} dough blizzard (gluten-free dairy-free vegan grain-free)




  1. Make one recipe of cocoa puffs.
  2. Soak your cashews for about 2 hours. Rinse well.
  3. Place cashews into blender.
  4. Add in kombucha (or water or coconut milk) and frozen banana.
  5. Start small and slowly add in more until you reach your desired consistency you desire.
  6. Add in some sweetness like maple syurp or honey or stevia if you wish.
  7. And can add vanilla bean powder for depth of flavor or vanilla extract.
  8. Blend until creamy.
  9. If you want soft serve a little harder just place in freezer for 30 minutes. Stir. Let sit for another 30 minutes. Stir.
  10. Pour into bowl or cup and add in cocoa puffs.
  11. Top with more cocoa puffs and chocolate chips.