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why you shouldn’t feel bad about modifying exercises

why you shouldn't feel bad about modifying exercises

We did not have time to film a new purely talk video. We just got our camera back from being fixed!! Tomorrow we will have a vlog up including how we are doing and our eats. 

We get comments and emails about modifying certain moves or workouts to meet certain fitness levels.

This is a great topic. We thought we would share our answer here as we know several of you might be thinking the same thing when doing any of our workouts. In our online club we provide different level variations so each purely fit sister can adjust accordingly for each workout. In addition each Purely Training workout we provide modifications.

Why do we do this?

It is very important for you to feel successful when you workout! Be proud of yourself for doing the workout…that you did something great for your body! This will ignite you to keep going.

This is what we want for you –> to keep you going, to keep you working out everyday. Seeing success in each workout. We want you to build INNER strength, which over time will allow you to feel more confident when doing advanced moves.

We don’t always do the full versions of a move.

It happens.

We have to modify. Especially with Lori being pregnant! She modifies a lot of the moves and that’s okay.

pushups inverted

Why you shouldn’t feel bad about modifying exercises.

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raw andes mint cheesecake (low-sugar, gluten and grain free)

raw avocado andes cheesecake made with coconut butter and stevia

Sorry for the late post this morning. We met up with some friends and went for a walk. It was a lot of fun to have some girl talk about babies and pregnancy. Jax came too! Our friend Michelle has a 3 month old little boy. He did so good on the walk. It put him to sleep :) We remember our niece always feel asleep in her stroller. 

Thanks everyone for the sweet words on my week 28 pregnancy update. You know how to make a girl smile and feel so loved. Thank you.

Well, yesterday seriously flew by in a hurry. We were busy all day long and that trend is going to continue over these next few days. We aren’t complaining as we like to be busy. And it feels good to be home getting work and house projects started.

Hopefully, those projects will be completed soon :)  Michelle and I were running around to grocery stores to farmers markets to getting the house ready for construction. Yep… construction.  Baby M’s bathroom (and guest bathroom) is getting tiled plus we are getting rid of a wall in the downstairs. Along with getting new floors. Little stressed over here I must say. Trying to get work related items back up and running while taking care of Jax in the midst of construction. Fun times. I know it will be all worth in the end! I am excited to see the final outcomes to show you.

Today’s recipe we were able to enjoy before leaving town. Our purely fit sisters saw us enjoying this delicious cheesecake for a few days. Let’s just say like most desserts in this house… it did not last long.

And the great thing about this dessert — it is super simple to make. We have a video showing you just how easy!

Raw vegan dairy-free andes mint cheesecake.

andes cheesecake made with doterra peppermint essential oi;

Or as you already know we like to call them our cream cakes!

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{pregnancy} week 28 + entering 3rd trimester

Well no more relaxing by the pool or lagoon at Duck Key. Nope. But I must say I really enjoyed myself during those few days while on vacation and experiencing baby M’s first baby shower. It’s always amazing how quickly vacations go by.  You plan and look forward to it for so long, and then it’s gone. Now back to reality. Back to work :)

I can’t wait to start unpacking all the suitcases with the baby shower goodies to put in the nursery.

being pregnanct 28 weeks loving body

I proudly wore my bikini and rocked that baby bump :)

Hitting 28 weeks means I have entered my 3rd trimester!! Crazy to think I have just about 3 months left to go before baby M is here with us.

I must say I am soooo excited for that day. Also excited to continue to get things ready at the house for the baby and plan out the next baby shower in August. And anxious to see the changes in our house as we are having some work done this week! I will show pictures once it is all done!!

lori at week 28 pregnancy


Current food cravings?  
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Give’em 5 Purely Training workout #69

5reps 5 exercises 15 min amrap purely training home workout

Hey Purely Fit Friends!

Our vacation is over! So time to get back into the normal swing around here. We had a wonderful time down in the FL Keys soaking in lots of vitamin D! Both of us did well in terms of skin and digestion, which is wonderful for us! Traveling normally puts a strain on our bodies, so being able to enjoy ourselves was a relief.  We were also proud for staying a little active. Most mornings we did quick 10 minute bodyweight workout. And there was lots of swimming. Or actually getting soaked as our niece likes to JUMP to us in the pool.

Baby M enjoyed her first trip to the keys!!

Today’s purely training is a fun fasting moving workout.  And I (Michelle) want to apologize as I was having a really bad eczema outbreak the day we filmed this video. It was hard for me to focus, but I have been trying some new things since being on vacation. I will give an update on my skin soon!!

Now give us 5 :)

15 minute amrap bodyweight workout

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weekly sparks


Highlights from our week:

making cupcakes with joy

Loved having our niece help decorate the cupcakes with pixie dust for baby shower.


Love these baseball sandals for Baby M.


puzzle with joy

Play time with our niece…going to miss little moments like this with her.

loriat shower

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life through photos – love your body

Family vacation continued

morning workout

7am morning workout done.

michelle doing planks for abs

Did some plank work. Our favorite go-to exercise.

lori pregnant working out

Plus did some jump squats to burn out those legs! Another fav of ours.

fresh watermelon bowlLove watermelon.

hawks kay lagoon

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life through photos – duck key

HAPPY 4th of July friends!!

Our trip down to Duck Key started on Tuesday morning.

We grabbed some goodies to snack on in the car.
parsnip bread

Made a random recipe — parsnip bread. Yep parsnip bread. We blended eggs, coconut flour, coconut oil and parsnips together to create a fun random bread.

A fun twist on our plantain bread.

kale chips

We each ate a whole container of raw kale chips. So good.

It’s a salad-to-go right? 

welcome to duck key

Little 4 hours later we arrived at our destination.


bars blondies

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4 ingredient protein fruit dough balls (raw, vegan, paleo)

fruit dough protein balls purelytwins

We are down enjoying a relaxing family vacation in the Florida keys for a few days. We forgot how there are mosquitos everywhere here. Not fun. But we are loving the time away from our typical day work schedule. Seriously, we haven’t done much of anything. Guess that is what vacation is for, right?

We are keeping it simple over here just like today’s fun new recipe.

Sometimes you just need a quick and healthy snack that can be made in just a few seconds. Today’s recipe does just that and it’s made from just 4 ingredients.

4 ingredient protein berry dough balls (gluten-free, dairy-free)

We were playing around in the kitchen one day and came up with this quick healthy recipe. We hope you like it.

4 ingredient fruit protein dough balls purelytwins

And the best part about this recipe is that you can easily customize it for your food preference.

We made these red and blue balls in honor of fourth of July! It’s hard to believe it is already here?!?! Where did this year go?

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Baby M’s fairy baby shower

Thanks everyone for the sweet words! And Michelle and I are so happy you are enjoying our plank stability ball workout. You guys inspire us everyday.

Well, baby M’s baby shower was a success. Thanks to my amazing sisters and mom. And my niece :)  And thanks to all my guests that came to the baby shower. I had a great time. Baby M too.

baby bump at week 27 for baby shower

My very first baby shower – an experience I will never forget.

lori and joy 2

lori and joy3

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{pregnancy} week 27 + tracking baby kicks?

I am at 27 weeks which means I am getting closer to coming into my 3rd trimester. Crazy!!!  The final stretch before baby M is here :)  Just about 12 weeks left!!

I am currently home in south Florida with my family. I helped celebrate my niece’s 4th birthday on Saturday and had my first baby shower on Sunday with close friends at my parents house.  I had planned this baby shower for a few weeks now as this is probably my only time coming home before the little one arrives. The timing just worked out great to do it now. We combined the shower with a family trip so Gary was able to come.


I will be sharing a whole separate post on the baby shower as I am still editing all the photos. I will have them up soon!!!


My belly definitely has popped.

Each day I feel I look bigger and bigger.

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