We are super pumped to start this 5 day journey to loving your body with you.

OMG it’s here! Day one of our #opentoselflove

3 words you need to say everyday for self-love and to help improve body image.

Mantra: I am enough


We hope this video has helped and served you. If you found it helpful please help us spread our message and share it with your besties.

Repeat after us – I am enough.

If you say it, every day. You. Will. See. Massive. Positive. Changes. In. Your. Life.

Let us know how your day one goes.  We want to see you in action – take picture of your enough love notes!

Day 1 - ENOUGH. #opentoselflove So many of us women don't feel like we are enough (not thin enough, smart enough, pretty enough) that we do self sabotaging things. We did from overexercising to dieting to binge eating. Join us in day one and saying the mantra "I am enough" to improve body image and help us love our bodies. Share this with your girlfriends to help us get our message out there that we are all enough.

If you feel moved, we would love to hear and see all about your experiences over on Instagram. Be sure to add the hashtags #opentoselflove #ptsisters @purelytwins so everyone can join in on the love and courage you are doing!

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When you start to LOVE YOUR BODY more, you’ll notice that you will workout because you love it, eat nourishing foods and speak with more love.  And you’ll find more happiness, confidence and success in all parts of your life.

Want to dive deeper and work with us? Join our SOSL sisterhood here to end the war with your body and food and create freedom in your love. And most importantly love yourself! 



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One thought on “#opentoselflove day 1 – Enough

  1. I AM ENOUGH! Sorry for the yelling but when you have the flu bug hitting your house with a vengence and the laundry has piled up high, the dishes need doing and the only song you can sing is K.Perry the first verse from Firework…well you see where I needed this boost.

    Posted on February 15, 2017 at 8:48 am