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We had a wonderful weekend where got new photos taken for our blog and coaching business. So much as changed for us personally and now in our business this year that we wanted new pictures that reflected this change.

We are so freakin excited about our new pictures and blown away with how well they turned out. Thank you so much Asia!

cute coffee shop pictures for lifestyle photoshoot

We have been up-leveling ourselves and business,

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In today’s soul sister chat we are chatting with a dear friend Gillian Young.

We became blog friends with Gillian many years ago as we had so much in common. A desire to be healthy, a love of food and a goal to be thin, which lead us all down some dark roads where despite all that we were doing with dieting and exercise we actually weren’t healthy or happy. We hope through our story and hearing Gillian’s story today will inspire you to stop fighting against your body but find a place of peace and happiness.

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An easy recipe to satisfy you chocolate chip cookie craving. Your getting a chocolate chip cookie and raw cookie dough filling all in one. Heaven.Chocolate chip cashew cookie sandwiches made from just a few ingredients and takes less than 20 minutes to make. This chocolate cookie sandwich recipe is gluten-free, dairy-free and egg-free. As well as low in sugar!

If you love cookie dough and chocolate chip cookies, you’re going to flip for today’s cookie dough sandwiches! They’re easy to make, fun to eat, and will be the best sandwich you’ll ever have. No gluten. No eggs. No dairy. Paleo friendly dessert.

You know we eat dessert every day.

It’s non negotiable.

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It’s HERE!!

It’s finally time for us to reveal our new free challenge for you. Well it’s more of a project.



What is it? A FREE 5 day morning project to start on day in high vibe feeling our best.

Why project? Because taking care of ourselves is an on-going process.


It’s time to RISE up in your body,

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