Now that we have shared our top blog posts of the year, we want to share all the free trainings we provided you.

We want to take a moment and CELEBRATE everything we did this past year. We created some incredible stuff.  We went outside our comfort zone this past year and tried new things in our business. All has paid off in so many ways!  We are so proud of ourselves and for the information we shared to help change your life.

We put a lot of heart, soul and time into these projects. We hope you enjoy them if you missed them the first time we offered them. Thank you for your support.

Need help with food obsessions, getting fit and healthy, working during pregnancy and postpartum, how to end binge eating, and how to overcome exercise addition CLICK to get FREE trainings that meet your needs.

Here are all the trainings we created for you for free this past year:

5 day mini training series to End Binge Eating

How to transform your body by working out less than 30 minutes a day, get results that you can sustain for life, love your body and maintain a healthy weight for you.

Mom’s checklist providing tips to help with pregnancy and postpartum for a strong core

Love your imperfections


UPDATED our 7 day plank challenge to be 7 ab jump start 

3 part video training series to transform your relationship with food, your body and self.


PLEASE share this with a friend that would benefit.

We are excited for more trainings with you in 2017.



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2 thoughts on “FREE trainings for you

  1. I love and appreciate you both so much!! I was thinking the other day, I’d love to have a virtual meeting until I make it down to Cali (which will be end of March!) hehe!!

    Keep inspiring ladies, 2017 is going to be amazing!


    Posted on December 28, 2016 at 6:17 pm
    1. Yes we need to chat! We want to get you on for our soul sister chat, plus we have a mutual friend Bonnie Kelly 🙂 Michelle is doing a mastermind with her! xoxo

      Posted on December 30, 2016 at 12:51 am