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I am super excited about today’s soul sister chat interview with my friend Bonnie Kelly. I recently meet her through a business mastermind we’re both in and loved her instantly. Her story is amazing and how she is changing the world. I am fired up to be able to help her on her mission.

From victim to victory Bonnie overcame a lifetime of abuse, drug addiction and feelings of worthlessness to reclaim her emotional health and transform her life forever. 

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Chocolate chip cookie or cake? Love both? How about both! This gluten-free grain-free chocolate chip cooke cake is soft, full flavor and easy on the tummy to digest. It’s so incredibly easy to make using our favorite ingredients plantains and coconut oil. No eggs or dairy needed for this cookie cake recipe that’s topped with a simple rich chocolate sauce.

The BEST chocolate chip cookie cake recipe with hot fudge sauce. This cookie cake recipe is super easy to make. A warm, rich chocolate explosion for any occasion. No gluten. No grains. No dairy. No eggs. Making this the perfect cake for everyone to enjoy anytime. Made from plantains, coconut oil and a little maple.

We LOVE chocolate chip cookie cake. We grew up getting the Great American cookie cakes for our birthdays.

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Highlights of purelytwins life and shout outs to our Purely Twins community #ptsisters

Highlights From Our Week:

Baby girl wearing bib at 4 months old.

Lyla all smiles and wearing her lovely bib.

Purely FIIT party starts. Workout party to stay consistent for new year.

#theFIITparty started!

Lyla's first christmas and loving her jumper.

Lyla’s loving her first Christmas and loving her jumper.

Christmas morning before the kids wake up. Presents under the tree.

Christmas morning before the kids wake up.

2 year old seeing her mini kitchen for the first time on Christmas morning.

Madison seeing her mini play kitchen for the first time on Christmas morning.

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As we get closer to the new year it is important to look back and reflect on everything we have achieved and learned. This is important because so many of us feel like we didn’t do enough, but this helps you see ALL that you did get done!

2016 has been a huge year for us, filled with many personal challenges, opportunities for growth and amazing and exciting moments that we will cherish forever!

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Now that we have shared our top blog posts of the year, we want to share all the free trainings we provided you.

We want to take a moment and CELEBRATE everything we did this past year. We created some incredible stuff.  We went outside our comfort zone this past year and tried new things in our business. All has paid off in so many ways!  We are so proud of ourselves and for the information we shared to help change your life.

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Highlighting our top posts for 2016 plus ones you enjoyed the most. Thank you for your support. Thank you for being part of our online family. We are so grateful for you being here reading our blog each day. For all of your comments, for your encouragement and even just for being here. It means a lot to us.

At the beginning of this year we shared 8 ways to change your life that really help set the tone for us this year.

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