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{pregnancy} week 38 and why I not doing a home birth


I am in the middle of my 38 weeks. I am counting down the days. I am beyond anxious over here.  Michelle is keeping me busy with focusing on business related projects :)

A day in a life of a 38 week pregnant women.

Click here to see video on youtube.

I hope you enjoyed seeing a few pieces of my day on Sunday. Like I said it was a pretty casual kind of Sunday.


Fun times installing infant car seat.


We finally figured it out!!


Big brother Jax unsure what to think here. All he wanted to do was jump in the car or play with baby M’s toy on car seat.

Now I think we are officially ready for the hospital trip. Hopefully I won’t forget anything. I probably should make a checklist or something.

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Strong sexy arm workout #2 purely training 79


Hey beautiful purely fit friend!

Today’s workout was inspired by our very first arm workout  - strong sexy arms that we created back in March 2013. It was our very first purely training video! Boy have things changed ;) We cannot believe that workout has over 12k PINS on it!! Crazy, when did that happen?? But thank you to everyone who shared it. It means the world to us seeing you enjoy our workouts!! And we know this strong sexy arm workout #2 will become another favorite.

Home workout for strong sexy arms

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weekly sparks


Highlights from our week:

swirl muffin

Making a delicious new grain-free and egg-free recipe!!


Sampling the new recipe :)


Filming a new home and family friendly workout for Wellness Media’s upcoming Wellness Family Summit.

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Labor talk and making roll-on oil blend for labor


Good Friday morning luvs!!

Michelle and I are so excited to be sharing something with you that has made an positive impact on our life.  We are ending this great week with something that means a lot to us. Well a few things that mean a lot — baby M, a healthy labor and essential oils.

One of the biggest things that we’ve learned by using essential oils in our life is that you have to USE them to get to know them and fully understand how they work.When we bought some oils a few months ago they literally sat there for weeks because we didn’t know what to do with them yet. They weren’t apart of our normal routine. Slowly over time we would grab an oil and rub it on our feet. Presently they are a huge part of our daily routine and we couldn’t be more grateful for the changes they have made in our life.

In today’s vlog we discuss our plan of attack for my labor with using essential oils to hopefully help aid the whole process as well as share my roll-on ball oil blend to help reduce swelling and bleeding.

I am so grateful and blessed to have an amazing twin sister who understands me and my needs. I have no idea what my labor is going to look like, but having her (and Gary) by my side with these oils to help with the emotions I already feel at peace. I am ready.

Our plan of using essential oils to help with labor.

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Our 7 tips to help get rid of bloat (and gas)


Do you believe things happen for a reason? That the universe is giving you a sign? We have been experiencing this as certain things keep recirculating in our lives. Crazy how the universe knows what you need when you need it. We have been working on a new morning and night time routine to help us heal. And it seems to be working! We are both sleeping better and during the day we are more focused and getting things done off our to-do lists!

Today we are sharing our health tips about fixing bloating, an issue we never thought we would get over.

Disclaimer: We are not doctors or  registered dietitians. We are just two girls who suffered from bloating and knew there was a way to overcome it. After a lot of research and personal experiments we have found ways to help ease our bloat.  For all medical issues please talk with your doctor. We cannot guarantee these tips will work for you. We want to share our experience of what worked for us with you so you can find relief too.

7 tips to help get rid of bloating.

Click here to watch video on youtube.

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How to make homemade COOL RANCH baked chips


Thank you so much for the sweet comments and words of encouragement for my last few weeks of pregnancy.

Michelle and I are trying to get ahead in some of our work. We have been making a lot of new recipes, some our coming out and others need a bit more tweaking. But we love it. We love food! Please let us know what you would like to see from us? 

We managed to finally squeeze in a little walk yesterday, it felt great to move the body. Today we plan to film a new arm workout for purely training! Michelle did get her results back from her biopsy on her leg and according to the dermatologist it is contact dermatitis. So she goes back in 2 weeks to get test done. So we both have things to wait for ;) We are staying hopeful and positive over here by focusing on projects to help pass the time and build our business.


One thing you might not know about us is that we loved chips growing up. Anyone else put potato chips in their sandwiches?? Haha we did with our sisters. It adds a nice crunch!

We loved cool ranch chips. We remember lickin’ our fingers…you probably did too, right?

And fast forward to today we try to have recipes that are real food based. We wanted to create a ‘healthier’ way to enjoy that childhood favorite chip.

How to make homemade cool ranch baked chips that are finger lickin good.

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{pregnancy} week 37 video: update and what I am packing for hospital

Guys it is getting so close!! 37 weeks!! I hit full term. Even with 3 weeks to go to official due date. That means it could be anytime now! I hope she comes soon as I don’t really want to be induced. But we shall see. It is all up to baby M. I will do my best to patient, but, honestly I am so eager to be holding her in my arms! 

I can’t believe it. I am so close to the end of being pregnancy :)  I am starting to do more of my pregnancy stretches. I admit I haven’t done that much as I would like. And I need to practice my labor breathing techniques!! Yikes I better get practicing.



Hope you like the video of my update and packing for hospital.

What to pack for hospital.

Click here to watch on youtube.

And wanted to say sorry again about the weird background noise you might here. We aren’t sure what it is from. 

I know I might be over packing for my short time at the hospital but that’s okay.


Other items that I plan to use at the hospital:

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16 minute be STRONG workout purely training 78


Happy Monday beautiful purely fit friends! Did you have a great weekend? What did you do? Anything fun or exciting?

We were extremely productive this weekend. We are so proud of everything that we got finished. It is such a wonderful feeling being able to check so many things off our to-do list. We have so many to-do list too, from digital ones to hand written ones. And sometimes we find random ones in our purses.  Jax is doing much better. He appreciates all the sweet words and thoughts :)

This workout is the only workout we were able to film last week because Michelle got some stitches on the back of her knee where the doctor took some skin to do a biopsy on. We hope to get the results this week!  So working out has been a little difficult for Michelle, plus my baby bump requires workouts to be done differently too.  Later in the week we had to be creative with moving the body with doing mostly upper body work.

If you got 16 minutes to sweat it out, try this interval workout. And make sure to let us know how you liked the workout in the comments!

16 minute workout using equalizer and dumbbells for a full body home workout

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Weekly sparks


Highlights from our week:

juice and coffee

Enjoying yummy road trip drinks – green juice (Lori) and iced Americano (Michelle).


Receiving the Body Book by Cameron Diaz from a dear friend! We can’t wait to start reading.


Getting a nice sweaty workout in.

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vlog: cloth diapers 101 for first time mom

Let me tell you the day that Michelle and I had yesterday.

I felt like I was never really home. I got up with Gary around 5:45am to get him ready to head to the airport to leave town for the night for a business trip. Wait. Let me back up a quick second. This all really started around 3am or so when I usually get up for a nighttime pee break. As I was going back to bed I passed Jax who is sleeping in his doggy bed next to our bed. I heard him growl (he does this when he has done something wrong). I ignored it as it was 3am in the morning and I was half asleep.

Then at 5:45am Jax started to growl more. I looked at Gary and said I think he got sick or something. Gary walked over and sure enough there was throw-up all over the floor. I cleaned it up and everything seemed ok. Michelle arrived a little bit later and we enjoyed our typical morning routine. Later in the morning we filmed some new recipe videos for our newsletter. Arrived home and throw up #2 happened. I quickly cleaned it up then it was time for me to head to the dentist. Dentist went great. No issues.

I arrived back at home and chatted with Michelle as we made our lunch. Then Jax got sick again. I cleaned it up and thought this will be the last time he gets sick. I did some laundry before I headed out the door for my pregnancy doctors check up. My visit went quick and baby M is going great. I am not dilated yet but I am effacing, which is good and typically for first time moms.  I drive home and chatted with Michelle about her doctors visit about her results from the MRT test that she got done a few days ago. She will update you all soon. Then Jax got sick again. Michelle and I cleaned up all the vomit.

I started to cry. What is going on with my dog?

Michelle, Jax and I get in the car and head to the vets office. Luckily, they were still open. They did some x-rays on Jax and didn’t find anything too major but the vet had some concerns. Oh, I forgot to mention Jax ate an ear of corn while we were home this past weekend. So, the vet thinks that is what is causing Jax to vomit. He received some medicine and we go back in this morning for more x-rays. Hopefully, it will all come back clear. Fingers crossed.

I know this all has nothing to do with cloth diapers.

But in a way maybe it does. It is getting me prepared for dirty diapers, throw up, etc from baby M here soon ;)

I wanted to create a video about how I am going to use cloth diapers for baby M. A 101 video all about cloth diapers and what I bought to use.  Enjoy the video!

Cloth-diapers-101-first-time-mom-using-cloth-diapers-for-baby-girl-how-to-get-started copy

Cloth diapers 101 for newbies parents.

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