You can maintain your desired body through your words, actions, and beliefs. You need to focus on what you are believing. Because what you focus on – expands.

You have heard us talk about this before, but what you talk about and think is your reality. So what are you saying? What are you thinking? Are they focusing on what you want or what you don’t want?

Each year as get more into the power of your mind aligned with the inspired action you can change your body and life.

We started creating new beliefs that supported what we wanted –> we just get better and better, with these short workouts we get amazing results, we just get hotter and sexier as we get older.

Results take time, yes, which is why it is a daily thing to keep your body and mind strong.

How To Maintain Your desirable body

We hope this video has served you. Inspired you to start paying attention to your beliefs and thoughts.

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You know our story…

despite eating healthy and working out more than ever we looked the worse – we jumped around from diet to diet, doing more cardio…

we had the belief nothing is working no matter what we try!!

Not very empowering.

When we came across short HIIT interval workouts it changed everything for us.

See how we move our bodies now with incorporating mindset to create our desirable bodies here.

How we maintain our desirable bodies through our words, actions, and beliefs! What you focus on expands. When we discovered we can work out less and get results it changed everything for us. We shifted our beliefs around fitness and our bodies. We created new empowering beliefs like we can get a hot sexy body by working out less…the older we get the hotter and more fit we look. Focus on your beliefs and thoughts to change your body. We hope you enjoyed these two tips. Please share it with others. #fitnesstip #manifesting #LOA #powerofyourmind #fitandhealthy #bodyweightworkouts #mindset

We started seeing changes in our bodies. This empowered us.

Especially since we were using our bodies as our GYM.

This gave us a mental boost we needed.

Without really realizing it we started manifesting our dream body by saying – Look how fit I look, I love my legs, etc.

Things to remember… 

  1. What beliefs do you have about your body? Fitness? Are they supporting you and your lifestyle? Write new empowering beliefs.
  2. What are you saying? What are you thinking? What you say because your reality, so be more aware of what your thoughts.

We share these tips as they were KEY things we realized that have helped us look better as we get older.

We get physically stronger and mentally stronger, therefore, we easily get the body we love – fit strong and healthy. Those are the beliefs we have and are supported by the way we live.

What a glimpse of we move combined with mindset? Get a copy of our Get Fit Guide HERE.

What are your thoughts on Creating your dream body through your beliefs and thoughts?

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