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Yesterday morning we did a  new #purelyfitlife interval workout. It will be up on our youtube channel this coming Move It Monday.


A perfect way to start the day!

How do you start your day?

Thank you Fitfluential for featuring our motivation monday quote!



Lori’s Tuesday recap:


Started my morning with some sauteed kale, parsnips fries and homemade beef liver meatballs. All topped with nutritional yeast and a little apple cider vinegar.


Lunch was more sautéEd kale, brussel sprouts and mahi mahi (cooked in coconut oil). Topped with black lava sea salt and more coconut oil. Seriously love this sea salt.

eggs with avocado

Dinner was a lovely plate of zucchini, 3 whole eggs (with one raw egg yolk), sauteed kale/spinach (cooked in ghee) and a full avocado.

Michelle’s recap:

beef liver meatballs with parsnips spinach

After my workout I took my morning supplements, made some coffee, and then enjoyed this plate of goodness! Parsnip fries with spinach and beef liver meatballs. A perfect balanced plate for me.

salmon brussel sprouts coconut oil

Next enjoyed a very SIMPLE meal – salmon with brussel sprouts and coconut oil.

banana tahini cacao nibs

Then snacked on one of my FAVORITE snacks – banana, tahini and cacao nibs.

LOVE this combo! And I love cacao nibs, I sneak spoonfuls of them all the time. Shh 😉

What is your favorite snack?

eggs avocado spinach mash

I was so excited for dinner! I enjoyed 3 whole eggs (includes 1 runny yolk) that I mashed with 6 oz of avocado (yep, I do not fear fats!!) and cooked spinach (I cooked in a little ghee) with a side of raw carrots. So good! I was so full from this meal.  Yay for healthy fats!

Both of us enjoyed getting back into our clean eating eats! We know there are a ton of different views on what is considered clean eating. For us, it’s having balanced meals (some protein, some carbs and fat), keep meals somewhat simple and lots of healthy fats. Along with having a good mental attitude about your food. We both felt great yesterday with our balanced meals and to us that is important (along with other health issues like healthy skin, good bowel movements, etc).

We are about to head out of town again for a few days for more birthday celebration. And we will do our best to eat as simple and balanced as we can but know there will be some ‘not so clean eats’ in there too. We are okay with that. As we know it is a part of life, to actually LIVE life. And when we arrive back home in a few days we feel very blessed to be able to pick back up into our usually ‘clean ‘eats’ around here.


Some #purelyfitlife and #purelytwins love from you guys 🙂

workout love-shout outs

Love love love all the #purelyfitlife check-ins!

twitter workout love

workouts purelytwins

You all have made this be one of the best birthday months ever!!

Having your support, advice, tips, and just to be there to let us be us here on purelytwins means more than we could ever say!

Did you see the Tone It Up girls have launched the 3rd Annual Bikini Series! Are you signed-up? We are!  We are ready to get beach body ready 🙂




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lindsay April 24, 2013 - 7:42 am

love the way you two are motivating us! keep it going!! and then feed us.

Brooke April 24, 2013 - 10:20 am

Banana + tahini + cacao nibs = LIFE!! And Katrina’s booty gave me all of the motivation I needed….for the rest of my life! haha. AND, your pound cake looked amazing. I am also going to try to buy some liver and make your meatballs. I am a bit scared but excited to try them at the same time. HUGS! Love you girls and hope you are feeling a bit better after a tough last week. xoxo


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