Your inner world creates your outer world. Let’s chat about this today. Okay. Fantastic.

Over 10 years ago we had NO real knowledge that our thoughts were part of our struggles and important for our healing journey.

Have you ever stopped to question how your thoughts are affecting your outer world? Your life?

If you are struggling right now with not understanding why your “outside” is not changing despite all that you are doing we hope this video serves you.

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Highlights of purelytwins life and shout outs to our Purely Twins community #ptsisters


Highlights From Our Week:

I am enough coffee mug

Love my I am Enough coffee mug! Brings a smile to my face with every sip.

Remember you are enough.  We had so much fun with the #opentoselflove 


Sisters having a little bonding time.

Lyla and Lori at park

It’s been raining here all week so when the sun came out we went to the park to enjoy some relaxation and sun.

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We can’t believe the last day is here. We are so proud of you. We know we pushed you, but we only want the best for you. And most importantly we want you to see yourself with more love and that you are enough. To our #ptsisters on our VIP list you’ll be getting an email with how to work us more closely with some special deals. If you haven’t already signed up but want to dive deeper into these type of topics and learn more about our signature coaching program sign up here.

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Day four of our #opentoselflove 5 day body image journey

Today is a big day as we are going to be asking you to go deep. It’s time to say goodbye to your inner mean girl, the one that tells you your not enough, you can’t do that, etc. It’s time to get the mental junk in your head that is not serving you and replace it with thoughts that do serve you.

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Day 3 of our #opentoselflove 5 day body image journey.

We all struggle with comparing. Today we are challenging you…are you up to it? We promise it will change your life.

A simple tip to Stop comparing to build stronger confidence in yourself

Instead of waking up and looking at phone go do your mirror work. Start your day with you and your thoughts and how you want to feel that day.
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Welcome to day 2 of our #opentoselflove 5 day body image journey!

Today we are stepping outside our comfort zone even more with doing mirror work with you in our bathing suits. Coming from girls who suffered from body dysmorphia for majority of our lives this is huge. We are sharing it and doing it with you because we know first hand how powerful and life changing mirror work can be. We wanted to share some things and our story to inspire you to give it a try.

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