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We survived

We left the hospital yesterday afternoon. Both Gary and I were so excited to get home!!! It was hard leaving the wonderful nurses at the hospital as they were sooooo helpful. But I am feeling more and more confident on my own :)  Luckily, I have a great home support team!





Madison did great in the car. She slept the whole way home.

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16 minute cardio workout you can do anywhere Purely Training #81

Quick cardio bodyweight home workout. Pregnancy safe workout.


Hey beautiful purely fit friend!

We have a lot to celebrate over here!! Lori had her little girl over the weekend. And today they get to come home :)

Today’s workout was the last workout we filmed a week ago. Crazy to think that baby M is here and Lori is no longer pregnant. We hope you enjoy this cardio workout, it was fun for us to film it!

16 minute pure cardio bodyweight workout you can do anywhere

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Meet Madison

Madison Elizabeth Morris has arrived!


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september favorites!

Sharing our September favorites!


We can’t believe it is coming to an end of another month! And this is a BIG month!!! Arrival of baby M :)

See what products were our favorites for the month of September.

Click to watch on youtube.

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pumpkin protein egg-free english muffin with pumpkin coconut butter that serves 1

Single serving pumpkin protein egg-free english muffin topped with a simple 2 ingredient pumpkin coconut butter.


We are so happy to hear all the gingerbread and chocolate love. We seriously can’t wait to make those muffins again. But they will have to wait as we have a long list of new recipes we want to make to share with you. Yes… a very long list! We’ve already been busy in the kitchen making a mess. Something we love to do. And it’s been a great distraction for us all. Plus everyone loves eating the creations we make so really it’s a win-win for everyone.

We don’t have too much updates to share with you yet in terms of baby M arrival or Michelle’s eczema/skin update. We are all praying that Friday will be the big day. Michelle learns more about her patch skin testing and hoping for some more labor progress!! Thanks as always for sending us your love and support. It really means the world to us to hear from our purely twins family.

How to make a single serving pumpkin protein vegan english muffin  recipe.

Come into our kitchen with us again today to see how easy it is to make this single serving pumpkin english muffin.

Click to watch on youtube.

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Low sugar gingerbread chocolate swirl muffins (gluten, grain, egg, dairy free)

Gingerbread muffins with a chocolate swirl made without gluten, grains, eggs, and dairy, and made with very little sugar.


We had a very laid back day yesterday. We were busy filming 3 new recipes :) Make sure you are subscribed to our youtube channel or sign-up for our newsletter so you never miss a recipe! Our mom has been enjoying all the baking too. Keeping ourselves busy in the kitchen is helping pass the time as both of us play the waiting game.  Lori waiting for baby M. Michelle waiting for results of her patch testing.

When we were editing this recipe video our mom kept saying she wanted some of these muffins. We sadly had to tell her we already ate them all.

But good news they are super easy to make, so come join us in the kitchen.

Gluten-free vegan gingerbread chocolate swirl muffins.

Click here to watch on youtube.


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{pregnancy} week 39 + another day in life video

I am a few days into being 39 weeks pregnant and still feeling like my normal self.  Not really sure what normal really is any more I am so used to having a kicking baby in my belly, peeing all the time, etc.  Since I really enjoyed doing last weeks day in the life of being 38 weeks pregnant I decided to do another one. I hope you enjoy the video and pregnancy update.

39 weeks pregnant day in the life highlights.

Click here to watch on youtube.

I forgot to video everything that I did, I am still getting used to doing these day in the life videos so bare with me.

Or maybe it’s pregnancy brain that I tend to forget things around here.


baby bump at 39 weeks!

Other pregnancy week 39 updates:

Food cravings–>

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Quick arm and core bodyweight home workout purely training #80

Quick arm and core bodyweight home workout in just 15 minutes.


Hey beautiful purely fit friend!

We are jumping for joy over here.


Lori has entered her last week of pregnancy. Okay maybe we are being a bit optimistic about baby M coming on time, but hey we believe it so it will happen. The body believes what the mind believes, right? :)

So join along with us and channel your inner girl power in today’s workout.

15 minute arm and core bodyweight workout you can do anywhere

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weekly sparks


Highlights from our week:


Enjoying breakfast smoothies!


Making marshmallows (they are covered in arrowroot start – that helps with keeping them dry).


Having Jax’s help while we work.
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Soap giveaway and spending the day with us

We have a special giveaway for you today plus sharing our day with you in today’s vlog!

We had a fun day baking our egg-free plantain donuts (one of our favorites) although you will see in the video we tried something new with it. And the change worked! Yay! For some reason we both have been wanting donuts so these have been hitting the spot for us.

Click here to watch on youtube.

Highlights from the video:


New diffusors to try out!! We will report back on how we like them.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Cannot get enough of these egg-free plantain donuts! We have made them twice already ;)

Natural Soap giveaway details:

One lucky purely twins reader will get two bars of soap.


Homemade all natural soap made from just a few simple ingredients plus Doterra essential oils.  Which we are huge fans of their essential oils so we are happy to support someone else loving them too. Plus we love the chance to support other women owned businesses when we can! So thanks again Marie for doing this giveaway with us.


Esty shop- Rambling creations  - make sure to check out Marie’s products!!

Soap one lavender - Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Organic Olive Oil, Palm oil, DoTerra Lavender Essential Oil, Local Dried Lavender Buds

Soap two  antibacterial soap - coconut oil, sustainably harvested palm oil, organic olive oil, Shea Butter, On Guard dōTERRA blend

Enter below -Share a comment letting know:

1 – what is your favorite online store

2 – do you like shopping on etsy

3 – do you like supporting small businesses
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