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What a year 2017 was for us.

A year that was full of so many surprises and big changes. We learned a lot. Had loads of fun. Failed. Learned. Tried again. Created. Let go. Connected. Relaxed.

It was full of so many wonderful surprises, breakthroughs, friendships, and changes. A year we will never forget.

What 2017 year brought us. The good, bad and the ugly. A year full of surprises and HUGE changes.

Highlights of 2017. A year full of surprises and change.


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When you don’t feel your best, dealing with some form of sickness or skin issues like we did it can be really hard to stay positive and happy.  There are all types of sicknesses out there from physical to mental. Our history is dealing with gut dysbiosis, digestive issues like bloating and constipation, candida, acne, PCOS, imbalanced hormones, eczema, autoimmune, depression to some a few.  We get it.  It’s hard to see yourself healed when things just seem so bad and might have been bad for a while now. 

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Are you ready to reclaim your life?

Today we are thrilled to share today’s soul sister chat with you. It is the goddess herself, Mel Wells!! We’ve been following Mel for a long time and love her so much we knew we had to get her on our soul sister chat. She is full of knowledge and grace.

If you are new to her you’re going to love her as much as we do and here’s more about Mel.

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If you had diastasis recti and want to start doing planks, push-ups, etc but unsure where to start? Unsure of how to progress into more advanced frontal positions so you don’t hurt your core or make your ab separation worse? I am sharing my tips on how to start modifying certain frontal exercises in your workouts. Plus if you’re pregnant I share my thoughts on frontal positions.

The other day I filmed a video for my purely fit moms clients and know that so many moms have concerns about what exercises are safe to do postpartum,

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Are you ready to have a fun and healthy holiday season with less stress and guilt?

Then come join us for our new FREE 5-day Live workout fitness challenge to keep you fit and JOLLY through taking care of your soul and body this holiday season.

FREE 5-day fitness challenge to keep you fit and jolly during the holiday season .LIVE workouts for busy moms, female entrepreneurs, leaders and creatives. Home workout challenge for your body and soul. SHARE this with your girlfriends and let's have the best holiday season starting now.

FREE 5-day home workout challenge to keep you fit and JOLLY doing the holidays

We are super excited about this 5-day live workout challenge!

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Super stoked about today’s soul sister chat because we did something we’ve never done before….

This interview is done in Lori’s kitchen.

Yep, an in-person interview with lovely Paige from paigeschmidt.com. We meet her through Asia our amazing photographer. We had coffee with the two of them about a month ago and we immediately loved Paige. She is a coffee lover and is all about no rules and doing what feels good.

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