coffee, perfect fit cake, and taking magnesium to improve digestion

by purelytwins



Lori: Yesterday did Fitnessita’s wintershape up workout #1.


Michelle: I did #wintershapeup as well. Gina always has great workout ideas!  We did not do the HIIT part as we are still trying to keep our workouts on the light side (though hope to start increasing our intensity soon).



Lori’s Tuesday recap:

After workout and getting Gary’s breakfast and lunch ready, and take care of Jax it was time for me to take my morning pills and gather my juice ingredients.


Juice made about 15-16oz. I did half cucumber, one whole beet and tops, 4 carrots, 2 swiss chard leaves, one fennel stalk and 1//4 fennel bulb. This juice turned out to be rather filling for me yesterday.


Next up was a favorite meal of mine lately, mainly from the flavor from the ghee. Saute mixed greens with 2 eggs and ghee. Mixed in some turmeric as well which is something I try to always to do at this meal. Since turmeric is great for inflammation.


I had some morning errands to do, so making a Starbucks stop was essential 😉  I got myself a nice black coffee to sip on. Love.  Also love coffee because usually 9 of 10 times it helps perk a nice bowl movement. And yesterday my coffee did just that!  One reason why Michelle and I still enjoy our coffee in the morning.


Lunch was a little over a cup of bone broth with coconut oil served with buffalo burger, little bit of leftover salmon from the night before, some steamed turnips and brussel sprouts all topped with more coconut oil. Also took a digestive enzyme before eating this meal.


Made some stevia based marshmallows!  And yes I used a bread pan to mold my marshmallows, hehe it works!


Late afternoon I enjoyed a perfect fit protein egg cake topped with coconut oil. I did 1 scoop perfect fit protein powder mixed with one egg and 1 tbsp chia seeds. Topped with coconut oil. *cooked in microwave

Great personal training study food. Also enjoyed 1 1/2 cups peppermint tea.

Before dinner I took all my usual pre-dinner pills and some gelatin mixed with water for extra gelatin.


Dinner was sautéed kale, steamed carrots with some canned salmon and sardines. Topped with dulse flakes and coconut oil. Just realized that serving this in a pink bowl was not the smartest idea, as it makes my dinner look not so appealing. But nevertheless it was delicious. Really love sardines!

Lori’s day recap:

Overall it was a decent day. I did have a nice bowel movement in the morning, thanks to my coffee.  I have been getting a little nausea feeling during the day, it kinda comes and goes (and no I am not pregnant). I have gotten it for a few days. Still trying to figure out why this is happening.  Besides that I have no major other issues.  My skin is just about blemish free, and my back is improving!   I got 8 cups water (not including juice or broth).

I did take a probiotic and put  magnesium oil before going to bed.

Michelle Tuesday eats:

tues eats

Started my day with morning supplements and sugar-free marshmallows.

Juice (with coconut oil) and eggs with cooked greens  (with ghee) for breakfast.

Lunch was fish and carrot parsnip fries topped with coconut oil and I had a cup of bone broth.

I made mom some coffee cocoa marshmallows (which she just loves) and then practiced the sugar-free marshmallows one more time!

Snack I made a protein egg cake (1 scoop perfect fit, 1 egg, 1 tbsp chia seeds) topped with coconut oil.

Dinner was cooked kale and cauliflower with pulled pork (from wholefoods). I did take my pre-dinner supplements and probiotic and magnesium before bed.

Michelle’s overall thoughts: Yesterday was an alright day for me. I started the day off feeling great but then around 8 pm and the rest of the day I was feeling off. Stomach a little upset, but I tried not to stress about it.  Just was aware and tried to focus on doing work, but did not go so well. I did get my water in for the day and had two small bowl movements. Not sure why the upset in stomach but just taking note of it and moving on.


Mom and I went shopping as I needed some more fish and meat. I do not normally buy much from Wholefoods because I always leave there broke. And this time it was no different. I spent way too much! Going to try to stretch my food out.  I also picked up two new supplements!

Lori and I have mentioned before we like variety in our supplements  so I am trying out this Digestive Enzyme from Garden of Life (a good brand) and keeping up with my magnesium intake too.

For anyone interested in reading more about magnesium and why I (and Lori) take it almost regularly check these post out:

7 ways to improve digestion

Are you low on magnesium

Ways to help Constipation

Magnesium and hormones

We have mentioned magnesium a lot here on our blog – we do use magnesium oil  and then take supplements too.  We are trying out magnesium glycinate as Chris mentioned it is good to take with acne and healing gut.   We both normally take different forms of magnesium as we read that the body needs variety (forgot where we read that), so we are still finding what one our bodies like as we know magnesium is so important for many things to help the body function! Plus we think we are deficient in magnesium and hoping by taking these different forms of it will help with overall health.

Twins Question: What supplements do you take? Do you take magnesium? Do you notice any benefits from taking certain supplements? Does having coffee help you have a bowel movement (c’mon don’t  be shy)?

till next time,





Also check out a grapefruit based juice that we enjoyed (before taking out grapefruit from our diet) over at our dear friend Janetha’s blog.

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Kyra February 6, 2013 - 11:07 am

Do u guys get a raw/sore throat from beet juice? I juiced a small beet in my juice today and my throat is raw. This has happened to me before. I tried looking up the answer and can’t find anything. Sad

Glad u r trying the chia again! Hope it goes well.

I used to rely on mag for bm’s too. I took a liquid one that also had calcium in it. My gut seemed to have gotten dependent on it tho and it was hard to wean off. I also built a tolerance to it and felt like I had to keep upping my dos . Ugh. Mag is Def good for u and most people are deficient. I need to find a better brand I think. Does the topical mag help with bm’s too?

One last question, how often do u do fish…. Everyday? I’m thinking about doing fish, but worry abt mercury. It sucks how we have polluted our waters so much 🙁

Oh, I use that GOL enzyme… Its pretty good!

purelytwins February 6, 2013 - 3:42 pm

Kyra funny you mention that, today after our juice we both got a little heat in our throat. It does not happen every time we have it. Weird.
Good point about becoming dependent, we plan to rotate our mag, well at least try.
Yes we eat fish every day, we have read about mercury and with like most things you do the best you can.

Kyra February 6, 2013 - 4:41 pm

The raw throat from beets could be from the betaine in it. Betaine is a form of hcl, so it is acidic and can be irritating. Also, beets can be high in oxalate too. Sigh. I guess I’ll stick to carrots for my sweetener in juices.

How much ghee do u use for ur meals?

I hear ya, Michelle, about whole foods. I’m going there now and dread the money I’m going to have to spend. I wish I lived near a farm… Or better yet, had my own farm lol

Oh, I know u gals have fructose malabsorption so u avoid fruits but I bet u won’t have an issues with dates. They are trained. he only fruit that is very tolerable bc they are pretty much completely made of glucose. Khadrawy dates tend to have the highest glucose level. But medjool should be fine too. I would be curious to see how u do… It would be great if ur body handled them. 🙂 I can forsee date-marshmallows in the near future 🙂 plus, they are very high in magnesium and also help tremendously with constipation issues. They burn very cleanly in the body too.

purelytwins February 6, 2013 - 9:17 pm

Kyra we wish we had a farm too! We tend to have 1 tbsp of ghee a day. We hope to experiment fruit soon, and dates would be something we would try out too. It has been be awhile since we had dates.

Stacey February 6, 2013 - 12:17 pm

I used to have major stomach pain, bloating like you girls do when eating a bunch of vegetables or ruffage with high fiber. Once I stopped taking my birth control pills I really started to feel better (took about 5 months for the pain to completely go away). I also take magnesium supplements per my gyno as she mentioned high levels of calcium will constipate you and magnesium is a great way to offset it. I also take a one-a-day, Vitamin B super complex (as lots Bs are missed in my diet I find) and a GNC probiotic.
I’m not a coffee drinker, so I can’t answer that question 🙂

alexe February 6, 2013 - 4:10 pm

Thank you for the links about magnesium. I’ve had my share of health problems in the last 18 months and a magnesium deficiency was probably the source of most of them. I saw so many doctor about my issues and none of them thought about getting me tested for that or even mentioned it. I eventually suffered a bone marrow oedema to my foot while running and I had to push my doctor to test my bone density (she didn’t want to do it because she said I was too young to have that kind of problems – btw, I live in Canada and so, since the government pays for my doctor appointment, she’s reluctant to prescribe tests). Turns out I have extremely low bone density for my age and fitness level so I’m now on calcium + vitamin D + magnesium supplements. I wish I had known about it before so I didn’t injured myself. It’s been a year and I’m still afraid to run more than 20 minutes.

Whoaaaa… Sorry for the long comment! I just wanted to share my story because I think a lot of person aren’t really concern about magnesium but it’s essential for so many things in the body like calcium absorption!

Thank you for sharing your journey with us! 🙂

purelytwins February 6, 2013 - 4:23 pm

Thanks Alexe xoxo
And crazy!!! So glad you finally got some help and figured it out! Thanks for sharing your story and yes magnesium is sooo important 🙂

Chris February 6, 2013 - 4:52 pm

Have you tried magnesium citrate?

Also, I used to have the same effect from coffee, but then I noticed I got low blood sugar from drinking it. Now I have mate with the sae help for bowels, but no low blood sugar. Plus it’s full of vitamins and minerals!

Cannot wait until Friday for the recipe!

For the PFP cake you made, if I try it with chia egg should I remove the chia required? How would I bake it?


purelytwins February 6, 2013 - 9:19 pm

Chris yep! we have tried that magnesium. You could leave the chia in there if you wanted. Not sure how long to bake – maybe at 350 for few minutes.

Kahu February 6, 2013 - 5:04 pm

Just a heads up on the beets…have you tried peeling them? The skins can be very irritating and cause that awful flavour. Also, crushed egg shells are incredible for building bone density (:

purelytwins February 6, 2013 - 9:19 pm

Kahu oh thanks, we will try peeled beets.

jessie February 6, 2013 - 5:09 pm

you ladies look amazing!!! glad we are on a similar journey to solve our digestion problems! ive been doing the 5 min plank workout the last couple of days and ive never been so sore!!!

purelytwins February 6, 2013 - 5:30 pm

wahoo Jessie!!! keep up the great work – yay planks!!

zosia February 6, 2013 - 6:11 pm

i noticed that as part of your eats quite often you include brussel sprouts (which is a high-fodmap food). did you guys keep it in because it didn’t affect you negatively?

purelytwins February 6, 2013 - 9:20 pm

Zosia we are not following everything off the fodmaps, as we seem fine with them.

katieDid February 6, 2013 - 6:44 pm

I take a multi vitamin and cod liver oil to cover my vit D requirements. Switching back to cod liver oil I believe has helped my (also random) spurt of bacne I’ve had over the past 6 months.

purelytwins February 6, 2013 - 9:21 pm

Katie thank you for sharing about cod liver oil. Lori is currently taking, and I have some fish oil to still use up.

Alejandra February 6, 2013 - 6:47 pm

I take the GOL digestive enzyme too, it’s pretty good. As for magnesium, I have only taken the Natural Vitality, Natural Calm Anti-Stress Drink Powder. You guys inspire me to get on the gut wagon and I thank you for that.
Question about Michelle’s bison patties. Are those from the frozen section or where the meats are?
And one last thing. It’s amazing to follow your journey everyday (and your bodies are amazing btw!).

purelytwins February 6, 2013 - 9:22 pm

Yes the bison was from the freezer section of wholefoods, I ran out of meat from us wellness so had to go to wholefoods to get more. Thank you for your sweet comment!

Christa February 6, 2013 - 6:55 pm

I take quite a few supplements, (as I work for a supplement company). I found that the Ayurvedic product, Triphala is an excellent internal cleanser and works terrifically for getting the bowel movements going. The one that I use is made by Planetary Herbals. I take two caps before each meal.

The other product that I wholeheartedly believe in, is bitters. It is the one staple food that is most absent from our diets. Bitters cleanse the liver and stimulate the digestive juices. You can consume bitter foods and bitter greens, or you can take a supplement for convenience. The brand that I find to be the highest quality is named, Urban Moonshine. The company has a few different variations of the bitters. The herbalist who formulated the products gave my company a training and informed us that you want to take the bitters before each meal and use it religiously for a month for every year that you have experienced any kind of digestive disturbances. He believed that bitters have the ability to not just temporarily remedy the issue, but completely heal your digestive tract.

There is also a really good book by Donna Gates, called, The Body Ecology Diet. She is a wealth of info and specializes in digestive health. She is a huge advocate of fermented foods, eating and drinking our probiotics. I just thought that I would pass it along.

purelytwins February 6, 2013 - 9:24 pm

Christa thank you for sharing about the bitters. We will have to check it out. And yes we know Donna and Body Ecology, been following her for years. We love fermented foods, hope to bring them back in our diet soon.

Meg February 7, 2013 - 8:02 am

I take magnesium as well. Also alternating. I use a product called “cleanse more” for acute constipation (when I’m desperate) and have recently been using Natural Calm on a daily basis. I really like the ritual of making a warm lemony cup before bed. I just got my Tone it up DVD’s yesterday and did the HIIT the beach and long and lean. They are great more relaxed workouts that my hormonal system needs to help balance itself out. Thanks for introducing me to them!

Erica February 7, 2013 - 10:40 am

Y’all are in such slammin shape! The juices sound great. I need to start trying some. And yes- starbucks=movement haha

purelytwins February 7, 2013 - 11:41 am

aww thanks Erica!! yay for good movements from Starbucks haha

Cammie February 7, 2013 - 10:40 am

Magnesium is amazing. I’ve been taking it for a couple of years. Supposedly its best to take it magnesium in a 2:1 ratio with calcium, although I rarely do this and I feel fine. Magnesium improved my moms headaches immensely, its a magnesium miracle;)

purelytwins February 7, 2013 - 11:42 am

awesome Cammie, great to hear that magnesium helped with the headaches. 🙂

Brooke February 7, 2013 - 2:13 pm

I drink coffee in the morning for the same reason ;). I always try to have it on an empty stomach since it seems to work best that way. I even travel with my french pres!
And I started taking Natural Calm a few years ago at the advice of a chiropractor. It helped a lot with my constipation for a while, then stopped working so I took a break. I’m just starting to take it again (although the problem isn’t as severe now as it was then). I like the raspberry lemonade flavor 🙂

purelytwins February 7, 2013 - 3:04 pm

Brooke ya I do not take Calm everyday for that reason.

Liesl February 7, 2013 - 4:18 pm

Coffee definitely gets the bowels active in the morning! At least for me. We call it the morning poop in our house.

Erin February 7, 2013 - 9:59 pm

Kind of a random question, but on the topic of gut issues and digestion- I’ve been drinking more coffee lately & I’ve had hemrrhoid flare ups, not because I’m constipated- the complete opposite. HAs anyone found that caffeine or coffee in general is an irritant that could cause hemmhroids. (that I know I’m spelling wrong!)

purelytwins February 7, 2013 - 10:25 pm

Erin not sure if coffee has a connection with that, but we will look into.

Gina February 8, 2013 - 1:53 pm

I do drink coffee for that! Lately I have been noticing that whenever I have a glass of wine at night, I can’t stomach coffee until I eat at least, but it still works. I love taking a D complex, probiotics and zinc. I too have tried everything for my skin and they have helped a lot. Love your blog!

purelytwins February 8, 2013 - 2:28 pm

awesome Gina! and thanks!!! 🙂

Kelly August 12, 2013 - 9:53 am

Hi! I was curious – what benefits does gelatin offer and what brand do you guys use? I’ve recently heard of people taking gelatin and was curious! Thanks!

purelytwins August 12, 2013 - 10:04 am

Kelly we get Great Lakes gelatin. There are a lot of benefits of gelatin – good protein source plus great for hair, nails, and skin. As well helps with joints!

Rosalinda April 8, 2014 - 6:22 pm

Hello, I have been learning so much from your blog. I have almost everything that you have mentioned as far as symptoms go. I was recently told that I have h. Pylori and am now working on eliminating it. From what I can tell, your digestion may not be optimal because of the coffee. Your bowels get used to only going with caffeine so that when you don’t have it you can’t go or you poop small balls lol. I’m in the process of trying and eliminating coffee but it is so hard. Sometimes when I can’t go I end up having a cup of coffee and then I go back to how I was before. I don’t know just thought I would mention it.

Rosalinda April 8, 2014 - 6:29 pm

Oh yeah sorry I forgot to mention that I take prescripe assist probiotic and holistic health digestive enzymes. Since I started taking these, I have began to notice a huge difference. I’m starting to have more bowel movements during the day, nothing big but it’s something. I mostly only poop in the morning with coffee but not anymore 🙂


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