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{pregnancy} week 36! less than 4 weeks to go!

I thought last week I was getting close to being a brand new mama, but now it’s less than a month away! Excitement, nervous, fear, happiness are just a few of the emotions I am feeling lately.

I have another doctor check-up this coming Thursday. I am feeling good. My energy is pretty good. I’ve been getting tired early in the evening and going to be early, which is weird for me as that is usually not me.

twins with alyson baby shower

Over the weekend my best friend had her baby shower. She is just a few weeks behind me!! She is having a baby girl too. I can’t wait for our little girls to grow up together ;)

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15 minute Labor Day bodyweight home workout purely training #77


Happy Labor day to all our fellow Americans. We wish you and your family a fun and safe holiday!

Todays’s purely training workout is short and sweet. We want YOU to get this workout done early in the morning (if possible), so you can have fun in the sun with family and friends this holiday.  Maybe try to do this workout outside to change up your home workout scenery to amp up your workout. When we created this workout last week we wanted a routine that targeted the FULL body to build muscle in short amount of time.  We took some classic moves and jazzed them up for a killer workout.

15 minute Labor day bodyweight home workout that the whole family can do together!

You can do the workout inside or outside! This full body workout will only take 15 minutes out of your day. No excuses. ;) Try this workout and let us know how it goes for you! We want to hear from you.

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Weekly sparks


Highlights from our week:

one twin pregnant

We cannot seem to focus on anything but the baby over here!

twins baby bumpWe love our job!

chicken with broccoli waldorf salad

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August favorites and making chocolate protein frosting

AUGUST favorites from the purelytwins

Happy Friday beautiful purely fit friends!!

The end of August is upon us so time to share our August favorites!

Our August Favorites

onnit chocolate hemp maca protein purelytwins favorites

Favorite food product(s):

Love love love Onnit’s chocolate maca hemp force protein powder and Earth Grown powder.  So good!!

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10 confessions of how we are not perfect. And how we are.

every sunrise gives us one day more to hope

10 confessions that make us not perfect. And the ways that we are.

1. Don’t make the bed.

Both of us never make our beds, besides after putting new sheets on.

my room is not dirty

2. We don’t always eat our veggies.

It happens. Not often. We have been known to go by through almost the whole day without eating one single one. One reason we don’t always show what we ate that much anymore, as we know people would judge us for not eating our veggies.

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Healthy dairy-free waldorf salad recipe

healthy paleo waldorf salad recipe with avocado and broccoli purelytwins

We had an interesting day yesterday. It didn’t feel like a Tuesday. We had another breath-taking day here in Charlotte. We are getting spoiled with this nice weather. Makes both of us eager for fall!! We had a lot to do yesterday, but managed to squeeze in some yoga, practiced two new recipes, edited videos, went for a walk, emails, and got our eyebrows threaded. Yep threading! Anyone try it?  We have done it once before but it has been awhile. Our poor eyebrows needed a tune up! We just love it. We like threading over waxing for the eyebrows. It’s safer and doesn’t hurt as much. And we feel last longer.

Not really sure if this was the best to bring up on recipe day, but oh well. Hopefully you are still sticking around for the recipe.

Easy waldorf salad made from healthy real ingredients like avocado and broccoli.

A fresh twist on an old classic.

Click here to watch video on youtube for those viewing this from your phone or ipad.

A festive mixture of avocado, mustard, broccoli, red grapes and walnuts!

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{pregnancy} week 35 + babymoon at the beach

35 weeks baby bump pregnancy purelytwins

Getting so close!!! Less than 5 weeks to go! Crazy.

I am doing well over here. No major complaints, just minor things ;)

I am now going to the doctors for weekly check ups. I had one last Friday and one again tomorrow for my Group B streptoccus (GBS) test. Fun times. Overall these visits are just the doctors checking in on my weight, blood pressure, urine test, belly growth, and baby’s heart beat. And of course asking how I am doing and if I am having any issues. The doctors office that I go to has a few locations here in Charlotte and they rotate doctors… meaning I see a different doctor every time I go in. Although some times I have seen the same doctor. The crazy thing is I don’t know what doctor will be at my delivery. Weird to think about.

Last week Gary and I took a few days off for a mini babymoon vacation. Our last vacation together alone before our family grows to three.

Why take a babymoon?

It’s a great time to bond with my husband. Great for health and relaxation as pregnancy can be an anxious and sometimes stressful time.  And really it’s just nice to take a time out. Time away from everything and just breathe.  A great way to take advantage of ‘us time’ before our life completely changes.  Anyone else go on a babymoon?

arriving at beach

Gary’s parents have a beach condo on Surfside beach in South Carolina. South Myrtle beach area.

We arrived at lunch time at the beach. Went to the store and relaxed for the rest of the day.

simple dinner at beach

Later that evening enjoyed a simple dinner out on the deck.

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20 minute arm blast workout purely training 76

20 minute arm core workout purely training 76 home workout purelytwins

We had a wonderful lazy yet productive weekend! Saturday we were busy getting work done for our clients and prepped for some recipe videos. Lori and Gary had a house warming party at a friends house. Boy was it hot on Saturday!  And we will admit we did not really get out of our PJs yesterday. We cannot remember the last time we did that. Can you? Do you like staying in your PJs all day?

We think we should declare Sundays all day PJ day!! What do you think?

Speaking of PJs you could do this workout in them.  One great thing about working out from home –> no one has to see what you wear ;)

A 20 minute home workout for strong beautiful lean arms.

Get ready to feel the burn in your upper body and core!

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Weekly sparks


Highlights from our week:

sunrise at the beach The world is a beautiful place. I love watching the sun rise!

jax on beach vizsla

A happy momma when I see my little boy Jax having a fun on the beach!

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Eczema update: what the doctor #1 said & products that are helping

eczema update

Me this past Wednesday, no editing.

I could not believe I talked for 30 minutes…sorry guys! But I had a lot to say and just wanted to get it out there. It felt good to talk about it all. So thanks for listening!

Products mentioned in video that have been helping with my eczema- dry itchy skin and red patches.

I have no affiliation. I bought them all with my own money.

healing eczema patch testing results and products for relief
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