Welcome to the first week of our #PT16x16 challenge!!

16 minutes is the perfect workout time to get a killer workout in and still have time to get other things done. Keep your attention present in your workout focusing on how you want to feel.

#PT16x16 workout challenge for your mind body and spirt

For a warm-up  you can do a 2 minute plank or this warm up routine

Don’t forget to cool down for at least 5 minutes with some nice stretching after each workout. We also would like you to get daily walks in during these 16 days, anywhere from 15-30 minutes.

Then end the whole workout with a little meditating. We would like you to spend 3-5 minutes after your workout to reconnect with your inner soul. Focusing on deep breathing and clearing your mind.
After a few deep breaths ask yourself, how do I want to feel to do? What do I need today? What do I need to focus on this week or today? Where do I need to focus on more in my life?

To our VIPs challengers and PFL sisters we did a meditation with you that can be found inside the members area.

You can not separate your mind – body – spirit.

The goal : Physically in shape. Mentally in shape. Spiritually in shape.

The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts. - Marcus Aurelius Each day be aware of what you think and say to yourself.

What we want you to focus on:

The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts. – Marcus Aurelius

Each day be aware of your thoughts and the words you say to yourself.

Look at your workouts as a positive thing you’re doing for your body, mind and spirit.  When you move the body from a place of love not hate, you’ll be amazed how much better you treat your body and mind.

#PT16x16 workout challenge to boost your confidence and inner strength one workout at a time.

Before you begin this challenge we want you to have an intention (goal) but it not just be I want to lose 5 lbs or fit into skinny jeans. But more of something like – I want to feel more balanced. I want to feel more energized. I want to feel proud of myself. I want to feel better. I want to love my body through movement. I want to feel connected and supported.

You can still have a physical goal but we want you to have another goal outside of what you look like.

#PT16x16 workout schedule for week 1

Day 1 – Purely training #37 – real time workout   **VIPs are doing HIIT #1- a Purely Fit Life real time workout

Day 2 – Purely training #110 

Day 3 – Purely training #87 

Day 4 – Purely training #66 

Day 5 – Purely training #102 

Day 6 – Purely training #24 – real time workout   **VIPs are doing HIIT #6 – a Purely Fit Life real time workout

Day 7 – Purely training #63 

Remember this challenge is not safe if you have diastasis or pregnant as not all the workouts are safe.

Click here to get Lori’s MOM’s check list or workout PDF to help heal if you have diastasic or stay fit during pregnancy safely.

To our VIP challengers you’ll receive a daily email this week with a link to your workout and mindset tip. We’ll be in the Facebook group every day this week too.

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To our current PFL sisters you got your email yesterday with the link to your calendar and we’ll be chatting on Facebook too. 

Prizes and requirements for both OPTIONS:

  • The hashtag is #PT16x16 and tag us #purelytwins @purelytwinsfitness #ptsisters
  • This is where we’ll be looking for your effort and participation plus keeping you accountable. 
  • We are looking for instagram posts to see you in action.
  • Facebook check ins inside the private Facebook group ( for the VIP option).
  • Whomever posts the most will be eligible for FREE 3 month membership for our Purely Fit Life membership.
  • It only counts if you do only our workouts. 

Join our purely sisters tribe and let us help you live a happier, healthier life in a body you love.

Let’s do this ladies!



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