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30 unexpected recipes using hemp

A few days ago we had a lady tweet us asking for some recipes that use hemp. We tweeted her our favorites, which then realized what a great idea –> have our hemp protein recipes all in one place.  We’ve actually had a few other people comment on older post about how they are looking for ways to use up their hemp protein.

Do you like hemp protein? Do you struggle with finding tasty ways to enjoy hemp protein? Did you know you can make yummy dessert recipe using hemp seeds?

We got you covered on all things hemp!

A collection of 30 amazing unique healthy recipes using hemp that you need to try.

30 recipes using hemp protein and hemp seeds that you haven't tried yet via @purelytwins

These recipes contain hemp protein powder as well as hemp seeds for those that are looking for more ideas!

We adore hemp. Our stomachs love hemp! It is full of protein, fiber and omegas!!

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You asked. We answered. Part one.

We are answering the first group of questions from our ask us anything.

You asked a lot of great questions.

Without further due let’s get started.

Part one of answering our purely fit family questions.

Enjoy the video.

Click here to watch on youtube.

Video recap: Here are the questions we answered in part one video


1 – What oil does Lori put on Jax’s food?  - starts at 1:03
2- How do we handle our nerves?  - starts at 1:32
3- Is Lori still cloth diapering?  - starts at 3:02
4- Michelle’s eczema and food triggers?  - starts at 3:45
5- How did we overcome our eating disorder?  - starts at 5:32
6- What is Michelle’s schedule? Does she live with Lori?  - starts at 8:35
7- Is Michelle dating?  - starts at 11:10
8- How much money do we make off blogging?  - starts at 12:50
9- What is Gary’s profession? – starts at 14:45
10- Does Gary eat what Lori eats? What is Madison going to eat when older? – starts at 15:05
11- How to make healthy meals for whole family? – starts at 17:04
12 – What is our favorite vacation spot?  - starts at 18:24
13- How much water do we drink in a day? – starts at 20:04

Thanks for watching!

Next week we will have another video answering more questions from you about acne, pcos, skin, diet and fitness (getting lean).

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Madison: 4 Months

Madison turning 4 months old update.


Seriously each month life gets better and better. Madison has changed so much since her 3 month update. Actually, I feel she changes on a daily basis. I look back at pictures off my iphone and see how much she has changed. I can’t believe she used to be so little once.


She is a healthy growing child and I feel so blessed to be her mother.

Hope you enjoy seeing Madison’s 4 month old update! Plus a little behind the scenes of our #selfiewithmadison

Click here to see video on youtube.

Madison had her 4 month doctor visit on Monday morning and the doctor said everything looks fantastic. That Madison is doing great. She now weighs 12 lbs 14oz. Growing little girl, but small like her mom and dad.

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how to make sugar-free biscotti

A healthy recipe for a gluten-free grain-free sugar-free biscotti.


Michelle is back in town. For those that didn’t know she was in south FL seeing a special doctor for her eczema. She is back and still getting treatment (although from another new Dr). She will be giving an update soon. I filmed Madison’s 4 month update this morning and it will be going up tomorrow. I can’t believe she is officially turning 4 months today. Crazy. Last night Michelle and I stayed up late once again because we were planning out a few new projects plus cleaning out our emails and organizing a huge stack of recipe ideas. We have so many ideas we can’t wait to share with you!

 A quick and easy low sugar homemade baked biscotti that is gluten-free and vegan.

Today we are making an easy biscotti recipe with ingredients suggestions to make your own biscotti. You can really have fun with customizing the flavor. We used a mix of almonds and sunflower seeds for our base.


Absolutely irresistible!!

You’ll grab for one biscotti, then another and another ;)


Come make sugar-free biscotti with us!

Click here to watch on youtube.

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what we have been eating lately

We can’t believe that our 21 day sugar detox has come to an end and that this is the last week of January in 2015?!? How has your January been? Ours has been busy :)

The 21 day sugar detox really helped us get our focus back! We feel great and enjoyed doing it.

We know that challenges like this aren’t for everybody and that’s okay. For us personally, we enjoy doing little challenges like this from time to time. The main focus with this challenge was not to have sugar (which we don’t over due anyway) – even things like stevia and plantains (which we love both). We took a break from both of them. It was a nice challenge.

We are believers in eating a balanced diet all year long (as best you can), but we also like to have fun in life. That’s why we create a lot of our recipes here on the blog. Recipes that you can enjoy just about everyday with less guilt. Life is too short to say no to everything. We like the 80/20 idea when it comes to food. We aren’t perfect at it, but we try. We love eating real wholesome foods on a daily basis with the occasional treat.

We did manage to remember to snap a few pictures of some of our eats over these past 21 days. Note these are just some highlights and not everything we ate.

Some meals we ate during our 21 sugar detox


We like starting our day with a fresh juice and a good bit of healthy fats. Sometimes we did crave something else like pancakes.


Or Hemp english muffins topped with a quick chocolate coconut oil frosting. Sometimes we like having chocolate for breakfast :)

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Weekly sparks


Highlights from our week: 

snuggle time

Enjoyed lots of snuggle time. Madison loves laying like this on me… funny girl.

jumpingMadison loves her jumper.

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The 62 amazing recipes for National Peanut Butter Day

We loved peanut butter growing. Did you? We think most kids believe it is a MUST HAVE food group, haha. Our niece sure loves it! Jax loves it too!!

Although at a pretty young age Michelle took it out as she felt it was peanuts that caused her itchy skin, so our new love became almond butter. Which then turned into tahini and coconut butter. What can we say we love our nut (and seed) butters! Interested in making them yourself to save money, see our how-to videos here.

Today we gathered the 62 amazing recipes to celebrate National Peanut Butter Day!


*We would like to note some recipes use almond butter but we are all smart people and realize that peanut butter can be used instead ;) Also some recipes use peanut butter flour.
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People we are loving lately to follow

Are you on Facebook? Twitter? Instagram? Pinterest?

What social media do you love the most? What social platform do you use the most?

Let us know in the comments!

Our favorites are pinterest and youtube! We love youtube so much we have two channels ;)

love social media to network, help and inspire others

Funny to see pics of Lori’s baby bump here it is so small.

We are always looking for ways to become inspired, to learn something, or just have a good laugh.

One way we do that is through social media! Oh where would the world be if social media didn’t exist?!?! We would be lost.

We love that you can connect with anyone from anywhere!! #socool Oh where would be without #hashtags. 

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Time to Ask Us Anything!

We thought it would be fun now for you to have the opportunity to…


ask purelytwins anything

We are open to anything and everything. Well not sure how crazy this will get ;)

Is there anything you’ve always wanted to ask or know?

Is there anything you want us to talk more about?

What do you struggle with? How can we help you?

Is there anything we have said or done that you wonder why?

What is your biggest struggle or frustration?

Leave a comment/question and we will answer as many as we can next week. 

Or you can email your questions and thoughts too ->  purelytwins at gmail dot com

If we have time we will answer them in a video too!! Make sure you check back next Thursday to see if we answered your question.

We are excited :)

Please leave a comment below or email us – purelytwins at gmail dot com.



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Low sugar chocolate dessert pizza recipe

A healthy recipe for a gluten-free low sugar dessert pizza.


Last week we got you hooked on pizza for breakfast now it’s time for pizza for dessert!!  Why not?! :) 

And you probably realize that our dessert pizza is not your average recipe. We kept the recipe clean.

Clean?  Ya guess clean in the sense it is homemade and made from mostly real ingredients, except of course chocolate chips. Those are for fun. 

We knew we wanted to create a fun pizza recipe that was sweet but not too sweet for you to enjoy. You deserve a little something sweet after a long day of work, right?

We went back and forth a few times on what exactly we wanted to do with our idea of a dessert pizza. We kept changing our minds on flavors…toppings…etc. Finally, we came to a conclusion – a chocolate dessert granola pizza with a rich velvety cream! Yes, we put granola on our pizza. Why? Because we wanted that little crunch and texture.

We are calling this a dessert pizza, but honestly you can enjoy it for breakfast. A great reason to have chocolate in the morning.

 A real food low sugar dessert pizza recipe. Made without gluten and grains.


Come enjoy pizza for dessert with us!

Click here to watch on youtube.

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