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Continuing on with our current personal spiritual growth journey…

Last week we talked about setting boundaries. Today it’s all about letting go.

Are you holding onto things both physical and emotional things?

It’s not easy to do. We know as we discuss in the video.

Why letting go of both physical and emotional things is one of the best things you can do


Share this video with your girlfriends that need to hear this message.

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Do you desire freedom?

We do too. Which is a reason we love being entrepreneurs we can work when we want and where we want, etc. But we had this FREEDOM all wrong.

Talking about something that we personally were not doing and are sharing this to keep ourselves accountable. We want you to come for the journey.

We always share when we learn new things or discovering new things as we want you to live a happy healthy fulfilled life too.

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Getting frustrated that you still aren’t reaching your dreams or having the success that you see others having. Here’s one thing that is stalling your results for success and how to fix it.

We hear the phrase Enjoy the Journey quite often, we even say it a lot. But there was a time when we questioned, “what does it really mean? How can we learn to enjoy the journey when we really desire THIS thing to happen or be healed,

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We are interrupting your day to motivate you to move your body. Reminding you why you can’t afford not to be working out!

Some motivational girl chat for you about why it’s more important than ever to workout, especially when you have a busy schedule. Here to motivate you to see why fitness should be a priority in your life so you can live your best life.

It’s so easy to make up excuses or push exercise off to the sides.

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Now that I am over one year postpartum after baby #2 when writing this post some of my Retrain Your Core clients had some questions for me to answer. Remember every women’s core will heal differently.  At the moment everything I mention here is what I am currently doing… it could change in a few months.  Or maybe not as I really like how my body is progressing.

For me, I didn’t do anything fast.

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