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Weekly sparks


Highlights from our week: 


Madison loving her handmade yellow tie dyed onesies from Heather.  Thank you Heather!!!!

madison in car

Madison did great with her first long car ride! We broke our trip into two days. We all happily made it to FL.

madison and santa blanket

Madison’a first Christmas gift –> a santa blanket with her name on it, she loves it!

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12 favorite holiday inspired low-sugar dessert recipes

Sharing our 12 favorite dessert recipes that will hopefully inspire you this holiday season.

12-low-sugar-holiday-inspired-dessert-recipes-purelytwins copy

12 low-sugar holiday dessert recipes to enjoy this season

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Peppermint mocha donuts with no sugar protein glaze

Peppermint mocha protein donuts that are gluten-free and dairy-free and can be made egg and grain free. Topped with a no sugar protein glaze.


We can’t believe that Christmas is next week ?!?  Where did December go? Why does the end of the year always seem to go by so fast? Do you feel that way too?

Well friend here is our last recipe that we are sharing for the 2014 year. We still have a large stack of recipe ideas we wanted to make this year, but sadly didn’t get time to do them. Guess there is always 2015, right?

We hope you enjoy our peppermint mocha donuts as much as we did. Told you we had one more chocolate peppermint addiction to share. We just adore donuts. Our love of donuts actually happened a few years ago. Growing up we did not really eat too many donuts. But now, we love making them. Not sure what it is about them. Maybe the cute hole in the middle? Or how fun they are to make?

Gluten-free dairy-free peppermint mocha protein donut recipe. Can be made egg-free and grain-free.


Are you ready to make some yummy protein chocolate donuts??

Come join us in the our kitchen!

Click here to watch video on youtube.

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Candy Cane Cinnamon Rolls (gluten,grain,egg,dairy, & yeast free)

Gluten-free grain-free dairy-free egg-free and yeast-free peppermint cinnamon rolls with candy canes!

Candy cane cinnamon recipe that is #glutenfree #grainfree #dairyfree #eggfree and #yeastfree via @purelytwins

Are you ready for the best thing since slice bread?? Even better than milk and cookies??

We were hooked after one bite of these Candy Cane Cinnamon Rolls! These festive holiday rolls have candy canes stuffed in a warm sweet roll covered in a creamy cashew coconut icing! Perfection all rolled up.

Now close your eyes. Imagine yourself sitting by a warm fire, slippers on feet, warm cup of coffee next to you with a big slice of this sinfully delicious candy cane roll!!

A healthy recipe for candy cane peppermint cinnamon rolls that are made without yeast, gluten, grains, dairy, and eggs.

Raise your hand if you want some peppermint cinnamon buns for every meal breakfast? We both have our hands raised ;)

Time to make cinnamon rolls together.

Click here to watch video on youtube.

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Raw peppermint snow cake

Recipe for raw snow cake aka raw chocolate cake with a low sugar coconut peppermint cream on top – festive dessert for the holidays.

#glutenfree #grainfree #raw #vegan candy cane chocolate cake for Christmas via purelytwins

Does anyone else only want candy canes around this time of year? Funny how you seem to crave certain foods depending on the season.

Yesterday we think we finished all of our holiday shopping. And we did most of it online. Thanks Amazon! We are online shoppers as we are lazy to get ready and battle the holiday crowds. The only exception we make is for coffee and Wholefoods.

Do you find yourself still running around town shopping? Do you like the holiday crowds? Does it make it feel more like the holidays? It does for us, for some reason, and everyone most people seem to be a holly jolly mood. Or maybe the holidays stress you out. No worries as you get to bang candy canes in this recipe, which happens to be a great way to relieve stress.

If you running  out of ideas for gifts making something edible and homemade is always a win-win. Everyone loves food, so make this impressive and easy cake.


Gluten-free raw vegan grain-free chocolate cake with low sugar peppermint cream

Do you like quick healthy desserts? Then this cake is for you!

Come join us in our kitchen for lots of giggles (around 4:20 mark) !!

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weekly sparks


Highlights from our week: 


Those eyes! Love this little one sooooo much!!


Mom and daughter matching ;) Doesn’t Madison just look so thrilled.


Play time…all the time over here. Madison really gets into her play time and figuring out her hands!!
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What I ate (video)

Hey beautiful friend!

It’s me Michelle! I have a fun video for you…come spend the day with me eating!


And drinking coffee!! Lots of coffee ;)

I filmed this video on Wednesday.

What I ate in a day vlog

Click to watch on youtube.
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Readers question: Why we eat gluten, dairy, and grain-free?

It has been ages since we have done a Purely Talk video.

Life has been a bit busy with little Madison.

Our last purely talk video we shared 7 tips to help reduce bloat.

Today we are answering a readers question:

A facebook fan Moamera asked a few questions, which we will answer them all, but today we are focusing on diet.

question why gf

Why do we chose a gluten-free grain-free and dairy-free diet.


Thank you Moamera for the question!

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Peppermint fudge brownies (gluten, grain, egg, & dairy free)

Gluten-free grain-free dairy-free egg-free peppermint fudge brownies with chocolate chips!

gluten-free egg-free sinfully delicious peppermint holiday fudge brownies  for a healthy dessert purelytwins

After having Monday off (a nice benefit about working from home and being your own boss ;) remember in the new year we have a free new series coming to the blog sharing how we run our business) then Lori sharing a personal struggle (thanks everyone for the sweet comments!) it was time for stuffing our faces with brownies enjoying brownies. We love brownies!! Well we love chocolate…the richer and less sweet the better.

Do you agree? Or do you like your chocolate more sweet?

We had a good day over here at purely twins and today we are filming Michelle’s vlog for Friday (make sure you subscribe so you never miss a video from us) - sharing what she eats in day and a quick update on her eczema, and Madison will make an appearance or two.


Recipe for peppermint fudge brownies that is made without gluten, grains, dairy, and eggs.

Without any further due lets have a dance party in the kitchen with Christmas music blaring while we make brownies and sip on coffee. Because drinking coffee is a must when you make brownies, right? 

Are you ready to make some deliciously rich peppermint fudge brownies? Let’s make them together.

Click here to watch video on youtube.

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10 weeks post partum and coming to terms with diastasis recti

I am 10 weeks post partum which I can’t believe. I look back at pregnancy pictures and can’t believe my belly was that big! Crazy!

Now here I am writing this post that honestly took me a long time to write. Overall my recovery after labor has gone great!  Madison is doing amazing. She is sleeping longer and longer each night! Yay! Just like with my acne pictures, the pictures in today’s post are very embarrassing for me to be sharing. But I wanted to be honest and real. These photos are not edited in any way, this is the real life me. My body after baby and I am embracing it (stretch marks and all)!! I love my body!! 

One reason why this post took some thought was I’m sharing a new personal struggle for me. Why I am sharing this? Because you are family and I wanted to be completely real with you. I know some of you may be suffering from this too and it’s nice knowing that you are not alone.

I have diastasis recti (also known as ab gap or ab separation) and I’m sharing how I have been exercising to reconnect my ab muscles.

As you can see in the video I am keeping my spirits up about having stretch marks and dealing with diastastis recti (which I have a hard time pronouncing).

10 weeks post partum embracing my stretch marks and healing ab separation of diastasis recti purelytwins

Embracing and loving my body! Giving birth is no walk in the park, and I am damn proud of my body! Having a baby is truly a miracle.

What is diastastis recti?

Basically, when the left and right sides of your rectus abdominis (your abs) separate and don’t go back together. You have this little “mummy tummy” that doesn’t seem to go away. Also known as abdominal separation.

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