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It’s HERE!!

It’s finally time for us to reveal our new free challenge for you. Well it’s more of a project.



What is it? A FREE 5 day morning project to start on day in high vibe feeling our best.

Why project? Because taking care of ourselves is an on-going process.


It’s time to RISE up in your body,

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We had a wonderful weekend that we wanted you to come along for it.

We got our order of our living inspired SHIRTS! They look even better in person, so excited. We have been working on a new challenge for you and tomorrow we will reveal it.  Met with a photographer to get updated pictures for our business and blog. Cannot wait for this.

Enjoy #ptsisters

Our weekend Vlog –
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Highlights of our life and shout outs to our Purely Twins community #ptsisters


Highlights From Our Week:

11 month old giving her mom a hug

Wish I could freeze this moment with little miss Lyla. One of my favorite moments of being a mom is when my little girls what to cuddle with me.

plantain waffles with peanut butter

Plantain waffles and peanut butter. A favorite combo in this house.

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Ready to mix things up and take a break from kale chips? If you love cabbage, brussel sprouts and a crunch this recipe is for you. A simple and quick side dish made in 15 minutes. Enjoy alongside your favorite protein of choice for a nice simple meal.  It’s gluten-free and vegan friendly. Perfect to enjoy anytime of the day for a fun and quick healthy veggie dinner idea.

Move over Kale chips. Healthy veggie dinner idea. Get excited friends of these cruciferous hummus crunch chips recipe. Seriously the best, so flavorful, light and crunchy. Made from just a few ingredients and bakes up quickly. Perfect recipe for a simple side dish or top with your favorite meat of choice for a nice simple meal.

Got a new recipe for you.

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We are answering some questions we received on Instagram about healing scars from acne and eczema.

Both of us battled with acne for years and we still have some scars remaining on our faces but we’ve reduced the appearance of them.

Michelle battled eczema and her skin healed nicely. And I (Lori) have stretch marks on my belly from being pregnant twice. So we know that scars are unsightly and sometimes even embarrassing.

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Highlights of our life and shout outs to our Purely Twins community #ptsisters


Highlights From Our Week:

Girls laughing

Quick everyone grab their feet.

These smiles…giggles…so much love and joy.

healthy peanut butter fudge made from 3 ingredients. Dairy and gluten free.

Easy healthy dairy-free peanut butter fudge…the best! A soul satisfying dessert that we enjoyed this past week.

Fit mom. Healed diastasis recti

Lori’s core is getting stronger and she is doing more advanced moves with me which she is excited about.

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