Highlights of purelytwins life and shout outs to our Purely Twins community #ptsisters


Highlights From Our Week:

Gluten-free cupcakes

I (Michelle) was down in Orlando last weekend and went to the new downtown Disney now called Disney Springs, and I couldn’t leave without getting some things from Erin McKenna’s bakery.

Aunt and niece

Lori brought the girls to the airpot when I got back, so good to see my nieces again.

Madison going down slide

Fun times at the park and going down the slides.

Her face…so much joy and happiness.

Baby girl turning 6 months old.

This little girl turned 6 months old. I can’t believe it!!!

She had her doctor check-up and everything is looking great. Yay #happymom

Smiling baby

All smiles over here with this little one. Lyla liking her close-up selfies. xo

Coloring book time

Madison loves coloring and her Pop (our dad) sent her some new coloring books. Baby arlo kid toy

Pop also sent Lyla a baby Arlo…which Madison thinks was hers too. Lyla likes her new little dino friend.


We picked up this new spice – Everything but the bagel sesame blend- from Trader Joes and love it.

We put it on just about everything. It goes perfectly with Primal kitchen mayo and tahini.


Lyla loves standing…she really wants to run around with Madison. She kicks her feet and moves around so much.

I have a feeling once she learns to crawl she is going to be unstoppable, possibly an early walker. We shall see.

mom and daughter at park

Play time at the park. Yay for sunny warmer weather. 

Playing at Dino Park

Crazy that we are not needing jackets here lately. So grateful for the warm sun these past few days – plus cute ponytails!


We also started to film new workouts for #purelyfitlife  plus some other PFL videos for our VIP sisters from the essential oil of the month, monthly focus about self-worth and how to increase it.

Today we’re filming a new stretching video for the month.

And Lori is back filming workouts with me again which is awesome. So happy to have her back as she is finishing up her postpartum program Retrain Your Core.

#Ptsisters Shout Outs:

purely-twins sisters community shout outs for making recipe and doing workout


Love seeing your pictures #ptsisters    Enjoy the plantain porridge and our pyramid bedroom workout!



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