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Give thanks 15 min ARAMP Thanksgiving workout

Give thanks to your body home workout.


Hey beautiful purely fit friend!

How was your weekend? Are you getting ready to travel for this Thanksgiving holiday? We both are traveling this year. Not together. Michelle is heading home to south Florida to be with our family and I will be traveling with Gary, Madison and Jax later this week to his parents house over in the mountains of NC.  It will be Madison’s first long road trip! I am probably going to be that overly stressed and worried new mom with traveling for the first time. Luckily we are driving and I feel I will have a little bit more control.  I have made my list of recipes I want to make, now just trying to find some extra time to make those goodies.

What is the best way to say thank you… with a good old sweaty workout, right?

haha ;)

Okay maybe a BIG slice of cake is a better way to say thank you. Or maybe a combo of both. Doing something amazing for your body by working out and enjoying life with a little balance with a slice of cake.

Purely training workout #88 is perfect to do with your loved ones this Thanksgiving! Make sure to tag us on instagram or twitter if you try this workout with hashtag #purelytwins so we can all encourage each other to move this holiday season.

And we both wanted to say THANK YOU for all the love and support! We love our Purely Twins community and our Purely Fit sisters! We are honored to have you in our life. xoxo

Let’s do this workout together!

15 minute AMRAP full body weight training workout

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Weekly sparks


Highlights from our week: 


Mother daughter selfie :)


Making our favorite raw cashew biscotti (found in our Purely Classic cookbook) for our Thanksgiving trips.


Family time on the sofa.

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Progress pictures and 3 new products to help heal eczema

Hey beautiful,

I have seen a little more improvement in my skin and I am sleeping a little better. I still have my itchy outbreaks and moments where I really have to dig deep inside to stay positive. But overall I am doing better. I still have a long journey ahead of me.

In today’s vlog I share 3 products I am trying on my skin topically and progress pictures of my adult eczema.

Click to watch on youtube.

*I bought all these products with my own money. I was not asked to do a review. 

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5 lessons I want to teach my daughter

I have a daughter. It’s changed everything.

My little girl is almost 8 weeks old and there are some valuable life lessons I want her to learn from my mistakes.

5 lessons I want to teach my daughter love her body never stop dreaming

5 lessons I want to teach my daughter about life.

1. Love her body.

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Oreo kabocha squash layered cake (gluten, grain, sugar and dairy free)

No sugar gluten-free grain-free dairy-free chocolate oreo kabocha squash cake with a dreamy coconut cashew frosting.

paleo no sugar grain free cake chocolate cake kabocha squash cake layers dairy free coconut frostingIs it Friday yet? :)

We think our coffee is broken as we are still tired. Anyone else feel like your coffee is broken sometimes? Someone better let Starbucks know…haha

Winter is approaching with full force it seems like! The high here yesterday was 39!! And we saw on the news that some areas of the country are getting snow!! Crazy. We bundled up over here and ventured out for a very short walk. Although we think Madison enjoyed the cool crispy air. Jax sure loves it!

And one way we like to stay warm is with a slice of cake, especially one that is homemade and made with lots of love.

Gluten-free grain-free low sugar fall inspired oreo winter squash layered cake

Come join us in our kitchen to make oreo kabocha squash cake with dairy-free frosting!

Click here to watch video on youtube.

If you liked and enjoyed this video, it would mean so much to us if you like, comment, and share it! Thank you!

the best fall cake allergy free cake no sugar paleo oreo pumpkin cake

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What I ate in a day vlog

Hey beautiful!

Michelle and I receive many request for what we eat in day.

Today’s vlog I show you everything that I ate yesterday

Click to watch on youtube.

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Movember full body blast workout

Movember inspired 16 minute full body blast workout.

16 minute full body strength cardio workout movember home workout via purelytwins

Hey beautiful purely fit friend!

Are you ready for your workout of the day?

Purely training #87 is another MOVEMBER inspired workout. Do you remember our 10 minute movember workout we did last year?  Grab your mustache tank and come get your sweat on with us!

Yep both twins are here to motivate you! LORI’S BACK!! The power of purelytwins is together in full force. This workout is Lori’s first workout back after having Madison. So this workout is safe for post partum moms.

Full body strength cardio training circuit to get you lean and strong

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Weekly sparks


Highlights from our week: 


Daughter comes to work day ;)


Eating lots of sugar-free pumpkin cookies #sugarbreak

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Why I am sharing my eczema journey and what I deal with everyday living with eczema

Hey luvs,

It’s Michelle here sharing a quick eczema update.

Why I am sharing my eczema journey and what I deal with everyday living with eczema

Click to watch on youtube.

As I mentioned in the video I have seen some improvements, but it has been VERY SLOW!! I have good days and bad days still.

I will admit I have been struggling to keep faith…to stay hopefully. But Lori reminds me everyday that my body wants to heal.

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How to make homemade nut/seed and coconut butters in 2 minutes

Sorry for no blog post yesterday. I (Michelle) have had a few really bad days with my eczema so I have not been motivated to sit down and do work. When I am going through a rough patch it literally takes over my mind, my body. I cannot focus on anything besides not itching. And then when I do itch I get upset. Then cry. I feel horrible as I have not been able to help Lori as much with Madison. I feel like a bad aunt. But Lori reassures me they are fine, just focus on me getting better. I will give a more of an update tomorrow.

Today we are in the kitchen making some of our favorite things –> coconut and nut butters!!

We love making our nut/seed butters at home as it is easy to do using a vitamix blender or food processor. And it is much cheaper than buying store bought brands. how to make homemade nut seed butters in vitamix blender and recipes using nut and seed butters via @purelytwins

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