hand over the food and no one will get hurt

by purelytwins

Hey luvs!

Glad everyone is enjoying our raw vegan fudge! Remember to share your pictures if you make it!



Friday called for some ZWOW action.

Did Zuzana’s #zwow 57! WOWZA! Loved it. Great workout that was filled with a lot of our favorite exercises!!

Remember progress is progress no matter how small.

Keep going! Keep working hard! Everyday there is some form of progress.

ZWOW 57 working out with Zuzka LightLove doing body weight exercises! They can be just as powerful as any other fitness routine!  When you push yourself you can do anything.


Lori’s recap:


Another juice for me to start my day. I did half cucumber, half lemon, fresh ginger, parsley, few stalks of kale, head of romaine, and 4 carrots.


Little bit later it was coffee and eggs time. Enjoyed 2 eggs with wilted kale and coconut oil.


Next up was making Jax some more Honest Kitchen raw dog food.  Tried their LOVE flavor, which is based out of beef. Needless to say Jax LOVED it! He also loved their Zeal flavor.


I smell something wonderful up there. I hope it is for me. Hurry up lady!


C’mon — hurry it up! I want that FOOD!!  

I am trying my best to put on my I don’t care face!


Alright lady, hand over the food and no one gets hurt! 

OMG that smells sooo good, can’t wait to eat it. Hopefully I am not drooling in the picture. Oh who cares, I want my food.


Time to eat!

See told you he loved it!

Jax definitely approves the Honest Kitchen pet food. And I approve it as well.

I am thankful for being able to try out their products on Jax, as he eats pretty much a grain-free diet, so like that they offer grain-free pet food. I love being able to provide Jax with high quality food, as he is apart of the family 🙂

I really like the company, what it stands for, what it does, and the quality of their food. I am looking forward to incorporating it into Jax’s diet.  Their ice pups sound interesting. Anyone else try the Honest Kitchen products before?


Next I enjoyed a little surf and turf if you will.  Plate of arugula that was topped with shredded brussel sprouts, left over mahi mahi, and leftover grass-fed ground beef and a little coconut oil. Delicious!

I enjoyed my lunch outside since it was a beautiful day yesterday!  Anyone else enjoy lunch outside?

pulp crackers

Night before I made some veggie pulp crackers that were done, and I happily enjoyed some with lunch.


Mid-afternoon snack was another vegan protein english muffin recipe. Since some of you have asked about not using arrowroot starch in the recipe,  Michelle and I wanted to test it out. You know arrowroot starch is our favorite as we mention that in our cookbook. But know not everyone will have it on hand.

So another favorite vegan ingredient that we like to use in our egg-free (vegan) baking is psyllium husk. It is a great egg replacement and really helps holds things together!


I followed the coconut flour version of the recipe, so ended up doing 1 1/2 tablespoons psyllium husk not the arrowroot.   I toasted mine and topped with half avocado. Soooo good!

Other great recipes that use psyllium husk that we love are our baked thin mint mini cakes, our mini egg-free carob cakes, and our pumpkin protein hazelnut bars,


Dinner was grilled salmon, sautéed swiss chard, rutabaga, butter lettuce, olive oil,  zucchini, and some avocado. Simple and delicious. I love my grilled salmon.

Michelle’s Friday recap:

fresh beet juice

I snacked a few mint marshmallows while I gathered my juice ingredients. Then I enjoyed a big beet juice!

mint marshmallows travel snacks

Lots of marshmallows to enjoy!

kale coconut oil eggs

Followed by KALE coconut eggs scramble!

Love kale. You?

salmon sardine brussel sprout avocado sushi wrap

Lunch was a wonderful nori roll!

Salmon sardine avocado mashed with brussel sprouts rolled in a nori roll.

Love making homemade sushi with different fillings.  I know some of you have asked how Lori and I roll us up, well as you can see in the picture I am not perfect. The best way to get better at rolling nori is PRACTICE! There have been times when I have had to eat my nori wrap with a fork and knife 😉

vegan coconut oil english muffin

After talking with Lori and seeing how she had success with no starch vegan muffin, I wanted to try to make sure!

It still worked but found this version to be more denser…more doughy. As the starch really helps to lighten the english muffin. But still a great snack especially with coconut oil on top!

I did  not feel like cooking so my parents treated me to take out 🙂

salmon dinner

Salmon with tomato basil sauce with spinach from Carrabas.



Believe. And do it!

Anybody doing anything fun today? Anyone else have their pets get super excited about their food? 

What progress have you made in your life? Share…your time to brag 😉

How to do you track your progress? 

till next time,



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Ragnhild March 9, 2013 - 1:19 pm

Love that you put brussel sprouts in your nori rolls. Both brussels and nori is deliocious, but Ive never tried them together-
Ive had a wonderful day. First work at the gym, then out with a friend to eat raw food chocolate cake on my fave restaurant 🙂
Happy weekend girls!

purelytwins March 9, 2013 - 1:52 pm

oh yum – chocolate cake 🙂 enjoy!!

Krissy March 9, 2013 - 3:23 pm

Wow! that looks great!
You guys prob don’t count calories, but I’m curious. About how many calories do you guys eat a day? Also, do you workout everyday?

May March 9, 2013 - 3:31 pm

Yummy! The salmon looks delicious. I love your website, you have some really creative food ideas. I can even make my own marshmallows! Wow! Thanks for the post.

Kyra March 9, 2013 - 11:36 pm

What kind of canned salmon do u use? I see Atlantic, Pacific, sockeye, pink, red etc and idk what the diff is lol

What would u say are ur Fav meals and snacks on the gut healing plan?

Which foods might u trial next? Any thoughts about why u cut out squash?


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