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From us:



english muffin as dessert

Enjoyed our protein english muffin as a dessert with some carob coconut oil frosting on top.

more liverwrust

Tried out liverwrust that we bought from US Wellness. First time having this and we liked it. Another great way for us to get more organ meats into our diet to continue to heal our gut and hopefully heal our skin (and hormonal) issues. From our reading and researching having organ meats helps with all that.

real talk real women interview

Check out this interview of us for Real Talk Real Women

It has been awhile since we have done an interview so this was a lot of fun!!  Miriam thank you so much!

purelyfit-program preview

Our new #purelyfitlife program is OPEN! Join today.

From around the blog world:

Intermittent fasting becoming popular

9 recipes that contain Vitamin D

5 yoga moves for core strength (LOVE)

How to sprout lentils

Stabilize hips and prevent injury

And a HUGE congrats to Jess and her new baby girl.

dont let yesterday take up too much of today

A little something to think about 🙂

Don’t let yesterday take up too much of today. Let go. Move on. Forgive yourself. Always love yourself! We all make mistakes or put things off, just start each day with a new focus and new goal!

Do not worry about tomorrow or think about what happened yesterday. Focus on being better today.

Twins Question: What new things sparked your interest this week? Ever have a fig before? Liverwurst?


L and M

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Lisa June 23, 2013 - 12:03 pm

Love the quote. I’m always a huge fan of motivational words.
I’ve never tried liverwurst before, I don’t know if I’d be able to get my mind into it haha. And I’m embarrassed to say I’ve never had a fig before. Yikes, I can never find them at my grocery store!

Kristi @ lifesprinkles June 23, 2013 - 12:50 pm

I love that quote! Congrats on the interview! 🙂

purelytwins June 23, 2013 - 1:24 pm

thanks girl!!

Felicia June 23, 2013 - 1:01 pm

I loveee the US wellness liverwurst. Best eaten cold on grain free bread with butter + mashed avocado , and a little runny egg action on top . so good!!

purelytwins June 23, 2013 - 1:23 pm

Felicia that sounds yummy!! we were surprised how much as liked it 🙂

Christa @ Edible Balance June 23, 2013 - 4:49 pm

Yay for fresh figs! I think I need to treat myself with some soon…

Not sure I can wrap my head around eating organ meat… still trying to get used to eating meat period! Interesting though.

purelytwins June 23, 2013 - 9:18 pm

yes you enjoy your meat first 🙂 later on you can try them out. we are still seeing how our bodies handle them, we hope they really help us!

Megan (The Lyons' Share) June 23, 2013 - 6:29 pm

I LOVE figs! They are so delicious. After reading your post last weekend I had to go buy some, and I finished them up last night with some ricotta cheese, cinnamon, and a peach sliced up – an amazing dessert! On another note, organ meats terrify me – I know they are SO good for you, but something about calling them organ meats just kind of creeps me out! Maybe I’ll give them a try sometime!

purelytwins June 23, 2013 - 9:17 pm

yay for figs 🙂
and ya at first they creeped us out too, but after all the reading we have done on them and how they can be so healing, we are at a point in our life to try them out. We shall see how we do 🙂

Brittany @ Delights and Delectables June 23, 2013 - 9:06 pm

I haven’t been able to find fresh figs here yet! Can’t wait!! I’m off to watch your interview. How exciting!!

purelytwins June 23, 2013 - 9:18 pm

thanks sweetie, yes fig season should really be coming soon and they should be everywhere soon 🙂

Taylor @ June 23, 2013 - 9:57 pm

I love figs. my parents have an amazing fig tree in their back yard and each summer I am in charge of climbing up to harvest them. I am also the only one that eats them like their grapes.
Never had liverwurst though, not so sure on that one but always open to try new things.

Sparked my interest? I have been thinking about trying the intermittent fasting just for a few weeks to see what all the hype is about.

purelytwins June 24, 2013 - 9:09 am

Taylor that is too funny, Michelle has been reading more about IF and cannot decided if she wants to try it. So we look forward in seeing what you do 😉

Miz June 24, 2013 - 8:28 am

oooh I need me some protein english muffins!!!

Lindsay @ The Lean Green Bean June 24, 2013 - 9:22 am

thanks for the link love friends!


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