Brownie Cookie Dough Cake (vegan)

by purelytwins

The ultimate gluten-free vegan birthday cake brownie cookie dough cake!

Brownie Cookie Cake with Cookie Dough Frosting (gluten-free and vegan)

Need I say more?

I know many of you were waiting for this recipe, but as you can tell I had a lot of pictures to go through and gather my thoughts on how to organize them. I appreciate you all waiting, I promise it was worth it!

Bottom Layer – Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake

Top Layer – Fudgy Brownies

Frosting – Raw Cookie Dough Cashew Frosting

Gluten-free and vegan chocolate brownie cookie cake with raw cookie dough frosting!!

Now onto making the cake.

It might look difficult but promise it is really easy to make.

Making this cake was actually a lot of fun for me, and I hope it will be fun for you too! And plus, you can sample everything as you make it too. Well at least I did….that is the best part about making things in the kitchen –> sampling your work, right?

Probably the hardest thing about making this brownie cookie cake was flipping it out of the glass baking dish onto the cake stand! I used a large cutting board to flip cake out of baking dish. And then flipped it from the cutting board back to the cake stand very carefully!!!

And cross your fingers it does break!! 

I had success thanks to my sister Jen for helping me out.

Inspiration for this cake came from our gluten free chocolate cookie cookie cake recipe.


Brownie Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cake (vegan, gluten-free)

Gluten-free egg-free dairy-free layered brownie chocolate chip cookie cake with a raw cookie dough frosting. A perfect way to say Happy Birthday!

  • Prep Time: 10 minutes
  • Cook Time: 30 minutes
  • Total Time: 40 minutes
  • Yield: one layered 7x11 cake 1x


Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake Layer:

  • 1/4 cup coconut flour
  • 1/2 cup sweet potato flour (or almond flour)
  • 1/4 cup arrowroot
  • 3/4 cup buckwheat (grind up buckwheat groats into flour)
  • 1 tsp baking soda
  • 3 heaping tbsp flax meal + 6 tbsp water (together to make flax gel)
  • 1/4 cup coconut sugar
  • 3 tbsp maple syrup
  • 1/3 cup melted butter (use vegan substitute like Earth Balance)
  • 2/3 cup pumpkin puree
  • 1/2 cup chocolate chips

BROWNIE layer:

  • 1/4 cup coconut flour
  • 1/2 cup brown rice flour
  • 2 tbsp mesquite
  • 3 tbsp arrowroot
  • 3 tbsp amaranth
  • 1 cup cacao powder
  • 1/4 tsp baking soda
  • 1 1/4 cups coconut sugar
  • 1/2 cup + 2 tbsp coconut oil
  • 1/2 cup + 2 tbsp pumpkin puree
  • 2 tsp vanilla
  • 3/4 cup water


  1. Directions for cookie cake (bottom layer)
  2. Make flax gel, place the 3 heaping tablespoons of flax meal into a small bowl with 6 tbsp water. Let site till thick.
  3. Place dry ingredients into a bowl and mix together. Add in maple syrup, melted butter, pumpkin puree, and flax gel. Mix till all together. Stir in chocolate chips. Batter will be thick.
  4. Spread cookie cake batter into a 7 x 11 baking dish that has been lightly greased.
  5. Place in fridge.
  6. Next up brownies: Preheat oven to 325.
  7. Using the same bowl, place dry ingredients into bowl. Mix together.
  8. Next add in your wet ingredients – coconut oil, pumpkin, vanilla, and water. Batter will be light yet thick.
  9. Take cookie cake baking dish out of fridge. Spread brownie layer over cookie cake layer.
  10. Place in 325 degree oven and bake for about 30-35 minutes.
  11. Toothpick will come out with some brownie batter, as they are fudgy brownies. But not too gooey.
  12. Let cool while you make your raw cookies and frosting.


Substitutions for the chocolate chip cookie cake:
Can use almond flour for the sweet potato flour.
Can use any gluten free flour for the buckwheat flour.
Or can use 1 3/4 cup of any flour of you choice (gluten free or not)
Want to use eggs? Use 2 eggs instead of flax gel
If you do not have pumpkin puree, you can use applesauce or sweet potato puree.

Substitutions for the brownies:
Can use any gluten free flour blend for the 1 1/4 cups flour for the coconut, brown rice, mesquite, arrowroot, and amaranth.
If do not have pumpkin puree can use sweet potato puree. Applesauce would not really work here, too runny.

As the cake bakes, time to make raw cookie dough!

The key ingredient – coconut butter!

Make sure you take a spoonful or two…for fuel to keep going 😉

YUM! More sampling…love raw cookie dough! Anyone else?

I followed this chocolate chip truffle recipe just made a few changes:

1. used cashews instead of pumpkin seeds as I did not have any on hand

2. used Enjoy Life chocolate chips as I did not have any cacao nibs on hand (which reminds me I need to order some!)

3. and I put the chips in the batter instead of on the outside

Now for the cashew frosting! If you cannot have cashews, use this coconut frosting instead.

See how to make your own coconut butter to save money.


Raw vegan cashew frosting

A healthy alternative to sugar filled dairy loaded frostings. Raw vegan dairy-free low sugar cashew frosting made with stevia and coconut butter.

  • Prep Time: 5 minutes
  • Total Time: 5 minutes
  • Yield: makes about 1 cup frosting 1x


  • heaping cup soaked cashews
  • 23 tsp vanilla extract (use more or less depending on your preference)
  • 6 tbsp water
  • 2 tbsp coconut butter
  • a few drops of stevia to taste


  1. Rinse your cashews, then place in blender. Add in your vanilla, water, stevia, and butter. Blend till creamy.
  2. Scoop out into a bowl and add in your raw cookie dough, as much as you would like.

Again feel free to lick the blender clean. haha Lori and I do this a lot. 

This brownie cookie cake with cashew cookie dough frosting will be come your favorite cake to make for any celebration. My whole family enjoyed it!  It did not last long, guess I need to make it again.

And I cannot wait for you all to enjoy the cake too!

This cake was rich, dense, and moist. Your tastebuds will be infused with chocolate mixed with a little sweetness. The raw cashew cookie dough frosting just makes the whole cake complete. 

I enjoyed each layer all together, as some members of my family ate layer by layer.

How do you eat layered cakes? 

Now quickly go to your kitchen and make this cake!

And I will be over shortly to eat it 😉

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Heather @ For the Love of Kale October 17, 2012 - 9:43 am

Ummmmmmmm wow. SERIOUSLY?! Good LORD you keep outdoing yourselves, this looks INCREDIBLE!

purelytwins October 17, 2012 - 10:19 am

Thanks Heather, the cake sure was incredible! 🙂

raechel October 17, 2012 - 10:32 am

You two have outdone yourselves! This sounds truly decadent, (but without the unhealthy stuff that usually goes along with decadence). I cannot wait to make this! : )

Mariel October 17, 2012 - 10:42 am

sooo amazing! LOVE you guys! AHHH can’t wait to make 🙂

Wonder if a raw version of it would work?… hmmmm i could experiment with that maybe!

purelytwins October 17, 2012 - 10:44 am

Mariel oh yes you could alter the recipe to make raw 😉 great idea!

Kim@hungryhealthygirl October 17, 2012 - 11:02 am

I seriously cannot wait to make this!!! Maybe a special Halloween treat for the kiddos. I’m super anxious to try the cashew frosting, especially. It may be VERY dangerous…in a good way!

Brittany @ Delights and Delectables October 17, 2012 - 11:19 am

Oh my… I’m drooling. I will have to make this soon!

Melissa @TryingtoHeal October 17, 2012 - 12:16 pm

ah, looks great! i wish i had all the ingredients to try it!

Danielle @ Clean Food Creative Fitness October 17, 2012 - 12:19 pm

This looks so amazing!!!! I’m totally going to have to make this and I love that it’s gluten free and vegan so I can feel kinda healthy still while I’m eating cookie dough!

Kristina October 17, 2012 - 12:44 pm

this looks amazing – I love layered desserts. I love the added cookies in the frosting – brilliant!

purelytwins October 17, 2012 - 5:16 pm

Thank you Kristina! It needed more cookie dough 😉 haha

Lisa October 17, 2012 - 3:56 pm

Is this dessert even serious?! It looks SO tasty!!

Simone October 17, 2012 - 4:47 pm

OMG! I can’t wait to find an excuse to make this, it looks epic!

Heather @ Better With Veggies October 17, 2012 - 5:11 pm

WOW…I don’t even know what else to say. This really looks fantastic!

purelytwins October 17, 2012 - 5:17 pm

Thank you Heather and thank you for sharing on twitter!

Felicia October 17, 2012 - 6:46 pm

wow. this is seriously impressive. please send some my way!!

Liz October 17, 2012 - 6:54 pm

Have you girls ever made your own coconut manna/butter? I’m wondering how it compares to Nutiva’s coconut manna/butter and if I could just use my own. . . .

purelytwins October 17, 2012 - 7:34 pm

Liz we have once a long time ago, just too lazy 🙂

Danielle @ itsaharleyyylife October 17, 2012 - 8:11 pm

please tell me you have leftovers! I would love some! (:

purelytwins October 17, 2012 - 9:38 pm

haha nope, all in my belly 😉

Rachel @ Eat, Learn, Discover! October 17, 2012 - 8:41 pm

will you come to my house and make a cake for *my* birthday?! (kidding. but seriously – this cake is everything amazing. chocolate+cookie dough heaven!)

purelytwins October 17, 2012 - 9:38 pm

Wish we could Rachel!

Brad Gouthro Fitness October 17, 2012 - 9:56 pm

Woah…you need to put Betty Crocker out of business 😉

emma green October 18, 2012 - 12:47 am

I’m speechless……in a good way! This looks amazingly delicious 🙂

Heather @ Sweetly Raw October 18, 2012 - 5:29 pm

OMG Im drooling over here!!!! This looks insanely good.

Cara October 18, 2012 - 7:31 pm

The whole thing sounds delish but if I was feeling lazy, a bowl of just that frosting would hit the spot for me!

Brittany @ GOtheXtraMile October 18, 2012 - 7:40 pm

Oh my goodness. This looks to die for!

Chef Amber Shea October 19, 2012 - 5:17 pm

Girls! This looks INCREDIBLE! You crammed so many great flavors and textures in there.

Kathleen @ KatsHealthCorner October 23, 2012 - 12:32 am

This is SO cool!!!!! You twins are INCREDIBLE!!! 🙂

purelytwins October 23, 2012 - 9:58 am

Thank you Kathleen!

Chef Amber Shea October 29, 2012 - 1:38 pm

LADIES! I just took this cake out of the oven, and if the taste of the batters is any indication, Matt and I are going to demolish this thing.
Changes I made (just a few!):
– Almond flour in place of sweet potato flour, as you suggested
– Earth Balance Coconut Spread instead of butter
– Oat flour in place of amaranth flour
– I used 1/2 cup coconut oil + 3/4 cup pumpkin in the brownie layer
– I’m omitting the frosting; I think the cookie+brownie layer cake on its own will be fantastic enough!
I’ll tweet a photo of it as soon as I cut into it. Thanks again for the amazing recipe, girls! YUM!

purelytwins October 29, 2012 - 3:23 pm

thanks girl your the best! love you! enjoy the cake!

purelytwins October 29, 2012 - 3:26 pm

Amber all those changes sound amazing!!! So glad you made it, so honored! Yes we just love the little extra kick the frosting provides, but the cake in itself is yummy! xoxo

Kasey October 29, 2012 - 9:38 pm


Brooke December 15, 2012 - 2:53 pm

Do you gals think brown rice flour could replace the almond flour/sweet potato flour?

purelytwins December 15, 2012 - 4:00 pm

Brookie yes it will work, just the almond and sweet potato help provide moistness and sweetnss, so might have to up the sweetness level.

Brooke December 15, 2012 - 9:19 pm

They came out great! You guys are the best!

linda June 23, 2013 - 2:06 pm

o_o; i wanna lick the screen lol! love raw cookie dough, don’t care bout no salmonella, now i don’t have to worry xD!!

Sandy May 13, 2014 - 12:12 pm

Any way to make this grain free?
Thanks so much!!

purelytwins May 13, 2014 - 6:06 pm

Sandy you can try almond meal instead of the buckwheat, amaranth and brown rice flour. We also have other brownie and cookie recipes that are grain-free like our flourless brownie and grain-free cookies or 🙂

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