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Weekly sparks


Highlights from our week:


Love her. Love watching her sleep. She makes the cutest little faces.


Staying hydrated with my favorite juice – Suja Juice!

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Real life eczema update #2: MRT food testing and contact dermatitis

Hey luvs!

It’s Michelle here and I have a long over due update on my skin. The reason for such a long delay in updating is well I do not have much to report as I have not improved, despite all the testing I have been doing the past two months that I discuss below.

I am a bit ashamed as I know some people may see me as a health wellness blogger, but really I am just a girl trying to find peace and balance with my body. Being a blogger sometimes I feel pressure to have the perfect health, to be a showcase for others, but the reality is that is not possible.

Somehow we all need to find a way to take that pressure off and realize there is a lot things causing illnesses. Some things are in our control and other things are not. There is no perfect health.


My last update back in August was about the first round of allergy testing I did for my eczema, the results, and products I was using to relieve the pain. Warning: the pictures in this post are not pleasant to look at — NO editing has been done to any of them. This is just me…what I look like.

Where I am at now with my eczema after getting MRT Leap food sensitivity done and biopsy on my legs

Click here to watch on youtube.

As you can see in the video I am doing my best to keep hope.


Holding Madison gives me hope on my darkest days.

I feel so guilty as this past month has been a blessing to Lori, but for me it has been the worst days. I have tears running my face as I write this. Actually this whole year has been a blessing for Lori with her pregnancy, and for me my skin has been at its worse.

For those new to my story:

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5 ingredient pumpkin cookies (grain,gluten,dairy,egg,soy free)

How to make the easiest pumpkin cookies without any grains, gluten, dairy, eggs, or soy!


Well, our days continue to be one big blur over here. Madison seems to sleep her best from 7am to 9am, so that is usually when I sleep too. With me sleeping in until 9am my mornings don’t really start until 9:30am after I finish nursing her. It feels so weird to be sleeping in when I love my mornings. I am a morning girl. Not sure yet if Madison will be or not.

Like we mentioned yesterday we can’t seem to stop making cookies over here.

One can never have too many cookies recipes right?  Especially if they contain pumpkin and minimal ingredients.

And who doesn’t love a good ‘healthy” cookie to enjoy. I admit I have 3-4 cookies a day over here from my grain-free lactation cookies to our 4 ingredient PB cookies and now this one!

Here is our current favorite go-to quick and simple pumpkin cookie recipe.

Healthy 5 ingredient paleo friendly grain-free gluten-free egg-free soy-free and dairy-free pumpkin cookies made in 10 minutes.

Come and bake cookies with us!

Click here to watch video on youtube.

If you liked and enjoyed this video, it would mean so much to us if you shared it! Thank you!


Do we have you wanting to make these pumpkin cookies right now?

If so, go now and make them. We will wait ;)

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the best 4 ingredient 10 minute cookie recipe (grain-free, egg-free)

The best 4 ingredient grain-free egg-free cookie recipe that takes only 10 minutes to make.


Anyone watch the voice? We love that show and are really loving this season with Gwen and Pharrell. There are a lot of talented singers, one thing we are not good at ;) We wish we could sing. More Madison has to listen to our not so in tune voices as we sing her to sleep. Other news things are good over here. Thanks for all the sweet comments and tips to help Lori and Madison. We cannot get over she will be turning 3 weeks this Saturday. Crazy.

And Madison likes her cookies too haha. We know she is going to love baking in the kitchen with us once she gets older. We cannot wait!

Grain-free egg-free gluten-free 4 ingredient low sugar peanut butter cookie recipe.

The past few weeks we have been craving cookies and Michelle is still not eating eggs, so we had to come up with a cookie recipe that hit the spot without using eggs. In addition we needed a QUICK recipe as we don’t have much spare time anymore waiting for things to bake. We looked at some of the ingredients we had on had and thought why not? Let’s see if this works.

10 minutes later we had the most amazing cookies! We were blown away. We each enjoyed one and hit one another in shock as we couldn’t believe the recipe worked! We quickly ran and gave a cookie to Gary and our mom to see what they thought…they absolutely loved them.  Ever since our mom was here we have made a version of these cookies everyday from using different nut and seed butters. Yep we have a few more flavor ideas coming!

Come and join us in the kitchen and make some cookies!

Click here to watch video off youtube.

If you liked and enjoyed this video, it would mean so much to us if you shared it! Thank you!


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2 weeks post partum, grain-free lactation cookies, & girls weekend video

2 week post partum update and recipe for grain-free egg-free healthy lactation cookies.


My days seem to be rolling together. I never really know what day it is. I am a walking zombie it feels like.

These first 2 weeks of post partum flew by. For the most part I am surviving. I am doing well. Madison is doing well.


Jax joins me for most nursings but not the nighttime ones, he likes his sleep.

We had a fun girls weekend as Gary was out of town. We captured some of the moments from the weekend plus I share my recipe for grain-free egg-free lactation cookies that I eat every night during my nighttime nursings.

2 week post partum update

click to watch on youtube

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13 minute ODD bodyweight purely training workout #83

13 minute ODD bodyweight full body routine. A short and sweet workout for busy lifestyles.


Hey beautiful purely fit friend!

We had a great girls weekend. We captured some of the highlights and will be sharing it tomorrow.  Madison had a great night on Saturday. She finally slept, which means we got to sleep! I have been helping Lori out with taking care of Madison at night if she gets fussy, so Lori can go back to sleep. We are both grateful for getting some sleep.  We know the nights will get better but they can be tough. And it’s amazing how fast the days go by and the nights seem so long. I do my best to get as much work done during the day and Lori helps when she can.  And when designing this purely training workout we knew it needed to be short, like most of our workouts are.

As Lori continues to rest and recover it is me again leading you through another home workout. Last week I got your abs on fire, today your full body will be on fire. We are referring this purely training as our odd workout. Odd because it’s purely training 83 (odd number) so we decided to make this workout odd based with being 13 minutes long and used ODD interval times. We hope you enjoy it!

Full body bodyweight home workout that only takes 13 minutes to complete !

We’ve put together effective bodyweight cardio and strength workout moves to get the most out of this short workout.

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Weekly sparks


Highlights from our week:


Seeing this sleepy face everyday!


Madison joining us for coffee talk and prepping our work plan for the day.


Baking up some grain-free lactation cookies. I will be sharing the recipe on Tuesday.
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9 FAQ about plantains

Hey luvs,

Thank you for all the sweet comments about Lori’s natural birth and my letter to Madison.  I had planned today to give an eczema update, but I have not had time to edit the video. I will get it up sometime next week.

It is girls weekend over here ;) Lori’s husband is  out of town, so I am spending the weekend with Lori and Madison!


Today we thought we would answer some questions about plantains. We still receive numerous questions about why we eat, what are plantains, etc. plus some new questions that we are addressing today.

So here we go!

baked plantain

Plantains FAQ

1. Where can I find plantains??

Plantains can be found at your local mainstream grocery store located in the fresh produce section near the red bananas, yuca, aloe vera section.  And if you don’t see any plantains try asking the store manager about getting some into your store. It’s always worth a shot asking ;)  You could also seek our ethic grocery stores like Latin or Spanish to see if they carry them.

Good news: you can buy plantains online here! We plan to try it out. We will report how it goes once we try it.

plantains breads

2.  If purchased in bulk can you safely freeze plantains??

Yes!!! You can freeze them raw or cooked. Even our plantain bread freezes.
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I am an aunt again

I am a proud aunt. I am a proud twin sister.

Seeing my twin sister’s body change during pregnancy and then being there for the birth of her first child are moments I will never forget.


My letter to Madison:

I am your aunt, your mom’s twin sister. You may not understand what a twin is, just know your mom and me are close. REAL close. We have a bond, a friendship that is hard to explain. I will do anything for her and I will do anything for you.

I was there when you were born. Your mom was so strong when she delivered you. You would be proud of her.

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Madison’s birth story

Continuing her birth story…

Sorry to leave you all hanging with what happened but it was just so much information so I thought breaking it up into two post would be better. I am sharing a video of highlights from Madison’s birth and chat about the experience with Michelle.

Let’s get to it.

My natural birth story

You saw the few days leading up to my labor. Now back to the rest of the story…

Saturday afternoon.

By 1pm on Saturday things changed very quickly for me.


Jax trying to comfort me :)


By 1pm on Saturday my contractions were very intense and getting harder to talk through. They were also forming more of a pattern and coming every 4 for minutes. My contractions went from 10 minutes apart (in the morning) to about 7 minutes apart (around noon) to 4 minutes apart. And around 1:30pm they were coming 3 minutes apart!!

I couldn’t get over how hard and intense the pain was. The hardest thing I ever experienced in my life. 

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