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weekly sparks


Highlights from our week:

lori walking

Enjoyed as many walks as we could outside in between the rain storms.

walk outside

Love watching storms rollin’ in, do you?

We remember growing up and watching storms come in over the gulf. Something about the sky and the water changing…pretty cool. 

twins workout

This week we didn’t film any videos. We filmed them all last week to get ahead as we knew this past week was going to be crazy. And it was! In a good way as mom is in town and Lori’s house remodeling is just about done!!

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July Favorites

july favorites purelytwins

Hello friends,

It’s hard to believe that we are here again sharing our end of the month favorites. Crazy.

We had a great day yesterday with our mom.  We did some shopping for baby M and the Lori’s house. And the new flooring in Lori and Gary’s house should be done today! So exciting! And yesterday was Gary’s birthday. We celebrated with going out to dinner at a local pizza place here that had some live music. It was a perfect evening of music, food, and drinks ;) The pizza was amazing as they offered gluten free pizza crust and goat cheese. We were in heaven. We had one too many slices.

July Favorites

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10 things to help overcome constipation (#1 was the biggest help for us)

10 things to help overcome constipation purelytwins

We admit we are obsessed with talking with digestion and poop as you will see that we talked about constipation and bowel movements for 30 minutes.

Guess we had a lot to share ;)

If you don’t struggle with constipation or you really don’t care please skip over this post and come back tomorrow for our July favorites!!

 10 tips for getting over constipation for good!

Our quick story with constipation:

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2 ingredient wannabe dairy-free ice cream

dairy free 2 ingredient wannabe ice cream purelytwins

Yesterday morning started off rough. It was rainy and just blah. But luckily it turned into a lovely hot sunny day. We made it a casual Tuesday in Purely Twins headquarters with messy hair and comfy clothes. One great thing about working from home is that you don’t always have to ‘get dressed’.  One bad thing about working from home is that you never ‘get dressed’.

Once the sun finally decided to come out we took advantage and took our daily walk. It was HOT! We were both sweating within 15 minutes of our walk. Inside our purely fit club we discussed the benefits of walking for health and weight loss. We are big fans of walking when you can.  Anyone else fans of walking? We love it!

And speaking of being HOT – ice cream always sounds refreshing.

Today we are sharing our wannabe dairy-free ice cream recipe.

peach dairy free ice cream

2 ingredient wannabe raw dairy-free all natural peach ice cream.

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{pregnancy} week 30 + organizing nursery + labor thoughts

I am 30 weeks pregnant!!! That means friends that I have less than 10 weeks left to go. I am about 6 1/2 months pregnant. CRAZY!!

I am starting to get those feelings of I just want to clean and organize the house all the time. It’s hard at the moment as we are still going through house remodeling. They are doing the downstairs floors this week. It should be all done this Friday!!! I am super excited to have it all done so I can get my house back to normal and ready for baby M. Also, I am excited about our mom coming to visit us for a few days. We have some shopping and other things planned. Yay! Love when the parents come to visit.

lori jax in nursery 30 weeks pregnant maternity pics

Special moments over the weekend were Michelle taking some maternity pictures. I had a great time. I love that I will be able to look back at the photos to remember my first pregnancy.

We tried to get Jax in a few of them. He wasn’t being very cooperative.

black and white maternity photo

When I get more of the photos edited I will share them.

The weather was not the greatest this past weekend, so we couldn’t do that many photos.  We hope to try again another weekend.

I am definitely feeling pregnant now. My belly is getting big!

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Arms on FIRE Purely Training Workout #71

arms on fire workout purely training #71 upper body workout

Hey Purely Fit Friends!

Thank you to everyone who entered, shared, and commented on our serenity essential oil giveaway!!! We are so excited to give Laura this bottle of heaven. More details for winner at bottom of post.

Speaking of heaven, baby M had a special weekend. I took pictures of Lori and her cute baby bump! We posted one picture on instagram and facebook if you want to check it out. Pretty right?  I am so excited for little M to get here…well everyone is over here! Now with a baby on the way we need lots of upper body strength. Are we right moms?

You get tired after holding them for awhile… their little bodies are very deceiving.

A tough upper body home workout that will leave your arms on fire. 

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Weekly sparks


Highlights from our week:

waffle peach bulletproof breakfast

Enjoyed delicious waffles topped with fresh local peaches with our bulletproof coffee.


Enjoyed a few walks outside. Baby M loves her walks.

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Serenity essential oil giveaway for anxiety and stress

serenity essential oil love giveaway

We have a fun video for you plus a special giveaway! We are so excited for this one as it’s our first essential oil giveaway!!!

You probably have been seeing essential oils all over the place. We have and we are adding to it. Maybe you have tried essential oils or maybe not sure about them.

We understand.

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the best oil cleansing mixture for washing our faces to stay acne free

best oil cleansing method mixture for acne free skin and essential oils purelytwins

Big smiles for parsnip bread :) We are thrilled to see so many of you liking our two low-carb bread recipes.  Don’t worry we still adore our plantain bread recipe but it’s nice to have variety, right?

And speaking of variety, you know we are big fans of self experimentation. We always say –> Keep playing around with things until you find what works for your body as we are all different.

Back in March of this year we shared an updated video and post on our acne face routine –> we shared how we wash our faces. We still like that routine and those products, but we wanted to see if we could get more improvements. We have been playing around with oils cleansing since January of 2013. Here Lori shares her first thoughts on oil cleansing. Both of us are so grateful for coming across using oils to help clear our acne. And then we shared how we changed our oil blend as we continued to find what routine worked for us. 

Well, we experimented some more….

And in today’s purely talk we are SO excited as we are sharing a new oil cleansing method that has really improved our skin. We made this oil blend back in May, so about 3 months ago. We waited to make sure it worked before sharing it with you. Both of us are excited to share what has helped us with our skin. We cannot guarantee your skin will like it, but we really do think it could help improve it.

The best oil cleansing face wash combination to keep face acne free.

oil cleansing method with best oils and essential oils for acne free clear skin purelytwins

We love washing our faces with oils. Don’t worry you won’t break out when using oils on your face. Promise!

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better than old fashion white bread – try our new 4 ingredient bread recipe

4 ingredient low carb bread made with coconut flour gelatin parsnips coconut oil

Thank you again for all the sweet words on Lori’s pregnancy journey. I am so happy for her and Gary. And Jax of course. Our dad loves to shop on Amazon and every now and then we get a surprise box in the mail. Yesterday Lori got a special delivery in the mail. Baby toys for baby M.  Gotta love grandparents!

Jax was a little confused on why we did not give him the toys. He sat there in the kitchen looking up at the counter as Lori and I unwrapped everything.  Don’t worry Jax there will be plenty of toys for you too!

Oh boy was it hot yesterday. We took Jax to the park and only lasted about 10 minutes. All of us were sweating. Summer time is here in full force. Not complaining as I love the hot weather. I think that comes from growing up in south Florida. I love my sun and I know Lori does too! One thing that has been cooling us off lately is fresh fruit – mainly peaches and figs. Our top 2 favorite fruits.

And we’ve been playing around with some new recipes that will be coming to the blog soon. Today we are sharing one recipe that we randomly put together during our road trip to Duck Key on our vacation. A few of you mentioned that you wanted that recipe.  But… we did not write down what we exactly did, therefore we had to play around with some ideas and pray one would work!

Once we got home we were determined to figure out how to make that low-carb bread again. Well, lower in carbs than normal white processed bread :)

parsnip fries to make bread

The key ingredient of this bread recipe is plantains parsnips!!

We love parsnips, especially cooked up as fries! A favorite side dish to many of our dinners. See how we make parsnip fries here.

low carb sandwich bread grainfree yeast free

How to make low-carb grain-free parsnip bread.

When discussing this recipe we knew the ingredients were short and simple.  We also knew that it was similar to our 3 ingredient plantain bread.

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