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{pregnancy} week 34 + final nursery + baby shower pics

My baby shower went well. I was a little stressed beforehand but it all turned out wonderfully. I could not be more grateful and honored to be able to share this experience with close friends and family. Michelle and I were happy to get in the kitchen to make a few goodies for everyone to snack on at the baby shower.  I am so happy that my mom was able to make it to this baby shower as well.  And wanted to say a huge thanks to Michelle for helping out and taking the pictures for me to remember this special moment. Thanks sis!

I cannot believe I am at 34 weeks!!! Less than 6 weeks to go (give or take). Baby M will be here so soon :) We all can’t wait!!

34 weeks pregnant proud of my baby bump purelytwins

34 weeks and proud of my baby bump and body. I feel pregnancy can be very sexy and I love how everyone’s baby bump is different. Making us each beautiful in our own way. I only wish to continue to inspire other moms-to-be that taking care of yourself before getting pregnant is just as important as taking care of yourself during it. And to inspire other moms to love their curves and be proud of who they are!  We all carry and show different, which makes pregnancy so special.  Don’t let others bring you down even while being pregnant. Embrace your changing body! 


Current food cravings?  

Little bit of everything still. All kinds of foods are tasting good to me. I am still eating the same overall with some days I do feel more hungry so I eat more those days. Always listening to my body and doing my best to nourish it through a well balanced diet – mostly real foods based. With some fun mixed in too!

cashew biscotti

From raw cashew biscotti (recipe in our purely classic recipe cookbook).

fresh beet juice

To fresh juices.
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Transform your body in 21 minutes purely training #75

I’m home alone!!! Crazy ;)

Lori, Gary and Jax left for the beach yesterday to enjoy some family time before baby M arrives. Their baby moon vacation. Our parents left yesterday too. We had a wonderful time with our parents, plus seeing all of Gary’s family and close friends at the baby shower. Lori will give a recap of the baby shower #2 here soon, and I must say it was a lot of fun!!! It was great to spend a special day with family and friends again in celebrating baby M.

21 minute transformer full body workout purely training 75

In today’s purely training workout we are dancing. haha ;)

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weekly sparks


Highlights from our week:

lori and michelle

Started the week off with filming a new purely training workout. The rest of the week of workouts was non-existent. haha

donuts peaches and coffee

Good thing for donuts, peaches and coffee.

jax sleeping

OH jaxy!! Love this dog.

raw brownies

All you need in the world is raw brownies.

Recipe can be found in our Purely Classic cookbook. Our favorite raw brownie recipe.

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Pistachio fig goat cheese egg-free grain-free donut recipe (our favorite one!)

goat cheese honey fig pistachio donuts gluten grain soy and egg free

Things are going well over here. Michelle had a follow-up appointment to her allergist appointment to review her patch testing. She plans to share more updates soon but so far no real solid answers yet.  So on to the next doctor. We are all staying hopeful. And today we are busy running around getting my house all clean for the baby shower tomorrow morning. Plus, Michelle and I are baking some goodies for the event!

Now moving onto the main highlight for you to enjoy today… our newest FAVORITE baked egg-free donut!! We are jumping with joy over here as we are so excited to be sharing them with you! We cannot wait for you to make them yourself to discover how amazing this flavor combo is together :)

It has been a long time since we’ve shared a donut recipe.

Crazy, how have we been surviving?? ;)

Last week we made these donuts and they were seriously the best thing we ate last week. We cannot stop thinking about them.

eggfree donut recipe that is glutenfree

The recipe came about as Michelle is avoiding eggs at the time. We were both beyond thrilled with how well these donuts turned out. And we think you will be too!

Egg-free grain-free pistachio donuts with a fig goat cheese honey frosting

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Maternity photos

Today I am sharing my maternity photos with you. This has been a very special pregnancy for me so far and I wanted these special baby bump moments to remember it.

I was luckily enough to have an amazing twin sister to take the pictures. I was planning on using a photographer for it but our budget was already tight. Michelle offered to take them for me. You’re the best sis!! You really helped capture this special moment for me and helped make me feel like super gorgeous mama-to-be. Thank you! xo

We ended up taking these maternity pictures on two different weekends as the weather was not cooperating. And of course Jax was involved in some just like with our pregnancy announcement. Although this time he wasn’t as cooperative so I knew we wouldn’t get any shots of him in his big brother outfit. Overall I am very happy with the final results and now have some special memories of my first baby bump :)

Hope you don’t mind me sharing them here on the bloggy… as it’s our live life diary in a way.

Getting closer and closer each month. We are so ready to have our baby girl in our arms! But until then, there’s nothing quite like having a big baby bump and we are so happy to have these moments in time captured with our maternity pictures.

My first maternity photos.

new mom maternity photo

new mom to be with baby bump

new mom reading baby book maternity shot

baby bump maternity shot with husband

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{pregnancy} week 33 + natural birth preference

Michelle and I are happy to hear you guys enjoying our 12 minute leg workout. It was a fun workout for us. I love working my legs.

Things are going well over here we had a pretty busy weekend full of baby related things.

parents at private baby class

This past Saturday we had our private birthing class. It was a great class. Michelle was present for it as well as her and Gary are going to be my labor support and coaches. We went with the confident child birth method and had a 3 hour class. I really enjoyed the class. I learned so much and feel even more confident with my choice of doing a natural birth.

infant cpr

On Sunday at the hospital we had more baby classes. First up was infant CPR.

newborn baby class

Followed by basic infant and baby care. Another useful class where we learned what happens immediately after birth, how to hold and bath baby, and how to swaddle. Plus several other basic starting things to help prepare us new parents.

I haven’t talked much about what I plan to do for birth. Today I will be sharing what I hope to happen. Of course I said hope to happen as you never know what will happen when the moment comes.

My birth preference for a natural labor.

I am calling birth preference instead of birth plan. Because I feel plan means this way or no way. I can be flexible person so I plan to be flexible with my labor. I have my idea of what I would like but of course will change if needed.

Some things off my Birth Preference:

We desire our labor and delivery to happen naturally, with as few interventions as possible.  If there is a procedure or test that needs to be performed we would like to be informed before it happens. In the event of emergency we need to be aware of all options.

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Move your butt 12 minute interval workout purely training 74

Okay we want to say sorry about not having our new purely training video up for you yesterday! We apologize. We were having some serious blog issues yesterday and lost the past 4 days of blog posts (a daily bloggers worst nightmare)!! After a long day of frustration and some late nights, we finally got some of those old blog post back up! Now we are in the middle of re-writing all our club workouts and new weekly schedules since those post our hosting company can’t seem to relocate to bring back. Needless to say things are not going as we had planned. Yesterday we did our best not to stress over not getting a blog post up. Other bloggers we know you understand this feeling. Even though blogging is fun for us (as we like to share our passions and life journey), we still like to provide new free content as much as we can! We don’t make much money from blogging but every little bit helps. 

We managed to get a good jump ahead on another side project that we’ve been working on. So we looked at our situation more has a new opportunity … not “oh hell now what” kind of thing.

Now with that issue being over it’s time to get things back to normal around here the best we can ;)

In other news Lori is having her other baby shower this weekend, so we’ve been getting her house ready for that event. This time it will be mostly Gary’s family and our Charlotte girlfriends. It just turned out easier to have two showers since we have friends and family in 2 different cities.  We’ve been planning out the menu for it and have already made the raw biscotti! So hard not to eat any!

move your butt 12 minute interval leg cardio homeworkout purely training 74

In today’s purely training workout Michelle is back!! She took 2 weeks off from working out due to her eczema, which this morning she got some testing done.  We will share a recap soon of how she is doing and what things we found out.

A fast paced lower body home workout that will rev up your metabolism and it’s only 12 minutes.

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weekly sparks


Highlights from our week:

belly bump

Michelle was able to do a few workouts this week!

Love the belly bump ;)

shelling pistachios

Shelling pistachios…for an amazing recipe coming soon.

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{vlog} nursery tour + what it is like being twins while one has a changing body

lori in nursery

In today’s vlog – nursery tour, peaches everywhere, essential oil package, and answering a readers question:

What it is like being twins while one has a changing body? How does it feel to be twins with only one being pregnant?

add to Friday's post

Great questions. We have discussed a little about pregnancy and being twins in this video. But today we go a bit deeper.


Thanks for listening to our rambles ;) We are off to eat some peaches. Thanks dad, we love you!

Do you like peaches? What is your favorite fruit?

Do you like shopping for baby clothes? Why are baby things so cute? haha

50 homemade gluten-free back to school snack ideas

Do you struggle with new snack ideas to fed your kids and yourself?

We do too. In our house we tend to catch ourselves making the same few things for quick snacks, which are not always picture worthy haha.

This time of year everyone is running around getting things ready for back to school as summer is coming to an end.  And who has time to think of new snacks to fed their screaming hungry kids?

Let us help take the stress off of you so you can just relax and have fun in the kitchen. Hopefully try a new snack :)

Today we are sharing 50 homemade gluten-free back to school snack ideas

Even your pickiest eater will find something to enjoy!

50 glutenfree back to school recipes 25 sweet 25 savory purelytwins

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