feeling great

by purelytwins

Howdy friends!!!

We made it to Friday!  It has been a fantastic week for us (well besides the little breakout and itchy skin issues). This whole week and even now as we are sitting here finishing up this posts we are feeling great! And no coffee yet 😉

We are not sure why we are feeling so great, so full of energy and so focused but we are loving it! Embracing it!

As it has been awhile since we felt like this. Hard to explain what we mean exactly but let’s just say we don’t want this good feelings and energy to stop. Maybe it is from our gut/digestion slowly getting better (but we know we are not healed 100% as we still have some skin issues) or it is from us playing around with our eats to see what is working for our bodies.

The body sure is a puzzle. We all have to find the right pieces that fit together that complete the puzzle.

Sometimes it’s really easy to read and other times it can be a little frustrating!  We are treasuring this time of feeling fantastic.


loris wed yoga

balance yoga

Wednesday we did some yoga and our June #PFChallenge back routine. Both working on always be present and working on our balance!

lori yoga thurs

tara stiles

Yesterday we did more yoga — Tara Stiles to the rescue 🙂 We did a few different of her yoga videos off youtube. Love.

filmed more purelyfit routine

Later in the afternoon we filmed a new #purelyfitlife workout. Another killer 😉


purely eats logo-01

Some highlights from yesterday:

jax outside

Playing with Jax.

eggs green breakfast

m breakfast bowl

Breakfast was our glorious bowl full of sautéed greens, eggs, and banana with coconut oil.

pre workout snack

Before we filmed another #purelyfitlife workout we both got a little hungry so we enjoyed some plantain pancakes with coconut oil.

post workout spirulina smoothie

Post-workout smoothie: banana, spirulina, and perfect fit brown rice protein and l-glutamine.

mahi dinner with beets

mahi beets dinner

Fantastic dinner! Mahi mahi, beets, greens, mushrooms, coconut oil, black lava sea salt, and a new recipe coming soon (we will be posted later today). So good!!!

healthy bites all gone

Both enjoyed some healthy bites. Well the last bit of them 🙁  Need to get more.

cuteline3-01And for today’s #PFChallenge is to listen to music while eating dinner! Something we try to do often, as we love music. To be honest though we barely listen to much music anymore.

Now for more shout out love:

purely fit life love

Love all the #purelyfitlife love and plank love!!

shout outs blog

Tabata workout love!


Tweeter love xoxo


Thank you Andrea!! HUGS This means so much to us.


Marie thank you so much for the sweet words!!

Thank you so much – seriously we love you guys!! You guys inspire and motivate us each day! We will keep working hard and pushing you guys to reach your very best!!  And keeping things fun and real around here xoxo

Like we mentioned above we both have been having a lot of energy. Almost too much that we don’t know what to do with it, haha. Been getting good sleep, meals have been satisfying, workouts have been good, and our stress has been moderate. We have done a few different things with our diet, but nothing too major. So for now are still enjoying this feel good ride!  And feeling blessed everyday and grateful.

Twins question: Do you like listening to music? Do you listen to music while you eat?

Have any fun plans this weekend? Or today?

be back later with a yummy recipe


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Lisa June 21, 2013 - 11:45 am

That’s awesome you’re feeling so great! Definitely embrace those moments.
Can’t wait for your new recipe to come.
I’m the same – I hardly ever listen to music. I actually am not a hugeee music fan. I’ll like a song for like two days and then I’ve had enough haha, people always think I’m so weird for never working out with music, but I just don’t like to for some reason.
Plans this weekend is some drinks with friends, and getting my hair done. Good enough for me:)

purelytwins June 21, 2013 - 4:27 pm

we used to workout to music, but lately we don’t. haha
we need to get our hair done 😉
Have a great weekend beautiful!!

zosia June 21, 2013 - 12:15 pm

only if it’s slow music…otherwise, i gotta get up and dance and the food gets cold!

i’m truly happy for you girls – that you’re both feeling so great! i hope i can have the same results with my journey!

purelytwins June 21, 2013 - 4:29 pm

thanks girl, haha yes but dancing is good 🙂
and yes you will get some results!! you’re doing great – keep it up!!! HUGS

Ashley @ Freckles & Spice June 21, 2013 - 2:59 pm

Love listening to music! I listen to music when I cook, but haven’t when I eat yet.
What custom flavor bites did you have – I have to order and can’t decide.

I’m so happy you guys are feeling great. I’m getting there. The body is quite a fascinating and frustrating thing. And some days are better than others.

Have a great weekend 🙂

purelytwins June 21, 2013 - 4:27 pm

thanks girl!!! for the HB we had them be made with brown rice protein and sunbutter and flavor was lemon. So good!!

lindsay June 21, 2013 - 3:31 pm

i think it’s the healthy bites, ya , that’s it. haha. JK> But you two both look and sound great! Indeed

purelytwins June 21, 2013 - 4:26 pm

yes it is the heathy bites!!! 🙂

Cara's Healthy Cravings June 21, 2013 - 6:23 pm

Love everything about your blog…I read it everyday!
I love the strength and energy that you both exude to inspire us all each day. Keep it up 🙂

Meg @ A Dash of Meg June 22, 2013 - 12:49 am

I tried the healthy bites for the first time today 😀 instantly addicted!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 I love love love them!

I also had mahi mahi at dinner time 😉 ON a salad, too! No pancakes tho!? 🙁

purelytwins June 22, 2013 - 12:26 pm

maybe next time there will be pancakes 😉

D June 24, 2013 - 11:12 pm

You guys so so amaze me. Honestly…your work ethic, clear fitness, and your eats. I’m currently at rock bottom and am 32 years old and quite lost (digestive distress with constipation and stitches, low weight but binging every night…feel like I need a “clean through” from all the binging , but don’t want to lose weight and the constipation is not good.) I tried to email you but no response…I realize we are different…but it would mean SO so so much to me if you could email. Honestly Please do!!


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