1) Where can I find more information about your Purely FIT life fitness and wellness program?

It’s an on-going online workout program that you can do at home or at a gym. You can join at any time. It is open to all fitness levels. Anyone can do our program.

2) When are the new weekly schedules released in the member area? workout videos?

We post the new workout schedule for the next week every Saturday. This allows you time to plan out your week ahead. If you need to move around some workouts to fit your schedule, you can do that. New online workout videos are posted every  Thursday or Friday.

3) When does my membership start?

Your membership starts the day you purchase. It’s automatically renewed. If you purchased a monthly membership it renews every month. If you purchased 3 months it renews every 3 months. If you purchased 6 months your membership renews every 6 months.

4) How do I cancel the automatic payments?

You cancel the recurring payment in paypal or under your profile in the member area you can click unsubscribe.

5.) What does mean when I cancel the recurring payment? Do I still have access to the club?

Yes you still have access until your end date, which is a month, 3 months, or 6 months from the date you bought it depending on what membership you got. It means you will not get charged again.

6) How do I log-in?

You can log into the members area here.

7) Is your member’s newsletter the same as the Purely Twins newsletter?

NO! They are two different newsletter.

8) How do I receive my welcome packet and lifestyle guide?

When you purchase your club membership, you will receive two emails from paypal. One confirming your purchase and the second one confirming your recurring payment information. Next you will receive in your inbox emails about your membership which include your packets for you to download. Contact us if you have not received your packets!

10) What do you guys do for your workouts?

We share our weekly workout schedule every Saturday.  Every week we film a few new videos for Purely Training.

11) What is the best way to contact you?

Best way to reach us is by email at purelytwins at gmail dot com

12) Why did you start a blog?

We struggle with acne, digestive issues, hormonal issues, among other health and fitness issues and we wanted to share our journey of healing with others.  We want to help others to reach their best health. To share what works and what does not work for us in hopes it helps someone else. Letting people know that they are not alone! Read more ABOUT US here.

We also have a HUGE passion for baking and cooking, and we wanted a place to share all our fun, crazy, and tasty recipes.

13) Why the name Purely Twins?

We came up with this name after blogging over at pure2raw for a few years and felt like it was time to make a name change. We feel purely twins really describes us better. As we are twins and everything you see on this blog is purely us :) You can read more here.

14) What is it like to be twins?

It is the best thing in the world. You always have someone to support you, challenge you, and love you no matter what! Check our video of what differences there are in us.

You can read more about us here.

15) What is your #plankworkout?

Here is our collection of our love of planks.

16) Do you hold plank for 5 minutes straight?

Yes watch us do it here.

17) What camera/lense do you use?

We have a Nikon camera.

We also use our iphones to take pictures on this site as well. Check out behind the scenes using our favorite technology.

18) What protein powders do you like?

We love Perfect fit, see our review here.

We love VEGA and SunWarrior, see our review here about what protein powders we love and here.

19) What type of dog did Lori get?

A vizsla. Follow her journey with training and living with a vizsla.

20) What do we eat? 

We have changed our eating habits over the years. But if you want to see what we eat on a daily basis click here.

Pretty much we eat real, whole foods. We try to keep things simple. And not trying to fit into any diet mold anymore. Just being purely us! We eat mostly gluten, grain,  and soy free. We watch our sugar intake and nuts/seeds intake.

21) Are you the twins, writers and owners of the blog pure2raw.com?

Yes, that was our very first blog, our baby. We are so proud of it and how much it had grown over the years. But we changed and felt like our blog needed to change too. That is why we started this blog purely twins.

22) Are you still going to keep the old blog pure2raw?

Yes, we plan on keeping it, but not updating it daily anymore. From now on we only blog here at purelytwins.

23) You have two youtube channels correct?

Yes! We have purelytwins where we share a workout every Monday and a Purely Talk every Thursday. And we vlog over on pure2rawtwins channel.

24) Where else can we find purelytwins?

You can find us tweeting. Sharing photos and videos on instagram. And getting inspired over on pinterest. Also, sharing blog updates and more on facebook.

25) Will you give me something if I refer a friend?

Yes! We offer an affiliate program with our No Flour Cracker and Flatbread cookbook for those who want to promote it. Sign-up here and share your special link with the world and you can earn 40% commission off each cookbook sold!