Want to feel more confident in yourself?

Want to feel more energized?

Want to feel your very best so you can do the things you want to do in your life?

We do too! So many of us do which is awesome. In today’s video, we are covering 6 areas you need to look at to help with feeling more confident and energized in your life. Maybe one or all of them will resonate with you.

How to feel more confident and energized to do all the things I want to do

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We want to help women, like you, find ways to feel more confident and energized in their everyday life.

Because you can have it all.

You can feel good, look good, be happy and peaceful.

And life is happening RIGHT NOW so it’s important we take care of our whole self so we can actually LIVE life and be more present for it.

One thing we’ve learned along our journey to success is you have to look at your whole life – all parts of life. We admit we didn’t always at the start of our journey. For years we put food and exercise over everything else and it costs our health, happiness and our confidence in ourselves.

It’s not about being perfect in every area, but a looking for a good balance – which will be different for us all.

How To Feel More Confident And Energized To Do All The Things I Want To Do (6 Important Areas To Look At). Want to feel more confident in yourself? Want to feel more energized? What to feel your best so you can do ALL the things you want to do? We do too! Many of us do. We cover 6 areas you need to look at. Maybe one or all of them will resonate with you. Click To See The 6 Areas We Personally Felt Made The Biggest Difference In Our Overall Confidence In Ourselves And Energy Once We Gave Them Attention And Love.

These are the 6 areas we personally felt made the biggest difference in our overall confidence in ourselves and energy once we gave them attention and love.

  1. Food – is what you eating making you feel good or not? Make one change. Are you eating mostly real foods but allowing for some fun? Are you still dieting or trying not to diet? Food is fuel. Do you believe that? Food should be giving your energy and making you thrive in your life, if not you might need to look at what you are eating and the mindset you have with food.
  2. Beauty – what are you using on your skin to clean it and nourish it? What makeup are you using? All these things make a huge difference in your health because your skin absorbs everything. Plus taking care of your skin and putting on makes us feel a bit more confident and energized, what about you? Yes, beauty is not all about your appearance, but we find it is personally fine to do things every day that make you feel your best.
  3. Fitness – are bodies are made to move, are you being active? Are you lifting weights, which is so important for long-term health of your bones? Do you stretch to keep joints healthy? This is something we are personally focusing more on and we share all of our workouts and stretching routines inside Purely Fit Life. No one regrets a workout, right? How do you feel after you move your body? Pretty amazing, full of confidence and energy?
  4. Finance – yep money plays a huge role in how good you feel as well as your overall well-being. How? Because think about it, how much stress do you have right now about money? And we all know our body sees stress as stress, so if you are highly stressed around money it might be the reason your health, even skin is suffering and find it hard to lose weight. Do you have any guilt and shame around  your finances? We sure did and have been working on having a better mindset. It is paying off!
  5. Career – are you enjoying life? Is your job draining you or bringing you to life? You heard Lori’s story in the video. It is so important to your overall confidence in yourself and energy to make sure you are doing the work you love. So does that mean you get a new job? Then do it! Believe in yourself and your dreams.
  6. Relationships – Remember we are the combination of the 5 people we surround ourselves with the most according to Timothy Ferris.  Even if you might not believe what they are talking about, the words you’re hearing every day are seeping into your subconscious and creating your reality. Make sure you are surrounding yourself in person and online with people that help you see the good in yourself, believe in you and bring you up!

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