finding your inner warrior

by purelytwins

Life will always be challenging.  It will throw us curve balls from time to time.

There will be times where you have to pray for strength and guidance to lead you down the right path. And to be that warrior you can be.

Being a warrior is about standing tall and strong no matter what!

We are both getting ready to start a new life journey, and we are working on our inner warriors.



Yesterday we did Jenn Fit  Minute workout !

We both loved the idea of working really hard for a minute then rest and repeating! One minute of push-ups is a long time 🙂 It was really nice not to count reps and just push yourself for 60 seconds.

You have to work hard if you want to see results!   Building that inner warrior strength! purely workout

Now with Lori being a certified NASM trainer, we hope to help others learn to love working out! As we love it! We seriously get so excited to workout.

We hope you stick with us and we will share how we have learned to love the glory of sweating, burning and pushing our bodies and getting results!  Because remember if you set your mind to it, you can DO IT!



Lori’s day:

After my workout it was time to take my morning supplements and fermented cod liver oil and eat some marshmallows as I get my juice ready.


I enjoyed a basic juice since that was all the ingredients I had on hand before I headed to the grocery store.

breakfast-eggsNext up was my egg meal. Pretty basic again with 3 eggs, lots of lettuce and runny yolks. So good.

Along with some coconut oil of course. And black coffee.


Jax having a really rough morning 😉

Which he says thanks for letting him showcase his day. He appreciates all the love!!  What can I say I love my dog 🙂 


Around lunch time I heated up about 1 cup of homemade bone broth while I got my lunch together.


Lunch was another yummy meal. Homemade liver meatballs with pile high greens, roasted broccoli and shredded brussel sprouts. And more coconut oil. Bring on the greens.


Late afternoon enjoyed some yummy snacks from peppermint tea, pulp veggie crackers and Perfect Fit protein powder with some coconut oil.

I just felt like a little bit of everything.


Dinner time I took my pre-dinner pills and made myself some nori wraps.  Nori wraps  were filled with canned salmon, sardines, half avocado and nutritional yeast. Served along with chopped  romaine and steamed rutabaga, all topped with more nutritional yeast and olive oil. So proud of my nori wrap. Slowly getting better at rolling them.


Dessert was stevia marshmallows. Also took magnesium pills and probiotic, and gelatin mix in water before bed.

It has been a few days since I have put magnesium oil on my body, I have been forgetting to do it at night. I hope to start again as I like the combo of both pills and oil.  Not really sure if one is better than the other but like using both.

Lori’s recap:

I had a GREAT bowel movement in the morning!!! Yes I was super excited about it, a little poopy dance if you will. hehe You know we are not afraid of poop talk. I drank about 10 cups of water (not including broth or juice). I remembered to take my HCL pills before my lunch and dinner. Felt great all day long, know that is from having a great poo in the morning. Still not really going more than once a day like some ‘health’ articles suggest, not sure if I ever will. But time will tell as I continue to learn and heal my body one day at a time.

Michelle’s recap from yesterday:

After my morning workout, I took my morning supplements and gelatin. I was out of marshmallows!! haha the horror


Breakfast was a carrot, romaine, cucumber, ginger juice! 16 oz baby 🙂  Later on enjoyed mixed greens with my eggs with a raw egg yolk and coconut oil.

So good! I love my breakfast like this.

nori wrap

Lunch was something else I just love!

Nori wraps!  I love all variations of making these, filling the nori wraps with whatever food I got on hand!


I was busy in the kitchen again, and made two batches of Protein Thin Mint Cookies – one following the original recipe and the second using Perfect Fit protein.
thin mint cookie snack

I enjoyed one! So good, I can see my addiction deep love-affair of these little guys again creeping up.

homemade marshmallows

More food making in the kitchen, I made lots of snacks, as I am traveling to Orlando to work with Raw Threads at Disney’s Princess Half Marathon, which Lori and I are running as well!

mint chip marhsnallow

I made one batch of sugar-free marshmallows, coffee cocoa marshmallows, and mint marshmallows (I threw in some cacao nibs!)

warrior raw threads

One bonus  of working for an athletic clothing company I get to see the designs before anyone else!!

And this new WARRIOR shirt is my fav!

I actually helped with the design and inspiration for this shirt!!! What do you think? Any other warriors out there?

making chocolate truffles

Also made chocolate truffles…requested by everyone!

eating truffle bits

Love this recipe!! Yes I scraped the bowl clean and enjoyed some more chocolate. Recipe for the truffles is in Purely Classic Recipes.

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I am not sure how my body really handles chocolate, but I think in moderation (haha I will try) I do okay with it.

tea protien snack

Later on enjoyed some peppermint tea with a chia protein mush with a little coconut oil.


Dinner was cooked kale, broccoli slaw and beef liver meatballs topped with coconut oil.

Michelle’s recap:

I had a great bowl movement in the morning. I got in 10 cups water. I enjoyed 1 cup bone broth with my lunch. I did take my supplements and magnesium before bed.  Overall had a great day – I had energy, focused on my work, and still learning and respecting my body as much as I can. It can be hard, especially when I stress and trying not to cave into old habits. But every day is a new day.

Sometimes in life we can tend to want the easy way out. Desire the easy path to take.

Even though we might be on the right path it just may be a little more challenging and confusing than we thought or hoped for. It doesn’t mean to stop, nope. It means to dig deep and find that warrior inside of you to break through!  Pray for strength to endure the challenges 🙂


Yes time and patience are things we struggle with in our stance to be the strong warriors we strive to be.  But just like we have said several times here on the blog — everything will work out! Keep your heads up and stay positive!!  We all have a warrior inside of us that just needs to be awaken!

Twins Question: Are you a warrior? What is your inner warrior telling you?  Do you struggle with time and patience? Do you ever seek the easy path?  What does being a warrior mean to you? 

Being a warrior means to us:

  • being confident 
  • being courageous even when feeling scared
  • not being afraid of being different and loving our differences
  • being strong physically and mentally
  • standing tall even when the world seems to be crashing at our feet
  • and most of all never giving up and having the strength to continue

til next time warriors,



Get our Purely Classic Cookbook here _  a cookbook filled with our all time favorite recipes that we have enjoyed over the years and as past bakery owners.

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Sarena (The Non-Dairy Queen) February 19, 2013 - 5:43 pm

I really struggle with patience! I’m working on it. I’m so happy for you two! Sounds like things are moving in the right direction!

purelytwins February 19, 2013 - 5:53 pm

thanks girl, we hope so. sometimes we have our doubts and fears, but trying our best to stay upbeat and focusing on the future. hugs

Kyra February 19, 2013 - 10:41 pm

Looks like the avo, nooch, and raw veggies are going well for u both, as is chia! That’s awesome 🙂 How much nooch do u use? Also, how long do u cook the bones? Some sources say 6 hours and some as long as 48. How much water and vinegar do u use too? Do u add any thing else.? I bought those big marrow bones…. Do I only use one?

purelytwins February 20, 2013 - 8:02 am

we don’t measure our nooch we just sprinkle it on so unsure of amount as sometimes we do more or less sprinkles 😉
we cooke our beef bones for our broth for 48 hours, and use 4 tbsp ACV and water will it fills the crock pot. And add in 1-2 tsp sea salt to broth while cooking. When put about a pound of bones in ours, so about two bones for us.

Erica February 20, 2013 - 6:56 am

Ok seriously, I need to buy some raw threads! The clothes are so cute!! I need some runny egg in my life. LOVE the “I work out because I love it!!!!!”

purelytwins February 20, 2013 - 8:03 am

🙂 thanks girl!!

Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table February 20, 2013 - 7:48 am

I really needed this today – my next competition was delayed so I’m trying very hard to learn patience right now.

Love that quote about working out because I LOVE my body. So very true. 🙂

purelytwins February 20, 2013 - 8:03 am

patience is hard 🙂 sorry about your delayed competition.

Yanet February 20, 2013 - 10:09 am

reading this makes me feel somehow better… struggling with patience now, I got injured last friday while running and havent run and/or workout much since then,I love working out and I am mad and sad at the same time, trying to be patiente and give my body time to heal..

Chris February 20, 2013 - 10:24 am

I love being a warrior who respects her body!

How were the thin mint cookies with Perfect Fit protein powder? Do you plan on adding hemp back?

Do you use toasted or untoasted nori sheets?

Thanks, warriors!!!

purelytwins February 20, 2013 - 10:55 am

Chris perfect fit seemed to work find, I do less oil since not as think as hemp. Yes we hope to try out hemp soon. Um I think the nori are untoasted but not sure.

Deanna@healthyleanfit February 20, 2013 - 4:13 pm

I love the thought of being a warrior! I think just calling myself a warrior helps me to THINK of myself that way too! There is so much to the power of thought!


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