Plantain shrimp mac-n-cheese dinner recipe

Gluten and grain free mac-n-cheese recipe to enjoy for a quick dinner using plantains and coconut milk.


Well it looks like Madison is down to one a nap a day!!!

It feels like our schedule is changing all the time over here. We are trying to find a routine. It’s a work in progress. Tonight actually is a big night for the parents…day care orientation for the new parents!! Then tomorrow  Madison gets to meet her teachers. Excuse us while we wipe the tears from our faces…she is growing up too fast.

Now we have to be very organized so we are productive with our time. We changed our periscope time to be in the afternoons when she is napping.  Are you on periscope yet?? If yes make sure you find us and join us everyday for fun live trainings – @purelytwins.

Do you find putting together dinners a challenge?

Do you struggle with creating quick and healthy meals? What to make? What do I feel like? What is easy and tasty? 

Today’s recipe will hopefully answer all your concerns around dinner time!

Gluten-free grain-free mac-n-cheese plantain recipe

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