Day 3 of our #opentoselflove 5 day body image journey.

We all struggle with comparing. Today we are challenging you…are you up to it? We promise it will change your life.

A simple tip to Stop comparing to build stronger confidence in yourself

Instead of waking up and looking at phone go do your mirror work. Start your day with you and your thoughts and how you want to feel that day.
Day 3 #opentoselflove We have a challenge for you - are you it? If you struggle with comparison and feeling not enough because of social media do this one thing to help improve your self confidence. We promise it will change your life. Be sure to add the hashtags #opentoselflove#ptsisters @purelytwins so everyone can join in on the love and courage you are doing! with learning to love yourself. SHARE this with your girlfriends.
Other things to do besides getting on social media:
Make a list of things you are grateful for
Read a book
Listen to a podcast
Go for a walk

Let us know how your social media challenge goes! Shows how you are starting your day – your ME time.

Be sure to add the hashtags #opentoselflove #ptsisters @purelytwins so everyone can join in on the love and bravery you are showing.

Or leave a comment below this post.
Day 1 – I am enough
Day 2 – Mirror work


Make sure to sign up and share with your besties because we all deserve more self-love.

When you start to LOVE YOUR BODY more, you’ll notice that you will workout because you love it, eat nourishing foods and speak with more love.  And you’ll find more happiness, confidence and success in all parts of your life.

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