Learn the way to eat, move and live with more joy and less overwhelm? Show me how!


We are super pumped to start this 5 day journey to loving your body with you.

OMG it’s here! Day one of our #opentoselflove

3 words you need to say everyday for self-love and to help improve body image.

Mantra: I am enough


We hope this video has helped and served you. If you found it helpful please help us spread our message and share it with your besties.

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Today’s soul sister chat we talk about confidence.

Confidence is something we struggled with for years, and through our journey we have learned a BIG missing piece to getting that confidence we so desperately desired. Self confidence is something you can get better at and there are several things that can help improve it. We dive deep into topics like this inside our Stop Obsessing Start Living program (which doors for enrollment will be opening soon,

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Highlights of purelytwins life and shout outs to our Purely Twins community #ptsisters


Highlights From Our Week:

Loving Ghirardelli dark chocolate pieces.

Loving Ghirardelli dark chocolate pieces.

5 month old baby girl getting her butt in the air getting ready to crawl.

Loving seeing Lyla getting ready for crawling with getting her butt in the air.

Making gluten-free grain-free HULK bread.

Loving our HULK bread.

Tahini love.

Loving meals covered in tahini.

Making gluten-free- grain-free plantain waffles for the whole family.

Loving how everyone in the house loves plantain waffles.

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We are super pumped to be sharing this with you. We have been working hard on it every night this week and excited to see it come to full creation.

February is all about love especially with the special day – Valentine’s day. Yes being surrounded by love is important, but the most important relationship is LOVE for YOURSELF.

We put this body image challenge together in response to chatting with our PT tribe.

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Are you looking for the best tahini?

We asked on Instagram stories if people would like a us to do a taste test of tahini brands and so many said yes. Well today is the day. We got a fun and tasty tahini taste-off video for you.

Tahini taste-off

Let’s begin shall we…

Share this tahini taste off with your tahini loving friends.

We talk about tahini all the time as it is one of our favorite foods.

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