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favorite summer treats to cool you down

favorite summer treats to cool you down

Hello luvs, First we wanted to say Happy July 4th to all our fellow Americans And happy belated Canada day to all our Canadian friends!  We wish everyone a happy and safe holiday! And for our #purelypower #purelyfitlife peeps hope you all enjoy your day off! Now today’s recipe highlights aren’t necessarily red, white andContinue Reading

how we make creamy kombucha cocktail

how we make creamy kombucha cocktail

Hello luvs! You know that we love our kombucha. And we adore our kombucha  cocktails. We love seeing all of you enjoying them as wellContinue Reading

perfect creamy protein shake

perfect creamy protein shake

Good morning friends! How is everyone doing today? We hope you answered – great! Our day yesterday was just superb.  Maybe it was that it was hot and sunny. Or maybe because we are getting closer to going to Blend. Or maybe it was that we enjoyed the perfect creamy protein shake. Maybe it wasContinue Reading

post workout smoothie

hello friends thank you to everyone who commented and shared your thoughts on our diet update. some of you brought up good points about Lori and I trying to find a perfect diet…even for us individually. and to clarify – we did not mean for that to come across. we mainly just wanted to shareContinue Reading

ginger pumpkin kefir cocktail

ever wonder what fall would taste like in a cup? well here is you chance! we have seen so many fall inspired smoothies out there that we wanted to share a version we have been enjoying lately This recipe contains some of our favorite fall inspired ingredients: pumpkin ginger yacon syrup   yacon syrup isContinue Reading

raspberry banana smoothie

good morning luvs! so happy to see so many of you enjoying our sugar free applesauce mini cakes! and we loved hearing your responses to what do you prefer. it looks like majority of you all love pumpkin, cinnamon, lime and vanilla. though some did like apples and chocolate.  our favorites are pumpkin, cinnamon, lemon,Continue Reading

post workout smoothie recipe

hello friends, do you remember Michelle’s love of pirates post? you may have seen a smoothie that was pictured in that post. well today I am going to share that recipe because it was quite tasty and satisfying. Michelle and I enjoyed this smoothie after our workout earlier this week. in this smoothie we usedContinue Reading

cilantro apple post workout smoothie

Happy Monday everyone! We had a hard day yesterday, but good too. We spent the day with our best friend and her husband at the hospital. Remember we mentioned he got in a bad motorcycle accident. Well he has been in a coma going on 20 days now. He suffers from extreme head trauma,but heContinue Reading

fig smoothie

hello friends, here is a smoothie that we have been enjoying lately…mainly after we workout. Fig Smoothie Fig Spirulina Smoothie Check out our guest post over at Healthy Tasty Cheap to get the recipe! Promise it is one you don’t want to miss. For another great fig smoothie check out our video here! Enjoy! TwinsContinue Reading

Another red beauty smoothie

Happy Thursday Friends! Looks like I was not the only one who has experienced exploding packages. And not the only one that struggles with quieting the mind to meditate.  I did do my 30 second of meditation yesterday, go me. Did you meditate or do something for yourself yesterday? Tuesday – We revisited Poker FaceContinue Reading

brown rice chia

Yesterday morning our day started off with this delicious cocktail A fun chia seed drink Here is what we did. Brown rice protein chia seed cocktail: 1 cup coconut milk 1 cup water 6 tbsp chia seeds 2 scoops brown rice protein powder splash of vanilla few drops of liquid stevia Place all ingredients intoContinue Reading

Smoothie times

Love hearing everyone’s favorite chia combos, but more surprised to hear that so many have not tried chia seeds.  Good think we are doing a giveaway We will announce the winner tomorrow, so get your entries in! As we journey more into this candida cleanse, we do find ourselves looking at food and seeing how it makesContinue Reading

Basil Smoothie

Looks like most of us loved the second photo of our mung bean socca cereal! Photography is something I am still learning. As I mentioned briefly before, I am working on a building a photography website as my final project for class. I am pretty excited for it, have a lot of ideas for theContinue Reading