Purely Lori

Hello friend!

I am Lori.

Michelle is my twin sister who also writes for this blog. Together we share a passion for health, fitness, healthy allergy friendly recipes and healing the body from eating real foods, exercising smarter, and taking care of the body and mind.

I share my love of owning a vizsla , shared how I planned and designed my own wedding, and now sharing my journey as a new mom!!  The best job in the world :)


Check out our my pregnancy journey with my first child Madison.  See the workouts I did that kept me in shape during pregnancy.

You can read about Madison’s birth story and updates here.

Currently I am sharing my post partum journey – getting my body back after baby.

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I have shared my gut healing journey to help heal my health issues. Specifically adult acne. I shared all my ups and downs with my battle to get clear skin.

what to take to get rid of acne

I also have PCOS, so I deal with a lot of hormonal related issues.

My views of food and what is healthy have changed over the years. Right now I am on a journey to figure out what foods work for me. Remember to #bepurelyyou!

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I am a NASM personal trainer.

Come workout with me everyday to stay strong while being pregnant..

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I love starting my day jumping on my rebounder, my doTerra oil routine, daily meditation!

Check out my morning and night face care routine here.

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I love creating recipes (and eating them too).

I love helping others to follow their passions and reach their dreams!


I married the man of my dreams. I feel so blessed for my life and my family, especially now with Madison.

I love Jax, my Vizsla!  I am excited to see his interaction with the baby!!



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