Purely Inspire Workouts for week 1

by purelytwins

Hey Purely Fitters,

In our program there are several different styles of workouts, ranging from short to longer workouts! In addition we have a wide range of workouts on our youtube channel. If you cannot do a certain workout, pick a workout you feel comfortable doing.  Choose routines that fit your schedule this week.

Try to record your times and if you use any equipment (like how much weight you used) for the workouts as it will help you track your progress. Also, write down how you felt during and after the workout.  These notes will help you remember each workout so when you repeat them you can see your improvements. This allows you to push yourself to beat your personal best. This goes for any fitness level!

discover innner strength

Purely Inspire Workout Schedule for the week of Monday Sept 30 to Sunday Oct 6.

Monday –  Moving Ladder Workout –  will need a dumbbells or kettlebell.

Tuesday –  Purely Inspire Workout #1 – we recommend using a  jump rope.

Wednesday –  Purely Inspire Workout #4 – you will need dumbbells.


Friday – Purely Fit Life #28 workout

Saturday – Cardio sprint interval

Sunday – Plank and yoga

Purely Fitters in the members area you will see more details about the workouts including bonuses.  Click on PFL workout image under the Purely Fit Members page to get all the workouts.

Suggested ideas:

B-fits (Beginners) – We do have separate workouts for you, but all of our workouts can be customized to meet your fitness level. Basic tips for beginners use bodyweight or light dumbbells as you build up strength. Omit the jumps in the workouts and modify any other exercises that you need to. The key is to move the body everyday.

A-fits (Advanced) – Keep up with us or beat us! Use heavier weights or do an extra round. Always push yourself to your max to achieve great results.

Busy people –  This is for our Purely Fitters that might be going through a busy period in their life where there is little to no room to workout. Each workout we will provide tips how to still do the workouts, but keeping them short!

Keep up the great work! Keep up with your check-ins:

Tweet us – @purelytwins #purelyfitlife

Instagram – @purelytwins #purelyfitlife

And comment below letting us know how the workouts are going!

See you in the members area.

Be passionate and fit,

L and M

PS. Not a PFL club member click here to join.

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