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Happy Saturday everyone!

It is that time of the week to look back and be proud of what you have accomplished over the week.

We are proud we are sticking to our morning workouts!

Monday – 8 minute plank workout + 5 minuter Amanda Russel workout. A short and sweet workout!

Tuesday – 5 minute plank workout with 16 minute cardio routine (below)

We felt like doing cardio so we created this 16 minute cardio interval workout. Easy to do in your own home!  We enjoy doing workouts like this where it is a mix of cardio style moves with a little strength exercises as well.

Just realized prisoner get-ups is spelled wrong, sorry about that. Guess we were in a hurry 😉 We need to get better at proof reading our work. 

Wednesday – 8 minute plank workout + leg workout

We enjoyed a great thigh leg workout from our tone it up girls.  Getting strong lean (sexy) legs is a goal of ours, during high school when we played volleyball we both felt like we had those legs, so now we are trying to get back there! For some reason our legs take the longest to show improvement.  But we do enjoy working the legs!

Thursday –  we did Zuzana’s most recent ZWOW workout #39 plus 5 minute plank! Lori (pictured above) really liked the workout but Michelle did not really. Not really sure why but she had a hard time getting into the workout. It was another one that worked the legs! Plus love the spider move in it, reminds of our plank moves.

And still loving our post workout smoothies!

Moving onto to other highlights of the week:

We were featured on Fitfluential Friday!  We love inspiring people to take care of themselves and be active!

Healthy way to cook loved our Pumpkin Fudge for DIY halloween candy.

Did you hear about a new Raw Food Academy in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Michelle enjoyed her time becoming a certified chef. This school looks great too.

Another great sale over on Raw Threads – great bamboo athletic wear!

You see us wearing Raw Threads all the time, so comfy!  

And this past wednesday night was another Vizsla meet-up play time, this time there was just 7 dogs.  Jax is just about as big as the adult Vizslas! Crazy how fast he is growing. No puppy anymore.

Most mornings Jax is like this, still waking up but really wants to go back to sleep. Usually up for about 30 minutes then back to bed he goes.

Enjoyed a new snack, hint it contains tahini…recipe will be on blog this coming week.

Tried on my MizFit Skort (Michelle got one too), which we love, as we are both pirate girls! Plus $10 from purchase goes to the Mayan Families Charity!!! Get your pair here. Can’t wait to workout in it along with my Raw Threads pirate shirt!

And now onto one of our favorite things shout outs to our readers and friends! 

(her picture)

Victoria over at Sweet and Healthy Living made our pumpkin fudge 

Diane loved our squash protein chia cookies!!

Michelle and Mary planking it out!

Katie enjoyed some pumpkin butter!

Crystal and Caity enjoyed some thin mints, which we have been enjoying a lot again too!

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Doing anything fun? new?

And people along the coast watch out for Hurricane Sandy. Be safe!!

till next time

the purelytwins

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Kathleen @ KatsHealthCorner October 27, 2012 - 4:22 pm

What an awesome week! 🙂

Lisa October 28, 2012 - 8:45 am

I really need to finally make the thin mints! I’ve been doing a lot with mint lately. Isn’t it great when people make your recipes and enjoy them?!

purelytwins October 28, 2012 - 8:48 am

yes the best feeling 🙂


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