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fun and healthy breakfast to go

fun and healthy breakfast to go

Hello beauties!!  Happy Valentine’s day!! We wanted to say WE LOVE YOU ALL! You guys inspire us every day. You make us so happy when we hear from you… when you let us know how you’re loving this recipe or loving this workout.  Brings such BIG SMILES to our faces Our little blog and businessContinue Reading

kombucha soft serve ice cream + avocado protein plantain pudding

kombucha soft serve ice cream + avocado protein plantain pudding

Hello friends! So yesterday we played around in the kitchen some and created some #strangebutgood snacks. Not one but two new recipes for you today! We made kombucha soft serve ice cream plus avocado protein plantain pudding. Yes you heard us right… kombucha ice cream and avocado pudding with plantains! More on those yummy recipes below.Continue Reading

cookies-n-cream chia seed pudding

cookies-n-cream chia seed pudding

Lori and I have been slowly getting back into playing in the kitchen. We have so many recipes we want to share, just takes time to plan it out, take pictures, edit pictures, and write up the post. So we thank you all for still sticking around through all the craziness here from moving, remodeling,Continue Reading

Avocado Protein Pudding

As I mentioned yesterday, I have been craving avocado puddings. I had a busy day at the bakery, and for lunch I needed something that: was quick to make kept me full gave me energy So I combined two of my favorite things : avocado + vega protein powder   I added 5 drops ofContinue Reading

ginger pumpkin kefir cocktail

ever wonder what fall would taste like in a cup? well here is you chance! we have seen so many fall inspired smoothies out there that we wanted to share a version we have been enjoying lately This recipe contains some of our favorite fall inspired ingredients: pumpkin ginger yacon syrup   yacon syrup isContinue Reading

minty morning

good morning luvs! so excited for this weekend because after a beautiful Friday we are supposed to have amazing weekend weather too! loving fall right now, how about you? weather nice where you live yet? this morning started off right with one of our favorite chia seed pudding recipes…our mint chip. but this time weContinue Reading

chia seed + tahini

hello luvs, first off Michelle and I just want to say thank you thank you thank you for all the amazing comments from our issues with skin and stomach yesterday. it means the world to us to hear from so many of you and know that we are not alone with those issues. so manyContinue Reading

banana pumpkin chia seed pudding

hello friends, how was everyone’s weekend? how is the weather in your neck of the woods? starting to feel like fall here in NC and we are loving it. slowing starting to pull out some long sleeves and sweatshirts.  I am not sure what it is…I just love the change of seasons. I guess IContinue Reading

no stevia avocado pudding

One thing that was highly recommended on Diet Wise Elimination diet was no sugar and even sugar substitutes! So yesterday was the first day we had no stevia!!  gasp It has been a hard breakup for us because we love our stevia, but we have been enjoying fruit again when we need something sweet. WeContinue Reading

the celebration continues

First off, wow I am literally in complete awe from all the wonderful comments from my big engagement announcement! I am blown away by all the amazing comments and sweet wishes from our readers and new readers!!!! (one of our biggest traffic days to date, thank you so much!) There are no words to describeContinue Reading

Mint Chip Chia Pudding

There is no denying it. We love mint! We love chocolate! We love anything green! Enjoy your mint chip chia seed pudding.  A great pre-workout meal we have been enjoying. Love having mint first thing in the morning, so refreshing. Off to go workout! Speaking of working out, we have not really worked out inContinue Reading

Spice it up

I have never really enjoyed spicy foods. Or should I say, spicy foods do not really get along with me. Although I do like a good cayenne kick once in awhile. While Lori was making our breakfast, I yelled kindly told her to put some cayenne in the chia pudding. Sure got my metabolism going.Continue Reading


Good morning luvs! How are you doing? Is it sunny, rainy, or snowy in your area? Must say we sure miss our FL sunshine! As spring is here (although feels like winter again) and as summer is approaching when everyone is looking to get in good shape, even us!! Thank goodness for and HIITContinue Reading