3 mistakes we made in our first year of business

Life is about making mistakes, right?

The key is learn and grow from them, which we have…a lot. Each day we learn more. Each day we get better and better.

It’s so exciting.

We have learned a lot about running an online business and sharing some key things that we wished we knew (or did better) in our first year.

There are many mistakes you will make as an entrepreneur from marketing to decision-making to technology and the lists goes one.

Plugged In Online Business tips and blogging

3 mistakes we made in our first year of our online business

Hopefully our mistakes will help you avoid making the same ones and make your business a kick-a** business.

What mistakes have you made in your business?

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How to make our famous 3 ingredient plantain bread #paleo #glutenfree #purelytwins

Our famous 3 ingredient bread made 3 ways!

The best paleo grain-free bread recipe made from just 3 simple real food ingredients. Sharing our beloved plantain bread recipe  made 3 different ways! Also sharing an egg-free option too. We can’t believe we don’t have a video of us making our famous plantain bread! Gasp. It’s okay… we now do.  Phew. As you may already…

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I am capable of anything – bodyweight challenge

10 minute bodyweight challenge that will work the entire body. A perfect home workout with no equipment. Over the weekend guess I was feeling a bit crazy as today’s workout is a doozy. Purely training 97 was inspired purely training 47 our crazy skater workout and this 8 minute challenge. I love a good challenge, do you?…

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aunt and niece

Weekly sparks

Highlights of our week and shout outs to our purely twins community. Highlights from our week:  Auntie and niece time outside!! Looking up at the blue sky. Cutie pie. She brings so much joy into our lives. Beautiful flowers!!

Important tips on how to keep a food journal for gut and skin health.

How to keep a food journal. Learn from my mistakes.

Do you have a food journal? Does it help you keep track of your health? Today I am answering a readers question – the question comes from Sara. I was wondering if you could address how you keep a food/symptom journal. I’ve started and stopped journaling about my gut issues numerous times but always get…

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How to pick the domain name for your business. How to pick a hosting company for your website.

PluggedIN: Domain name and hosting issues

Today on PluggedIN we are discussing how to pick your domain name, where to get it, and all the hosting issues we have dealt with. Plus we give some bonus tips. Picking a domain name and finding hosting for your website We are sharing this to help you when you are ready to start your business…

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