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by purelytwins

Happy Monday friends.  And Happy Memorial Day!!

Taking today to remember ALL that have served our beautiful country! Remember all those that have died and served (and still are serving) our country. And saying a special thanks to those people who have done so much to preserve this nation!

Please stop sometime today and say a prayer for our servicemen!


Does that mean Summer is here? Everyone grilling, wearing sandals, and enjoying going to the beaches? Wish we were at the beach right now. Luckily today is a beautiful sunny day so we are planning to be outside when we can to enjoy it!

This weekend, even though a 3 day weekend, went by too fast. We were quite busy over the weekend.


sunday pfl

Sunday’s workout was #PurelyFitLife workout #4 our full body plank time challenge workout followed by doing some pull-ups and lower ab raises on the equalizer. Getting back into taking progress pictures so I can look back and see my progression. Remember small progress is progress 🙂  I also practiced my headstands for #whatsbeautiful campaign. I am feeling a little more confident in doing them!

sunday workout

I (Michelle) did 12 minute core cardio workout followed by sexy arm routine. Did some lower leg raises on the equalizer. I am also trying to work more on my flexibility! Taking one day at time.



purely eats logo-01

Lori Saturday highlights:

saturday eats

Breakfast was plantain pancakes with coffee. Pancakes topped with ghee. Perfection.  Also made Gary waffles and threw in some Muesli into the mix. Lunch was avocado, coconut oil, zucchini and salmon.

Also had another perfect fit banana smoothie after our mid-afternoon walk.  Dinner was a bowl of canned salmon with avocado, veggies and plantains, topped with coconut oil.

Sunday eats:

sunday eats

Breakfast was bacon, sautéed kale and a duck egg along with plantains.  Later lunch was a bowl of avocado, coconut oil, cod and white rice.

After my afternoon workout I made another smoothie: perfect fit protein, banana, ice cubes, l-glutamine and some spirulina.  Dinner was enjoyed in the car on the way out to the White Water Center. A mix of veggies, salmon and avocado. Upon arriving home that evening I made myself a single cookie. This time I mixed some carob and perfect fit protein with an egg and coconut oil. A soft cookie. Delicious. A great way to end the weekend.

Michelle’s recap:

Saturday eats:gluten-free grainfree pancakes

YUMMMY pancakes! I love my pancakes!

saturday eats

Enjoyed flour-less plantain pancakes with ghee and coffee to start my day.


Seriously love these pancakes. So easy to make and taste amazing!

Lunch was fish, squash, avocado, dulse flakes and coconut oil.  After my workout I enjoyed perfect banana smoothie. Dinner was rice, squash, avocado and canned salmon with coconut oil.

Sunday eats:


Enjoyed breakfast with Lori 🙂 Coffee, bacon, duck egg, kale -so good!  Enjoyed a great workout followed by another Perfecr Fit banana smoothie. Yes, Lori and I are trying to focus on eating more real food, but sometimes we don’t feel like chewing and a cool refreshing smoothies hits the spot on these hot days! We are lucky that our bodies do not mind brown rice protein every once in awhile.  Next, I enjoyed squash with avocado, salmon, coconut oil and sea salt. Dinner was more salmon with rice, avocado, coconut oil and TAHINI!!  Dessert was a carob single serving cookie.


purely outings-01

saturday events

Saturday happenings were dog training first thing in the morning.  Did a 3 mile walk.

Later we enjoyed the night out with friends.


Margaritas! But sadly these were not that good. Too sweet.


Not as good as our kombucha cocktails 🙂 Yep we brought along in our purses a kombucha with a little tequila.

We had a good time with friends in downtown for the Food Lion Speed Street Festival. We both got tired and went home by midnight. haha guess we are getting old

Sunday events:

sunday activities

Played with Jax in the morning. Later met up with Gary and the rest of our friends to hang out to play cornhole.

white water 2

Later that evening Jax, Gary and I went out to the White Water Center to listen to some music.

white water

It was a gorgeous night. It was so nice to be able to sit outside to enjoy it. We ended up leaving before the fireworks happened as we were not sure how Jax would have done.

workout twins

We will be back later with a FUN workout for you guysA little behind the scenes action. We do all the videos and editing ourselves. We are not the best at it yet, but hopefully over time we will get better at it!  🙂 

We hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday and Memorial Day!!

Anyone else do anything fun this weekend? What was your weekend highlight?

til next time,



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Jojo May 27, 2013 - 11:37 am

My highlight this weekend was buying a fancy road bike. My first ride on it was a 14-miler with my dad! I have to get used to the saddle, but I’m excited to get into a new sport!

purelytwins May 27, 2013 - 3:04 pm

congrats on the road bike!!!

Erica May 27, 2013 - 1:06 pm

Yall are gorgeous! Your hair looks amazing. And I totally want to buy plantains now. Doing it next weekend. Writing it on the grocery list :)Yayy for pancakes!

purelytwins May 27, 2013 - 3:05 pm

thanks girl!!

Taylor @ Liftingrevolution.com May 27, 2013 - 1:21 pm

Sounds like a great weekend! I love the K. with added tequila. Way to liven it up a bit! Happy Memorial Day, hope you girls get to relax a little and enjoy the sunshine.

purelytwins May 27, 2013 - 3:04 pm

oh yay 😉
Hope you have a great day too!

Anna @ Your Healthy Place May 27, 2013 - 1:56 pm

Your plantain pancakes look great, I’m so hungry for those! I also have to check out your different individual cookie recipes – you can never have too many of them ;).

purelytwins May 27, 2013 - 3:04 pm

never too much cookies haha HUGS

Katie @ Talk Less, Say More May 27, 2013 - 5:11 pm

I met a friend for hot yoga yesterday and it was amazing! Definitely the highlight of my weekend! 🙂

chris May 28, 2013 - 2:02 pm

Any grain and egg-free pancake recipe?????

Beth July 22, 2013 - 9:41 pm

what is kombucha cocktail to add to your pancake recipe? Also, what is mesquite? Thanks so much. What is your favorite plantain pancake recipe for yourself?


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